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  1. Thank you Matt! I would love to be a admin for the forum to keep the trolls and negativity off from posts.
  2. Yes its highly likely but I'll let @mattshotcha give a proper answer.
  3. Honestly DbD would be fun if it was actually like F13 game mechanics.....and not that hook simulator feel.
  4. Oof....remember when people said this game would destroy both DbD and F13? Guess everyone was wrong. I had high hopes for another killer vs survivor game.
  5. I am hoping we get a huge and quick hotfix in a few weeks......
  6. I know but majority speaking it is all the above.
  7. Can I get a real one because im just all ribs overhere.
  8. .......I will find you....and I will make you play splinter cell.....
  9. People assume this company is a AAA dev team when they arent so yeah mistakes happen and we shouldnt dog them for it. Edit: if you gonna laugh react atleast respond instead of hiding just saying.
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