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    The game is done with me.

    The devs are most likely able to address such an issue since now they got more time with fixing bugs and other such things.
  2. Pamela: It's June 13th! its Jason 72th Birthday! Me: So where is my cake!?
  3. Jason Todd Voorhees

    Happy Birthday Jason!

    Thank you again man! Trust me im supporting this game til I die!
  4. Jason Todd Voorhees

    Thursday the 14th

    Hm El-Lachappa?
  5. Jason Todd Voorhees

    Could the Retro Jason rework still happen?

    Stats and Character Balances aren't "DLC" content so yes this could/would be possible.
  6. Jason Todd Voorhees

    Was Tiffany's pose updated?

    RIP man RIP.
  7. Jason Todd Voorhees

    If you were the judge...

    Milller also basically agreed he was taking ideas from Sean Cunningham's notes and was making sure whatever Sean said was in the script be it final or draft scripts hell he even ADMITS Sean created the title and not him! So I would say Sean basically 100% helped aka co-wrote the story but didn't realize it.
  8. Jason Todd Voorhees

    If you were the judge...

    Only 6 voted for Miller RIP.....
  9. Jason Todd Voorhees

    Happy Birthday Jason!

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Thank you all Thanks to @Truth for the one month subscription! Psn Name is JasonSueVoorhees
  10. Firstly....if Sean Cunningham wins his case we are all good and no affects to the films in the future will be affected and since Sean owns both Pamela Voorhees and the Adult Jason Voorhees characters along with all the past/future content given. If Victor Miller wins all he gets is the characters such as "Mrs.Voorhees" and a deceased Kid Jason Voorhees and he will not be given the title of "Friday the 13th" and yes people will have to buy the licenses from Victor to have them used in their product but since neither character are really 100% needed and Yes this means he has no rights over the original counselors or well any counselors from Part 2-Jason X so he isn't getting anything. So if you don't understand...Victor Miller played himself if he wins the lawsuit he doesn't get majority of anything but a dead character and a name for a mother character.
  11. Jason Todd Voorhees

    Happy Birthday Jason!

    yes!!! Gotta renew my PS+ account!
  12. Jason Todd Voorhees

    Happy Birthday Jason!

    Mommy loves me! Maggot head?! Ok now I gotta find you! By my orders buy her a hockey mask and a mini-machete!
  13. Yeah all things relating to the games are issued but once the lawsuit is over there shouldn't be any issues.
  14. Notice: for the love of god this isn't a joke or a sarcastic post I have seen good players become the toxic side of the fanbase so I'm.making this thread to encourage the devs and to likely get to the regular fanbase. I have noticed a lot of complaining and a lot of people dissing on the game and the developers firstly....let me say this to everyone if they don't know..... The game and not EVERYGAME in existence will ever be truly perfect! The problem is not the developers,programmers, and or the coders! The engine should be the most to blame if anything! The illfonic team is right now looking through all these problems that we idenfity! Lets not attack them or the game because of something they didn't cause! They have lives and can't come into work 24/7! We can't expect a update EVERY single day! And let's not forget they also don't have the biggest development team either they aren't UBIsoft or the EA team! Lets give them time and our patience to let them handle everything because right now it seems everything should be done in another mega-patch to help get everything done! This shouldn't even be the blame game either! I know so many fans and people are pissed and want some justice like "Test Builds" and what not but for us let them decide what they want instead of us just trying to force or mass change! That is all!
  15. Jason Todd Voorhees

    Uber JASON Intro

    Nah he just gets Kid Jason and a the name Mrs.Voorhees lol.
  16. It's never gonna be dead!
  17. Jason Todd Voorhees

    Client Side Save Patch for Consoles??

    Devs already confirmed they aren't getting offline
  18. Jason Todd Voorhees

    Uber JASON Intro

    Wont take long I hope.
  19. Jason Todd Voorhees

    Client Side Save Patch for Consoles??

    SERVERS ARENT GOING OFFLINE! But I do agree with saving that stuff because I would love to play off-line.
  20. Bro the Pamela name is Cunningham lol all Victor gets is "Mrs.Voorhees" and since cunningham only created a dead Jason and no last name given in the script it still sounds like Sean can win both cases.
  21. Jason Todd Voorhees

    X Hugh Paul X

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