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  1. Im with you on that one, The real Jason, Tina Shepard and of course Pamela
  2. Nudge them? Nah thats kinda wack, give us a full fledged chokeslam or clothesline, or backhand. POW!! Begone!
  3. I certainly would be playing, that Jason was scary af, to balance it out make so that any counselor can kill a running Jason and also take away his shift boom
  4. Yes it was terrifying Ive never seen that before, now THAT is a running Jason and THAT Jason is a threat, I dont think he should have shift tho
  5. Im not too sure what you mean by half measures can you explain? But that is actually really cool, and THAT Jason was threatening and scary! I loved that video u just posted
  6. Agree with everything except the grab block
  7. YES ! I have said this before, and this would be especially helpful when Counselors surround Jason and just pummel him like a Pinyata (dont know if I spelled that right) Allow Jason to clothesline or backhand counselors either knocking them on the ground or sending them flying a few feet back. Jason standing surrounded by counselors repeatedly swinging and missing is so non-threatening. And they already have the animations for choke slams and for the backhand or clothesline they could use the head punch animation just adjust it a little
  8. What am I on? No dear what are YOU on? THIS is my entire comment! Lile I said you erased the part in your quote where I stated "...lol or nearly the exact same" (speed) And FYI I'm very good at shift grabbing, pre and post Jason's Ultra Nerf however it has been stated countless times that gameplay as Jason becomes stale because #1 all Jasons must overcome the exact same main obstacle CATCHING counselors #2 all Jasons must rely on the exact SAME tactic to CATCH said counselors Sense, Shift, Stalk, and Morph nothing different just the timing at which you can repeatedly use these tactics and #3 no Jason will ever EVER be able to catch any good counselor without using these same ol tactics because why? Hes absolutely too slow I really cant understand why a having little variety in the Jasons in regards to their abilities and running speeds would "ruin" or "break" the game. In fact it would add MORE to the game, we want variety, we want more, more abilities, more kills, we dont need things taken away from the already stale game. Read my comment above this one, its for you and about Dead By Daylight, oh honey its completely relevant to this discussion because we are talking about why Jason having a faster run WOULDNT ruin the game, by using a more successful game with faster killers. Ding dong the witch is dead
  9. I've said this before at least with some Jasons, take away their sense ability and give them a Sprint. This will add variety to the Jasons because as it stands now ALL the Jasons play exactly the same, they all have a weakness in trying to CATCH counselors, how about versions of Jason who have no problem catching counselors but have trouble FINDING them. So you can choose, slow Jason(current play style) or fast Jason (with a much harder tine locating counselors). I nevee said anything about exact speeds for each Jason, where in my original post did you conclude that I would want 6 to run as slow as 2 and 2 to havd super speed? And thats quite a leap from Part 2's speed to super speed wth. The running Jasons should be able to sprint even if its for a short period of time. How about the fact you purposely erased the portion of my paragraph where I said "...or nearly the exact same (speed)" lol I wont even waste time debating with you because you pulled a slick underhanded move like that. But just a little note, try having a 5 second race between Bugzy and Lachappa 1 day I bet their is a very small gap in their speed while they both have stamina. So this argument about Jason being able to catch slower counselors if hes faster doesnt hold weight in my book and besides the killers in Dead by Daylight are much faster than Jason, the maps are much smaller, its 4 to 1 AND the survivors cant fight back AND...the game is doing great to say the least...now what where you saying about "balance"?
  10. All counselors run the exact same speed lol or nearly the exact same, Jason doesnt even run a quarter of Lachappa's (the slowest counselor) sprint speed. He is left in the dust by any counselor that decides to sprint, he can barely catch them when they are out of stamina So I said all that to say, speeding up Jasons run just a little would hardlt ruin the game, chasing someone at his current speed makes me rethink my life choices
  11. Dead by daylight has faster killers AND smaller maps, F13 has bigger maps and ....a slower killer
  12. Am I the only one that thinks that giving Jason a faster run will add much more excitement and tension to the game?
  13. Tru and they are also showing the devs the error in game mechanics, nobody SHOULD be able to play ring around the rosie with Jason and the more they do it hopefully the more the devs will realize that "hey! This isnt fun, Jason isnt threatening, lets add something to the game to make him more threatening and not a joke."