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  1. They even gave Ken platforms! if I remember correctly from meeting C.J. Graham he stood about 6 ft 5 and Ken often seems 6 ft 4 tbh and Kane honestly shrunk over his years because this was him years ago. Not wearing any platform boots regular sneakers I guess older people do shrink.
  2. Ok huge correction....I believe Kane Hodder is about 6 ft 3....not 6 ft 2 as I originally stated but still C.J./Ken do out height him and I won't deny that.
  3. Nah man....def not he respects his friend Tyler Mane way to much for that and he (Derek) would enjoy a more action character like Jason. It honestly wasn't that much of a height difference tho...they did Kane beyond dirty...look at this with Ken and Robert Now Kane Hodder and Robert (and Tony Todd) Not a large/huge gap between them! and Tony is def the tallest I met him at Mad Monster Party and he is easily 6 ft 5! (Im about 6 ft 1 or 6 ft 2) compared and met them all.
  4. I was credited in the video for the sequel but no one is gonna see it haha.
  5. Not bad my man! can't wait to see more!
  6. Agreed here. People are weird and then claim they are fans lol.
  7. It's alright if you want a homage to the slasher genre.
  8. Same here and people never give me an actual logical reasoning....saying because "his breathing thing" or "He played in the worse F13 films" seems more like they just don't like him.
  9. Hello everyone reading, this post is to understand the real reasoning why people don't like Kane Hodder as Jason......I don't mean the illogical concepts of saying because he was breathing hard this or that because he played the worse movie entries but I want to hear for those who don't like Kane as Jason to give me and others a more valid reasoning.....for me he kept the character developed and linear....Some say Part 6/Part 4 Jason were "superior" because they were brutal and ruthless....and I never understood that because Kane was just as or more brutal than their versions especially in the deleted scenes for part 7 which shows just how brutal his part 7 Jason was. So please let me understand the dislike to Kane as Jason by explaining why......
  10. Ditto here! (CJ/Kane were the best Zombie versions) (and I love me some human Jason too!)
  11. FACTS! Message me anytime or just by my socials! I will gladly be up to buying it!
  12. for hackers they honestly ruin the gaming community.....Modders aren't that bad and help bring life or rarely destroy a gaming community.
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