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  1. I mean....Jason still is technically alive as a Zombie...in terms he has his organs still working but he doesnt die. Its a term known as a Revenant Zombie which they keep their original memory,thought, and personality.
  2. Thank you OCT! Its one of the best spending I did! Hey Hayden! and yeah I agree that it's truly is worth the money!
  3. Costume/Latex created is by J3 Jason Costumes Part 7 Jason Hockey Mask is by Joshua Dedman Part 7 Jason Hood is by Kyle Nielsen My legit and official and 1st Professional Part 7 Jason costume! Just to inform all these talented men work and dedicate themselves to their crafts and to me they are one of the best in the Indie Market! I spent a total of $692.60 total for this dream cosplay! So if you are wanting to buy from them make sure you have patience as they will send updates and other questions to help you out! And taxes and shipping are also different! Full Body pics will be uploaded soon. 💚
  4. Wait how did Ted define Jason to be so high? Also lol jason mears? You mean Derek?
  5. If they are gaining achievements illegally then thats bannable.
  6. Its not a map nor will it be....we can all hope one day it will be....
  7. It looks alright from my point of view.....the gameplay mechanics and animations seem uninteresting.
  8. The original Halloween (1978) is the best and honestly the 2018 Halloween is the best sequel to the franchises.
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