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  1. Bill Cosby Found Guilty

    Bill Cosby Found Guilty (Full Article) this is some BS....
  2. Winter Wonderland

    No problem!
  3. Skull Objectives & Emote Unlocks

    Some say it's fresher than Chad!
  4. Skull Objectives & Emote Unlocks

    Oooooh I love this!
  5. Bill Cosby Found Guilty

    Because I grew up on bill Cosby and that's not factually incorrect: "Cosby initially faced sexual assault charges in court last June, but jurors could not reach a unanimous decision after 52 hours of deliberation. The judge declared it a mistrial.' another two other articles. Rollingstone: Bill Cosby Mistrial Rollingstone: Judge Declares Mistrial over Bill Cosby Trial
  6. Bill Cosby Found Guilty

    1st trial none of the juries came up with a plea and it was a mistrial declared by the judge. 2nd trial he is now found guilty when there was no new evidence.
  7. Bill Cosby Found Guilty

    We don't even know if he actually done it.
  8. Bill Cosby Found Guilty

    The guy is only 80 years old and will be out by the time he is 90! That's not cool at all.
  9. Thats why reviews have different themes from gameplay to story and etc.
  10. Subjective can turn objective through non-personal bias or personal thoughts.
  11. I would rather look at statistical data to determine whos better since the playerbase doesn't dictate who is better.
  12. it's an insult because Roblox has better kills lol they don't need any hooks in that game.
  13. Yet roblox had more all-time peak than them! even club peguin lmao.
  14. Friday the 13th Signatures

    Yes! I love both of them!
  15. Leprechaun is back?

    Seems in 2019 the "Leprechaun Returns ".
  16. Friday the 13th Signatures

    Instead of the Part VII-Jason text for the signature you made for Part 7 Jason could it be my username instead?
  17. East Area Rapist (Original Nightstalker) caught 32 years after last crime

    He came second not first lol.
  18. Winter Wonderland

    You have been good this year SmugDoka! I'm checking my list twice to make sure!
  19. I agree and disagree but overall not a bad post it's better than the other "Kill Jason" post suggestions.
  20. Final Girl Should kill Jason

    1. I know this and wanted to reply but it wouldn't even let me merge the quotes after I tried to edit thats why. 2. Cool your piece is just overall fanfic and pseudo fan logic get over it man and no is trying to provoke anything if you feel that fanfic is a "nono" word then thats you only. bye bye then.
  21. As the fans of this community already know that Victoria is basically a better Jenny Myers! The mains with Jenny will likely be picking Victoria once she is added into the game this May update.