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  1. All he did was just walk thats it....no personality to the character like C.J had the head movement and military type personality and Kane had his slow but menacing body movement,heavy breathing, and facial expressions for the character and Ken just walked nothing unique.
  2. Yeah its a mixture of the FvJ/Part 6/Part 7 Design
  3. Well I did avoid this before but uh, Yes I'm the one who made the F13 the Game Wiki......and yes thats Freddy's claw marks why wouldn't it be his claw marks?
  4. That isn't Ben Solo to me....Ben Solo is the son of Luke! not Han! I swear this new canon is just terrible!!!!
  5. I dont know what kind of drugs J.J Abrams was on when directing and filming this movie but GOD DAMN was it just full of inconsistencies, horrible retcons, illogical asspulls, and bad writing..... The fact the own ACTORS themselves even facially revealed how they felt should say alot....I get it they did REFERENCES from the old and added to the current but this is not how you do it! Why would you bring back a VERY old threat? Why?! WHAT POINT IS THAT? Spoilers..... SOOOOOOO WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL!? I could do a WHOLE page of confusing rants....but its not worth it.....the film is 5/10 stars for me.....
  6. I honestly would just love the Uber Jason/Kill Packs/Sandbox....I wouldn't care about anything else after that.
  7. I would love to switch between different versions of the masks tbh..... Part 3 has the axe wound damage. Part 6 has pre-bullet wound and a repeller damage. Part 7 has the many different scar marks on the mask from rock and non-rock damage look. Part 8 has the toxic waste damage.
  8. Yes I do....if it aint a health spray I aint giving it up! firecrackers/pocket knives/keys are all mine! (I'm jokin alittle tho but pocket knives I'm never giving up like that.)
  9. Adam comes back as a zombie Adam and fights Mitch for A.J's hand!
  10. Ken himself (along with Ronnie Yu) stated he got his inspiration from Frankenstein and as I said I feel very different and wished they casted either Kane or even C.J Graham as Jason because as I said previously...Ken's movement was bland,unoriginal, and nothing new bought to the character. I admit the fire stunt scene was nice to have seen.
  11. How can the bot team tho from a logical standpoint it just sounds like it wants to team kill.
  12. Yes I knew this when Tommy killed tiffany with the shotgun while I tried to kill her.
  13. Wish Ken would have atleast studied the previous films like Kane or CJ had and did something new/unique but I guess not everyone wants that....he seemed way to Frankenstein for me to take seriously.
  14. Thank you for the response! More Part 7 Pictures on the way!
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