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  1. Two cents

    Complete it successfully no damage. Fail and you get caught in it.
  2. Two cents

    That'd be fine, or just make it so Jason hears it.
  3. I love the game so far...though some players can make it frustrating as hell, but that's to be expected. Just some thoughts: Clothing: I like bring able to change the look of your counselor, but could the clothes also have boosts incorporated with them? Traps: it would be logical to be able to trip up jason's trap with a stick. I wouldn't want to be able to do it with EVERY weapon (even though that would make sense) but the stick that's randomly around the map...Since we can't all find pocket knives. Morph: jason's morph needs to be much more accurate. There's no reason why I should spawn 50 yards from where I wanted to on the map. Possible bugs: On the original maps, when Jason grabs a counselor, he doesn't let go when you hit or shoot him.
  4. Hello

    Hi all, just introducing myself. Joined to report bugs and maybe have some ideas heard that would add to the experience of the game.