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  1. Firstly thanks for the advice/heads up I know film making isn't as easy as what others make it out to be! I gotta look for ALOT from audio help,cameramen/women, to just finding special effects people who an work for a long time for different body parts and other such things so yeah gotta go with a profitable salary and insurance and etc for people, I can def do Jason but I can't see myself not doing the stunts myself LOL. Secondly that is def something I will be considering with a sheriff who knows the "Legends" Thats very very interesting! I think I could add such a concept as a "Prelude" during Jason's death but also during a part 6 proluding! Def something I got planned up for!
  2. As of late? nah I'm on PS4 and it takes a while.
  3. I have it on PC/PS4 but on Xbox? no idea. A.J. is bae Time for Gunmedia to explain this LOL!
  4. Every since I was a kid watching Friday the 13th I always wanted to play that role of Jason. In early 2019, I asked Kane Hodder for his blessing/approval and he said Yes, this was something amazing for me to ask for someone I look up to for years on end. In mid 2019, I was making my own ideas for a fan film a lot of stuff was deleted for obvious reasons of it either being too unoriginal to people or just people doing it. As of 2020 I threw a lot of my original ideas. Vengeance with their introduction of Elias Voorhees, which I also had an idea of bringing in his "father" but this was there's and well I didn't want to look like a "Well you copied" them and stuff. Never Hike Alone in the Snow is also another which was always a discussion with Jason being able to kill in the Snow so that idea was also something I had but Stomp Films is producing such a thing. Friday the 13th: Rose Blood is doing a continuation of Part VII So I am asking for any other ideas for me to try to do, it could be a continuation like with Vengeance/Rose Blood or with NHA with something new and nothing to do with the overall sequels. Before anyone ask I am hoping to do a Part VII sequel (a Personal Goal lol) and then that sequel being it's own entirely new Jason design. This thread is basically to see what the fans want to see and what not to see or what to do with Jason and what not to do with Jason, My main thing is....I dont want to do what Halloween 4-Resurrection did for Michael which made him to Humanized and to Obvious with the plot. Any Ideas/Help? (These Tags is to help get the discussion started: @OCT 31 1978 @Fair Play @Dragonfire82877 @Slasher_Clone @Redcat345 @Big Daddy J)
  5. I do hope Larry updates us further he has been the saving grace for us all.
  6. Can confirm as a Part 7 Main. not fiction it has happened. Bet any confirmation? whoa
  7. Thank you I met him for that convention in 2019 and man...it was the biggest moment of my life. I was always a fan of Jason/Kane as a kid (I'm about to be 24 irl next month.) and watching Part 7 was my first slasher film followed by Halloween (Original) was always so fascinating for me, Kane wasn't just a inspiration for me but also someone I wanted to aspired for the horror community. I met kane numerously and I can 100% state the guy is a genuine man he isn't just nice and comedic man, I have no negative experiences when meeting him. True Story: I met Kane when I was preparing to be in my Michael Cosplay in the bathroom (I had to wait for my Part 7 but James Jude Courtney was also there so why not Michael?) and as Im trying to scare someone as they were coming in it was Kane and I froze and he looked at me and said "What? you ok there?" i fanboyed so badly lol.
  8. I want it man....I REALLY do...I want updates and content for this game community....
  9. I cant watch it man....I want my hopes for all those unreleased stuff to be released....
  10. Agreed this guys entire arguments is illogical to the point of nonsense. LMFAO same here like who takes what a single person like MC Hammer says? he got bankrupted got into numerous lawsuits and etc so his words aren't that inspirational or should be taken into any relevancy for Kane Hodder. VERY BIG FACTS! Firstly how are you going to judge and compare that instance vs Kane's trauma??? YOU purposely kept DRINKING that is a whole decision YOU YOURSELF MADE and aren't you also doing what you want in life so what makes you different? Kane on the other hand DIDNT/WOULDNT want to be having his body burnt which is clearly mishandled stunt! the guy almost died NUMEROUSLY because of his hospital poor choices of not knowing how to properly deal with his wounds until he was properly moved! it's a MIRACLE he even survived despite all the infections he even had. Its beyond just being rude or disrespectful to compare one Death Experience to another like its some contest for sympathy or something!
  11. That absolutely doesn't make sense....thats like saying you hate the actor but love the character which is still the actor behind it.....if this was "Voice Acting" logic sure but...for movie actors like Kane it's not logical. That entire fallacy is invalid since a terrible accident similar to kane happened to Cassandra Peterson aka Elvira and she is living her dream as we speak just as Kane, many of those who survive likely are highly doing the jobs they love or dreamed about. You never seen his documentary have you?..... More and more fallacies! this is the most illogical statements/arguments I have ever seen!
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