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  1. Sorry for the double spam but, I have updated the website with new coding to help make the website feel different and more unique check out the new features listed! New Features List Thread
  2. You highlight quoted that?....ok...also Counselors haven't been nerfed....also People were bullying Jason Pre-Rage Mode....and even then Jasons were still bodying most of them unlike in DbD.....but ok.
  3. Play with friends on PC its the absolute best way to go!
  4. @F13 Seppuku Squad For wiki updating whats all the cooldowns/activations?
  5. Agreed idc that game is a hook simulator and isn't a slasher/horror its where survivors straight bully killers.
  6. This is to linking ya socials guys not about the socials lol.
  7. Man listen....he better be coming! I waited since 2020 for this amazing figure and been asking them about it since 2017!
  8. Why did you guys necrobump this post? there is rules against this.
  9. Happy Valentines Day! From Jason to Future Victims!
  10. Part 7 Jason W/ Weapons The Part 7 Jason Weapons February 2021 at Mad Monster Party I'll be meeting both Kane Hodder and Terry Kriser! (Yes! Christopher Crews himself!) (I'll likely get the Sickle later as well! so I'll keep everyone updated!)
  11. F13 all the way better everything until the lawsuit ruined everything!
  12. Eeeeeeeeh thats a long shot rn lol Warner Bros did give it a shot for Part 7 so that's good.
  13. Why does it always gotta be us F13 Fans to suffer??? I pre-ordered the figure the hours when it was available just to get about 3-4 delays.
  14. Yeah I just made a huge article about this as well.... https://www.friday-the-13th.net/p1035909-neca-ultimate-part-7-jason-figure-delayed-again
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