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  1. Im not gonna lie lol after 4-Resurrection...I never liked the masks until the Rob zombie H1 remake but the H2 by Rob wasn't a good mask.
  2. I am beyond happy we got a legit company that cares about a license/franchise! I would love a Halloween I would most def play as H1/H40 Michael!
  3. maaan if they started on the part 7 before the lawsuit I say we get it!!!
  4. I love it! haha makes it look like the underwater scene when Kane pops out and his flesh looks bloated. @OCT 31 1978 @NthnButAGoodTime Also forgot to mention in person it does have aspects of weathering on it like light brown dirt and very faint black spots lol I forgot to mention about that in the responses, because from a far it doesn't look weathered unless someone zooms in with the camera.
  5. I was 5 yrs old at the time....didn't know what was happening in the world just yet.....and I lived in New Jersey at the time and oh boy it wasn't fun....
  6. Thanks man! I am excited for the 27th/28th of this month to meet Kane Hodder again!
  7. I was going to go buy a plastic machete for the convention.
  8. It's completed! @Fair Play @NthnButAGoodTime @m3ga_monk3y.cfg @HaydenX @OCT 31 1978 What I need to work on ......the head turning the latex limits the signature turn head and then body movement. Overall Im very mobile and its ok to breath within it which is good for me when I go to cons or other creepy locations like hayrides.
  9. Thank you! and I cant wait to show it off as well! Thank you fair play! hearing this from you guys makes me happy I joined this forum!
  10. Thanks! I also just got the chains so its complete!
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