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  1. If the new Halloween does well which from what I've seen and heard I have every right to believe ot will, Im sure this will prompt Sean and Victor to come to some quick agreement to get another Friday the 13th film rolling, just as the original Halloween's sucess prompted them to create the first Friday 40 years ago
  2. How in the hell can Miller even expect to win if he was a screenwriter for hire?? How is this even a case if all the evidence is there? Can someone please explain to me?
  3. Are the new kills Like the generator and the car hood also in multiplayer?? I havrnt had a chance to catch a counselor in those spots yet.so Just wanted to know?? Oh and the update is amazing
  4. Im all for variety, and this game can use as much variety as Gun Media can give it, it doesnt need "Change-a-phobic" people like you lobbying to keep it in its current state of imperfect. Thank you, goodnight
  5. Boy go back and hide under your bed because if you throw a hissy fit about a simple sky color change and adding more light to a video game, I know you wont be able to handle being an adult.
  6. Lol some people are petrified of change
  7. This is coming from someone who gets 8/8 every single match, if 7 counselors work together and surround and pound Jason, there is absolutely nothing he can do but run. And a group pf well coordinated counselors knows when Jason is not around to stay close together so that if Jason shifts out of no where and grabs someone, another can just stun him, freeing their teammate
  8. Just give Jason another melee attack Please, it would really help when counselors "surround and pound" him, (what me and my crew specialize at). Give Jason the ability to stop a counselor's attack by grabbing their weapon and then BAM? Backhanding their ass across the room, this would either make the counselor limp or take away a chunk of their stamina, or it could just simply, knock them 10 feet away on their ass
  9. If you quit after you were team killed it because you are a sore loser, someone team killing me alwats made me excited for the next match so I could kill them right back it kept me and many others playing this game...the only thing really important in terms of keeping this game from dying. Im gonna tell you right now, calling me a troll or any other name would've been the easiest way to get blasted in the chest at Packanack, you dont wanna be team killed, but you wanna have a nasty attitude and call people names, then run to the devs when you get team killed. Stop being disrespectful and you probably wont have to worry about getting team killed. Let people play the game how they wanna play, if someone is trying to kill you I'll quote Gun Media and say "fight back", pick up a bat and crack their head, dont run to the devs and ask that team killing be removed all because you got whooped. Gross
  10. I guess, but it made the game exciting and fun and added unpredictability and "replay-ability". Well thats great to hear, but with the fans the game will never truly die, but it seems it will never return to its high period from last summer
  11. Well yes I could go to private matches but the main topic of this post is about my anger as to why the game is dying and I believe its because Team Killing was removed, mainly. Would I just love for team killing to return? absolutely. Would I kill random people sometimes? If the mood hit me, sure.
  12. Well another thing too, Ive always been behind the idea that many counselors kill because well, they are just better at it than Jason. Time Jason catches up, 4 counselors have been killed by Bugzy, so Ive said this before as well, If Jason was actually a threat, the counselors wouldnt have the luxury/time to kill each other, theyd be too busy running from Jason instead of seeing him as a nuisance/peeping Tom/interruption to their machette fights
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