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  1. Basically, they allow toxicity and I ain't with that it's bad enough the F13 Community on specific platforms are hostile one another.
  2. I decided to make a new subreddit if you want to join here is the link: Friday the 13th (Reddit) Note: This isn't about the game subreddit! this is general F13 content!
  3. Cool didn't change my statement and thats PC my guy not consoles.
  4. I'm still finding lobbies in 2022...so its def not dead by any means.
  5. Man Illfonic and GunMedia is just killing it!!
  6. My Part 8 Jason Cosplay <- I always credit the people in my articles! All the info where I bought them is linked! I am proud of myself for saving up for this and finishing up my goals for 2022! Next is Part 9 Jason! And it will be the last of my Jason Cosplays needed
  7. Wait what? Yeah I wanna know about this too lol.
  8. Kane Hodder and Sons 🥳 By far the biggest highlight other than meeting @mattshotcha and Ronnie from Gunmedia it was this moment meeting Kane Hodder with a long time friend! ✊🏻🥳 Just wanted to share.
  9. Updates so far... Pre-Uber Jason: ✔ Uber Jason: Still being planned ❌ Part 8 Jason: Coming Soon 👀🔥 Part 9 Jason: Still Saving up ❌
  10. Its about copyright a work for hire has rights to their work.
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