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  1. I swear if they moved the dates I am going to be livid... Update: SON OF A B- its moved to February 2021!!!!
  2. Not having any of these issues and I'm on PC/Ps4....
  3. It's an almost undetectable perk for those not that experience with Jason.
  4. Define experts lol I had the game since release...pre and post "Buff" I barely see people getting 5/8 counselors on PC/PS4.....so not Every Jason can unless the counselors are braindead to bad Jason's lol.
  5. Tom Mcloughlin is a saviour for the franchise! I wonder who he would pick as Jason!
  6. Sorry for the double post but I have fixed an issue for the website! major update/announcement! People from facebook can now link their accounts with the website or can even register with using facebook!
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