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  1. Thanks man! the costume had people questioning on if the chains were real or fake haha! The michael is my roommate I let him take my Michael H78 costume to join me on the hunt! You wouldnt regret meeting Kane! He is a very comedic man!
  2. Days of the Dead Horror Con Updates! Me and Kane Hodder Me with other amazing fans! Me and @nc_jason_13 Me and Michael Protecting the Little Ones! Kane had praised me on my costume was the biggest highlight of the convention! And he remembered me from Mad Monster Party from February and it felt like another honor to meet him again!
  3. Part 7 Jason Voorhees <- My favorite Jason to use in-game!

  4. https://m.facebook.com/groups/145543725469927?view=permalink&id=2777045512319722 Adam marcus himself confirms the Indiegogo
  5. I would love for this game to be back to being active....I want the dlc that was said to be coming......
  6. Man....I seen roy cosplayer in a black coveralls....so.....this isnt worth getting upset haha!
  7. https://www.deviantart.com/jasontoddvoorhees/art/Me-and-Kane-Hodder-814771319 I'm standing next to Kane Hodder in my Part 7 Jason costume while he is wearing the usual shoes he wears to cons. I'm not wearing anything like what Kane is. (Example) (NC_Jason_13 is 6 ft 4 and we both have shoes that dont really increase our height.) Even without my steel toe boots, I'm about the size of Kane in the picture which he is standing 6 ft 4 so Im about 6 ft 2 but kane without the shoes is the same height or lesser like 6 ft 2 in the half.
  8. Agreed! I love it for the kills and the Jason design the plotline wasnt that bad to me and its a re-watchable film.
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