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  1. TiffanyCakes

    PSA: Update will not drop on 5/26

    People have been fired for saying much less concerning their jobs via social media.
  2. TiffanyCakes

    PSA: Update will not drop on 5/26

    i record and edit videos for people and its very time consuming...I would NEVER talk to my clients that way.Dude has the right to be annoyed but that came off as really pissy.People want their game that they spent money on updated and the patience has worn thin to say the least. "Hey, are you done with that video yet? You think you'll be done this weekend?" Im working on your video but i uhhh l have a family and stuff....so i wont be able to produce it this weekend...
  3. TiffanyCakes

    PSA: Update will not drop on 5/26

    Im going to be playing State Of Decay 2 instead of being kicked out of 6 of 10 games rather Jason or the host quits.I keep saying that we probably wont get the update till LATE JULY early August...I got crazy faces when i said it wouldn't be out this month...lmao who's crazy now.
  4. TiffanyCakes

    Swing Speed

    LMAO another thread asking for more Jason buffs .I swear dude...y'all just wont stop until there is only a shred of a challenge left.Now im going to sit here and wait for you all to rationalize why it makes sense for all jasons to have the same swing speed. You shouldn't even be able to combat swing the door without a high risk.Whats the point of even having the other animation if everyone is going to combat swing at doors.This game is dying for good reason. EDIT: NEVER MIND sorry my bad...I see what you're saying..you want them to have the same slow speed.Idk i like it as it is.It makes sense that the machete would be quicker because its lighter.Also it take more hits I think.Im not sure because I don't play Jason much anymore.People will still love the 3 door hitting Jason so i dont think it will be so bad.
  5. TiffanyCakes

    Today/Tomorrow's Thursday!

    Yup I said last week that we weren't getting the update this week and we would be incredibly lucky to get it this month.Im looking at mid July to August .
  6. 2 or more getting away is an L.You have too much at your disposal to have 3 or 4 people escaping
  7. You still fail to make any credible point .I see you also have problems reading but you seem to know how to use YouTube well .So can you find me that clip of Jason throwing people threw open windows in tiny houses and the person actually dies from it? You must be kne of those special children who wants Jason to have rage at the start of the game ...you know...because of “realism “
  8. Doesn’t matter Jason kills people by throwing them threw open windows on tiny cabins ...Clipping through doors is still fine for the same reason that retarded kill is fine....It’s just a game 🤷‍♂️. Also the update probably isn’t coming till later June or early August so I’m going to continue hitting your dumbass Jason’s through doors and escaping just now because I can .Lots of Tbagging and dancing and there is nothing you can do about it but be mad lol
  9. TiffanyCakes

    Today/Tomorrow's Thursday!

    So who’s ready to place bets on the update not coming out till August ..which means dedicated servers probably won’t be here if at all till.....winter 2019 or even worse...Soon 😄.
  10. I understand that the logic is difficult for you to comprehend 😁 The councilor as well as Jason are both swinging through the door with the purpose to hurt the other so it makes sense if a sharp object is being used that both would receive damage.
  11. IF he can hit me through the door with a Sharp weapon I should be able to do the same ..end of story .They babied y’all so much that they didn’t but even stop to think ...”well it doesn’t make sense that you could hit anyone with a bat behind a door...but maybe IF THEY USED AN AXE OR MACHETE THAT WOULD ACTUALLY MAKE SENSE.” NOPE ,they took it away all together just for you ...the sad part is most of you still wont get 8/8 consistently and as people pick Vanessa to just dodge you all together y’all will ask for her to be nerfed next.
  12. Playing Jason was just too tough for you’ve guys ...the devs patted kissed your forehead and made it even easier
  13. TiffanyCakes

    What made you RAGE QUIT!?!

    That’s supposed to happen! Lmao!!! I do it all the time .I can just keep tapping the sweater button and if you try to be tricky and shift towards me you’re going to get stunned
  14. TiffanyCakes

    Do you think the patch will be in may

    Late June ...Hell i usually play everyday and I haven’t played in 2 now lol .f’it ..I picked MKX back up