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  1. Jason Todd Voorhees

    Legal Claim and the Road Ahead

    Im honestly still sadden to not get the promised content but I'll still play the game regardless.
  2. Jason Todd Voorhees

    Friday the 13th: The Game Ultimate Slasher Editions

    Ima have to wait at least two paychecks before buying this.
  3. Jason Todd Voorhees


    Welcome to Camp Blood! make sure to read the official Friday the 13th the Game Forum Rules! Welcome to Camp Blood! make sure to read the official Friday the 13th the Game Forum Rules! Got a Bug or User report? Head to JasonKillsBugs! And or want to discuss about suggestions and other ideas you have? Head to Friday the 13th the Game: Suggestions/Feedback section! And if you want to talk to other players about the game just head to Friday the 13th the Game General Discussions but for "News and Updates" for the game head over to the F13: Game News/F13 Game: About but overall enjoy your stay here!
  4. Jason Todd Voorhees


    No problem!
  5. What is Adam,Kenny, and Deborah Race? What are the counselors backstories to have to attend the camp? What are the counselors legitimate height and weight? Who are official couples and who not? What are the trivia worthy facts about me? Gunmedia has the answers to this. 👀
  6. Jason Todd Voorhees

    Give Jason back his power.

    Now I have crippling depression.....
  7. Jason Todd Voorhees

    Give Jason back his power.

  8. The quickest I had with 8 people was 4 minutes as Part 7 Jason.
  9. Jason Todd Voorhees

    New Friday the 13th tv show

    I honestly want to see just Jason hacking and slashing and being him....I don't want no teen drama or different story bs.
  10. Jason Todd Voorhees

    The New Halloween 2018

    I'm actually hyped for this movie! I been waiting for a classic remaster!
  11. Honestly wished for more counselors/uber instead of the engine search update.
  12. Jason Todd Voorhees

    Bots to replace players

    This is honestly a good idea to be truthful.
  13. Jason Todd Voorhees

    Patch Notes - 07.03.18

    So what's all the new bugs?