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  1. F13 App Beta testing!

    Alright P.S Fan-art based on a official work of art is not Copyrighted by law.
  2. New Ranks

    Watch when Jason X is out!
  3. New Ranks

    Thats why we gotta stay active for the F13 Family!
  4. New Ranks

    I have seen forum posts of 100k so i wouldnt doubt it.
  5. New Ranks

    Thats good to know but in terms what if people want the default ones?
  6. F13 App Beta testing!

    Is this gonna be like a wikia then no real point....
  7. New Ranks

    24 hr bump?
  8. I would honestly like a customization.
  9. F13 App Beta testing!

    Begone HEATHEN! But whats the point of this app??
  10. Patch Notes - 12.18.2017

    I love this update.
  11. Hatchet and Friday the 13th Crossover?

    As the title suggest if we ever got a crossover between Jason Voorhees and Victor Crowley would you watch the movie? What plot would you think it was set up for them to face-off?
  12. Worlds Worst Jason

    Welcome to Camp Blood! make sure to read the official Friday the 13th the Game Forum Rules!
  13. New Ranks

    Yes I know this is for Non-Custom title ranks.
  14. New Ranks

    I mean this is for regular members who dont have custom titles. I mean people care for ranks majority of the time I been on forums the higher the posting the higher the activity ya know? Makes people wanna see what rank they could be in the potential future.
  15. New Ranks