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  1. I mean from what I know about fabrics it could easily been ate by fish,microbe bacteria, and or from currents because of storms and etc but overall the research they did to have all that displayed damage is amazing.
  2. Why is he so hated??? All I seen him do is preach abiut the game.
  3. Wish we had more news on thos secret collab with gunmedia and blumhouse.
  4. Its not really overpowered if you can place traps fast or save pocket knifes and a shotgun.
  5. I mean this is a new license holder I believe so why not?
  6. Hey @Slasher_Clone you think they need to make a scream game based on until dawn or in the style of friday the 13th the gamr by gunmedia?
  7. He didnt have those stuff on before killing the nerdy girl anyway remember? Lol and yes its honest the best design jason with uber jason and savini jason.
  8. Uuuuh what?..... You realize it was years after right?....ofcourse he would lose the belt,gloves, and other such things. uuuuuh what?......he kept the chains lol!
  9. I will make you and @OCT 31 1978 suffer if he says anything! >:^(
  10. Just report it all over their platforms.....could be in the next patch.
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