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  1. Would be fun to be able to wear the mask that you knock off Jason. Also there should be masks in Tommy Jarvis's room that counselors can find/ pick up/ wear which bring fear to other counselors. An extra way to have fun in the game?
  2. I hate how most times Jason grabs someone the animation shows him picking up out of the ground. Happens way too often. I really hate the window throw kill, understood from the second story buildings but just throwing them through a window is lame for a kill considering as a counselor you dive through them the same way, instead he should smash their heads on the jagged glass and saw their heads off with it. Yes people working with Jason sucks too, not much you can do about it since you can't betray anymore, maybe an option to vote out/ boot counselors in game could fix this? Farcry had an option like this.