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  1. Yeah even still it felt and looks like New Line Cinema purposely did the recasting even Kane told everyone in his Documentary that he was given a script and had no calls back for month or a few and book trailer comes out and he finds out he wasn't Jason that way. Many actors would say being handled a script personally would be a official role. This is like the situation with Part 7 where John Buechler himself paid out of his pocket to have Kane auditioned for the role of Jason where Paramount wanted C.J back but after seeing Kane they knew they found their Jason.
  2. Robert went on to state this about the decision. https://fridaythe13th.forumotion.com/p1021744-robert-englund-tells-why-kane-hodder-wasn-t-casted-as-jason-for-freddy-vs-jason I mean its not out of context lol.... https://variety.com/2018/film/news/friday-the-13th-vertigo-entertainment-and-lebron-james-springhill-entertainment-1202988428/ ^ Remember Lebron James wanted to do a Reboot? in the Never Sleep: A nightmare on elm street documentary it was Ron/crew who said it was about the size of Ken that got him the role. He was only Unmasked Part 2 Jason and im not taking that away from him but he has at conventions stirred up the pot and its been said by many that he had back in the early 2000s at cons tried to claim that title as the "Real Jason" and even done other such things here is one of the detailed things about him. http://scabbyhorror.blogspot.com/2009/01/who-is-warrington-gillette.html
  3. Are you not reading? its not an opinion its been stated NUMEROUSLY thats NEW CONTENT which is NOT allowed.
  4. Summed as Killing Machine lol That is why the film received so much negativity....even if its my own opinion many would agree that Jason shouldn't be seen as a sympathetic killer yes...his origins is sad but he is a brutal human/undead killer with no sympathy even the director said he doesnt know either of their films and told him to do what he wanted and picking Ken over Kane was the biggest let down of the decade for Horror fans. Robert and others said Kane was just recasted due to his height and eyes....the height could have been entirely fixed just by giving him the same boots Ken had and the eye thing could have been manipulated by special effects rather than getting a whole new actor. Even if its from the director/producer they made Jason look....unoriginal....bland....and I dont hate/dislike Ken as an actor but I dont prefer or really find his performance as Jason to be up there with the likes of Kane,C.J,Ted,Richard or Steve.....and I personally would prefer Derek or Ken in terms of performance. I heavily disagree with that statement lol its like putting Lebron James under the hockey mask that wouldn't be Jason to anyone. it's like when Warrington Gillette tell people he is "Part 2 Jason" when in reality it was all Steve Dash. I agree with many points here! but the freddy aspect Freddy was always the taunt type personality in the dream world and in the living he would try to talk himself out of a situation but I mean they (Ronnie Yu) insulted both franchises even when its the highest at the box office for either franchise.
  5. It should have better writing and a better casting for Jason be it Kane or C.J. Every Jason has been unique..... Part 2 being the more novice killer personality not fully aware of killing, he was accident prone but manage to catch himself in a hunt. Part 3 being when being clumsy can get frustrated and annoyed but has that experiencing knowledge when stalking and dispatching people getting the hang of it. Part 4 being the beginning of a more aggressive and more experienced Jason who is now more confident and goes for the kill. Roy was basically Roy.... Part 6 being the now Undead Jason with far more killing intent with no fear or remorse he is a killing machine like a military mercenary on the hunt, his killing experience is expert level, he is far more feared because he is undead and he takes that as a advantage, and he is ruthless in the hunt that behaviour is very aggressive and angry type of personality, and doesn't do the heavy breathing but used the tilting and the head movements to show he is watching. Part 7-X Jason is the beginning of the consistent/definitive Jason personality this Jason has visible rage,anger, and hate, his breathing technique done by Kane can display Jason is either annoyed or angry, his movement isn't just aggressive but nature, he doesn't need that running or sprinting he just walks, thats what makes these personalities so linear with Kane that menacing nature became the iconic Jason we see, even doing the head and then body turn showing he knows your presence, this Jason is what we would call a Punisher as shown each kill is having emotion behind them unlike Part 6 who was killing people fast and easy while Part 7-X would have you suffer the worse way. FvJ Jason was just a Frankenstein.....slow stereotypical zombie, was too limited in his behaviour unlike all the previous and future Jason actors have shown. Reboot Jason is a hyperactive hunter he knows his prey, he is hunting to kill, and he has the personality of a Savage man with no real intelligence other than the name of the hunt this makes him unique his personality is about being isolated and not being disturbed and once disturbed he is annoyed by the presence of others and will eliminate them. It's a huge response to that first half I know but just because you put a big guy in a hockey mask doesn't make them Jason.....to each Jason there is a certain behaviour and movement as a Cosplayer I got the part of the Jason I am cosplaying if I'm Part 7 I will do my best portrayal of Kane, and if I'm Part 6 then Ill do my best portrayal of C.J Graham....yes different actors have different ways but in terms each Jason is unique either bring based on the previous or adding something new.
  6. All he did was just walk thats it....no personality to the character like C.J had the head movement and military type personality and Kane had his slow but menacing body movement,heavy breathing, and facial expressions for the character and Ken just walked nothing unique.
  7. Yeah its a mixture of the FvJ/Part 6/Part 7 Design
  8. Well I did avoid this before but uh, Yes I'm the one who made the F13 the Game Wiki......and yes thats Freddy's claw marks why wouldn't it be his claw marks?
  9. That isn't Ben Solo to me....Ben Solo is the son of Luke! not Han! I swear this new canon is just terrible!!!!
  10. I dont know what kind of drugs J.J Abrams was on when directing and filming this movie but GOD DAMN was it just full of inconsistencies, horrible retcons, illogical asspulls, and bad writing..... The fact the own ACTORS themselves even facially revealed how they felt should say alot....I get it they did REFERENCES from the old and added to the current but this is not how you do it! Why would you bring back a VERY old threat? Why?! WHAT POINT IS THAT? Spoilers..... SOOOOOOO WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL!? I could do a WHOLE page of confusing rants....but its not worth it.....the film is 5/10 stars for me.....
  11. I honestly would just love the Uber Jason/Kill Packs/Sandbox....I wouldn't care about anything else after that.
  12. I would love to switch between different versions of the masks tbh..... Part 3 has the axe wound damage. Part 6 has pre-bullet wound and a repeller damage. Part 7 has the many different scar marks on the mask from rock and non-rock damage look. Part 8 has the toxic waste damage.
  13. Yes I do....if it aint a health spray I aint giving it up! firecrackers/pocket knives/keys are all mine! (I'm jokin alittle tho but pocket knives I'm never giving up like that.)
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