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  1. Jason Todd Voorhees

    Questions About Future Content

    Wow.....what........this is heart breaking man.....:(
  2. Jason Todd Voorhees

    Questions About Future Content

    So wes is basically saying even after the court ruling is over we still arent getting content?....or am I misreading with that they have to redo everything with Uber Jason and etc?.....
  3. Jason Todd Voorhees

    Questions About Future Content

    Wes from what I heard Oct is the deadline for the ruling which means it's not gonna just take a year or longer 2018 is the last "Courting" for it and it shouldn't and won't go past that. I do hope in the future we do get to experience Jason X and etc because I love this game so much.
  4. Jason Todd Voorhees

    State of the Game - Critical Issue Update

    Yes! Dedicated servers!
  5. Jason Todd Voorhees

    Mega-Patch Update?

    I haven't really been wrong about the game yet.
  6. Jason Todd Voorhees

    Upcoming Friday the 13th in July

    Haha my Facebook Page is the same as my username you can see a lot of some of my original made memes.
  7. Since people been always sending in new glitches and etc to the devs I'm pretty sure this is gonna be a big update addressing majority if not all given bugs and I know people hope they will do the "Build Lobby" to test it out before publishing so thoughts?
  8. Jason Todd Voorhees

    Upcoming Friday the 13th in July

    I'm likely gonna make Jason memes as I'm dressed up as Jason.
  9. Jason Todd Voorhees

    The game is done with me.

    The devs are most likely able to address such an issue since now they got more time with fixing bugs and other such things.
  10. Jason Todd Voorhees

    Happy Birthday Jason!

    Thank you again man! Trust me im supporting this game til I die!
  11. Jason Todd Voorhees

    Thursday the 14th

    Hm El-Lachappa?
  12. Jason Todd Voorhees

    Could the Retro Jason rework still happen?

    Stats and Character Balances aren't "DLC" content so yes this could/would be possible.
  13. Jason Todd Voorhees

    Was Tiffany's pose updated?

    RIP man RIP.
  14. Jason Todd Voorhees

    If you were the judge...

    Milller also basically agreed he was taking ideas from Sean Cunningham's notes and was making sure whatever Sean said was in the script be it final or draft scripts hell he even ADMITS Sean created the title and not him! So I would say Sean basically 100% helped aka co-wrote the story but didn't realize it.