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  1. Agreed.....chasing Vanessa runners is worse than chasing a full lobby.
  2. If there was speed perks.....Vanessa mainers would be godly and others would be base vanessa's.
  3. Yeah I realized Friday the 13th had different actors because Part 3 I seen Jason as more vulnerable, unlike Part IV Jason (Ted White) where he made him very serious and brutal even the kills reflect how different Richard is from Ted.
  4. I love the series ever since I was a toddler! Part 7 was my first of the films and then a marathon came out and I watched the franchise fully!
  5. Ted White statement about Kane Hodder <- Click! The source is Kane hodder's documentary with Ted White To Hell and Back: The Kane Hodder Story (2017)
  6. Kane Hodder (Jason Voorhees) and Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) Picture <- Source! Thats right the King of Action and the King of Slashing have met!
  7. Depends on the absolute evidence....for me if you aint helping me get roof glitchers or glitchers period then you arent teaming....but purposely snitching,showing, and calling out other counselors for no reason then yeah thats bannable.
  8. I got two options for you.... 1. Play on console (Ps4/Xbox/Nitendo Switch) 2. Wait til the patch for such file hacks.
  9. Im hoping to the higher being that this be resolved already......
  10. Agreed I want Part 7,Part,9 and Pre/Post Uber Jason! I got Part 3,4, and 6....Now I just need Pamela,Part 2 Jason and FvJ....I dont need or want roy tbh.
  11. "Faster than a bastard maniac! Stronger than a local madman! Its super freddy!" "Its PRIME TIME BITCH!" "Ooh dark meat!"
  12. I honestly pray and hope either two things...... 1. Gunmedia aka Wes and Randy reconsider the whole "No content clause" and release the content to us.... 2. They give it over to another publisher/developer team to continue the project....(and pray that they dont cancel the game.)
  13. Check your anti-virus systems.
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