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  1. Ok to make it short these were my original movie inspired methods to kill Jason but with a twist! and mostly these are with the help of Tommy Jarvis only. Chaining Jason Voorhees to the Bottom of Camp Crystal Lake: This inspiration is from Part 6 but with a twist which would be needing a huge team effort of someone fixing the boat, calling Tommy, and having Tommy being the only one capable of finding the chains and tieing them to a rock near the boat which will have a cinematic moment of the counselors pushing it on the boat BUT here is the twist! the female counselors would need the sweater to quickly stun Jason which would allow tommy to place the chain around Jason neck in which a mini-game will be needed and if the counselors screw up they would die instantly from failing and Yes the mask must be removed as well because it would be to easy if his mask was on. Jason X Kill: Having either Tommy or Brodski being the hero at the end will be fine since one would need to locate the suit and have everything repaired from fixing power boxes and with a last-ditch effort having Pamela's Sweater/Mask Off while he is near a certain airlock should it trigger a sequence that will either kill both or just kill Jason in a cinematic effort and with this Jason and the hero would compete to finish the mini-game to see who lives and who dies.
  2. Jason Todd Voorhees

    Friday the 13th the Game Encyclopedia

    Anything with adding content to the game itself is against the "lawsuit" concept so yeah lol.
  3. Jason Todd Voorhees

    Questions About Future Content

    Then that's you man not me.
  4. Jason Todd Voorhees

    Is the Return of Michael Myers mask underrated?

    oooh the remake gotcha! and yeah I remember seeing two versions and gotcha!
  5. Jason Todd Voorhees

    Questions About Future Content

    Alot of companies say these things yet they do so lets all just not be negative and pray for the positive..
  6. Jason Todd Voorhees

    Art Book + Sound Track Drop date?

    Damn they were missing out chances to make so much money.
  7. Jason Todd Voorhees

    Debate: Jason Voorhees Isn't A Deadite

    I like the concept of Freddy Vs Jason being in the same universe just not with the Evil Deadverse tbh.
  8. Jason Todd Voorhees

    Is the Return of Michael Myers mask underrated?

    Rape scene? and also is that the "Dark heart of Jason Voorhees" profile pic?
  9. Jason Todd Voorhees

    Jason bullying

    I like 2 and 4 tbh.
  10. Jason Todd Voorhees

    Friday the 13th the Game Encyclopedia

    Doubtful since this isn't "In-Game" content.
  11. Jason Todd Voorhees

    Your most satisfying kill?

    Killing a group of people who tried to "Bully" me as Part 7 Jason.