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  1. Mine is Part 7 Jason then Part 6 Jason then Part 9 Jason and then Part 3 Jason and then Part 2 Jason and then Part 4 Jason.....Part 8 Jason is somewhat a read area for me but Ima most def do the cosplay!
  2. WOW! Lucky guy! 😮 Part 9 Jason is also on my list of cosplays!
  3. I know right! I just donated $10 to the IndieGoGo!
  4. wait what?? before the civil war? Appalachian? wtf!
  5. Nah not a necropost! and yeah man I cant wait for the 10th!
  6. Thank you! I do my best for looking screen accurate!
  7. I have done another Jason Voorhees Cosplay! this time being CJ Grahams own Part 6 Jason! also known as The Original Zombie Jason! Here is a link to a few of my Photos! Jason Todd Voorhees Photo Set 1 Jason Todd Voorhees Photo Set 2 Jason Todd Voorhees Photo Set 3 Jason Todd Voorhees Photo Set 4 (Part 6/7 Jason Combo!) I am planning on doing more and more cons in the future so stay tuned! Note: Part 6 Hood/Mask is coming in the mail soon so stay tuned!
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