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  1. You’re right!!!Im Jason’s WORST NIGHTMARE. I love beating those lvl 101-150 “newbs” ALL DAY BAY-BAY!!! anyway I’m out and i’ll see you in a couple weeks as always . STay SaLty!!!
  2. Lmao I HAAAAAATE JASON I love pinehurst .I literally just beat Jason there and recorded myself doing it and then I sent him a video of everything I did to him.. hahahah.The point of the game is for me to beat Jason 80 percent of then time ..AND - THATS - WHAT- I -DO!! Yep I quit when I start limping because of the lack of health sprays on Packanack and Crystal lake .Be mad at the devs . I’m just the middle man ?????
  3. Baaaaahahahahaha I love it!!!And then I report the hate mail they send me afterwards .trolololololol .Not my fault 3 health sprays exist on a map of 8 characters .BE MAAAAAAAD ✌️ .Then everyone who likes to play Jason picks the map cause they know of the medspray glitch .HAHAHA NO SIIIIR NO EASY KILL ON MY WATCH!!BWAHAHAHAHA
  4. Yeaaa I play at Packanack and crystal lake a lot now but it’s only because the host knows there aren’t but many health sprays on those maps so until it’s patched I just really deal with it and quit if I start limping ..not my fault the devs messed up
  5. “For you to say Jason’s are telling you to pick up hypochondriac and shutup means that’s you’re salty cause you just died” i’ll Forgive your obviouse typical forum member kneejerk reaction in ignorance but I was talking about forums...not anything happening in game ...my deaths are rare sir?.Host are picking the map in the case that they will be Jason and get to play easy mode...That is how “shit works” I don’t know where you playing at ..AND DAMN STRAIGHT I’m a try hard and I win 80 percent of the time too .. so HAAAAAAAAA.I play with a bunch of newbie councilors with maybe one on the mic and I STILL WIIIN DESPITE devs buffin Jason ..I wish we were able to get our statistics so I could show them off here..I go 2 on 1 against Jason and still WIIIN ?? ?‍♂️ ?
  6. Finally a valid argument ....You know...I to agree with that...that’s why I don’t play private matches that much...Because it consist of Jason kill squads ...well...while it can be fun...it’s just not how I prefer to play the game .As much as I hate playing with the random councilors who don’t use mics and refuse to lock doors ...the game is more tense that way... If you want more of a F13 experience ..Play in quick play with a bunch of people who don’t know each other ...Kills are easier for Jason but being a councilor is the challenge it should be .
  7. I played yesterday and now Jason players are mainly picking Packanack and Crystal Lake ?????. Jason’s are telling councilor players to shut up and put on hyperchondriac and get over it. so now I have to sacrifice my stamina recharge for a health spray because the devs screwed up....again... this is what it took for y’all to finally consistently get 8/8. -Jason walk and run speed increase -this is the SECOND time they have reduced health sprays -weapon spawn reduction -added knives to ALL Jason’s at start up -silent footsteps in stalk mode -councilors scream when Jason is in their vicinity which gives Jason a clue as to wear you are -stalk distorts screen to confuse councilors -Jason doesn’t make much noise anymore while laying his traps -fixed window smashing because the other way took too long ??? -Jason now cant be hit through doors (deal with it) ALL OF THIS had to be done so you can finally beat your friends in your private matches “Jason’s still too weak” Nah ,you still too suck...
  8. It’s not the councilors that people are really be bitching about...it’s the skilled players who have been playing long enough to evade even the top tier Jason’s not plus we’ve played long enough to acquire epic and legendary perks... its because use of the good councilors that’s Jason mains are always calling for some type of nerf. its doesnt matter how much the nerfe the councilors the typical rebuttal will generally be..”Well Jason is supposed to feel over powered “ Never forget there is thread on this site where these assholes are calling for Councilors to not be able to regain stam after a hit .The butthurt is real. “BUFF JASON PLZ” uhhhh they have -no more hitting Jason’s through doors -they start ALL Jason’s off with knives now -stalk mode now distorts the screen which confuses the councilor -YOU CANT HEAR JASON LAY TRAPS MOST OF THE TIME.watch your step out of windows -you can’t hear his footsteps in stalk mode -they took away a lot of the bats in the game two or 3 updates ago -thick skin was nerfed big time -they had also overall minimizes the health sprays before . -if you’re At the front of the house you can’t hear Jason break down the back door for some reason ...but we can hear a councilor die on the other side of the map but okay whatever. -THEY MADE JASONS SPEED FASTER. All of those buffs and a lot of you still want Jason to be buffed lmao...it matters little now seeing that the game hasn’t about 4 to 6 months left and regardless of all the buffs ..good players like myself win. its not Jason....it’s not the game...people just be need to learn how to play ..
  9. I’ve never played a multiplayer game so much in my life ..I’m 33 and i own GTA and I’m an crazy Mortal Kombat fan..CRAZY....the hours I put into this game learning how to beat Jason players has been fun. When this game released last year my family and I went on a vacation and I brought this game with me so I could unlock all of the outfits ...lol which I did . Thank you guys so much for this game that I have been so passionate about ...It’s been part of my daily life to the point of me sitting on forums arguing with people I don’t know about video game mechanics..It’s been amazing and I’m honestly kinda sad over this...I’ve never had anything like this happen to me with a video game that i’ve Liked so much . Thanks for the experience and I hope 1 dev can read this message to help them realize how much this game meant to a lot of us .
  10. We aren’t getting anything new...DO YOU GUYS NOT UNDERSTANT that we just read a farewell message .We aren’t even getting new councilor outfits and they are already in the challenge modes .
  11. IM ABOUT TO START DOING THIS NOW!!!!!!!!!OMG PRICELESS!!!!THANK YOU OP!!!!! Also heres another tip guys....PLACE THE TRAP IN FRONT OF THE DOOR...NOT behind it....That way the big dead retard has no choice but to step in the trap ?. THEY GET SOOOO PISSED. This lets you run to another house when he steps in that trap and then run back to it later if he refuses to go ahead and break the door down...Also if he rages through it...smack him and go to the next house that has a trap in from of the door!!! So many people are still putting traps BEHIND DOORS WHEN JASON JUST SHIFTS OVER IT!!!!!
  12. You arent going to believe me...but im 100% not bsing you AND IM NOT SAYING YOU ARE A LIAR.In my experience.. i use Tiffany and Jenny and 7 times out of 10 im the last person to survive.I dont see these great Vanessa players(I play in Quick-play).Which brings me to my point.....You guys want her nerfed but shes only a pain in TOP TIER players hands...Unlike Jason who at a skill level of 30 can decimate an entire lobby of players more familiar with the game. I personally dont like Vanessa...not a fan of the character model or build..way too loud.
  13. If youre a dev and youre reading this BS....PLEASE IGNORE THE HELL OUT OF THE ORIGINAL POST Casuals play this game in quick play and casual jasons still get 6/8 councilors...The people who are complaining.Want 1 more jason buff so they can get 8/8 nearly 100% of the time in quick play AND they want to be dominant in public lobbies with their friends. Notice that most of these " SUGGESTIONS" come from the fact that they had one more character to kill and they just could not do it.BUT IF YOU GUYS would give Jason one more buff or nerf that will be all they need to get 8/8. I wish i could show you how many times i directly have hit jason and my bat vanishes through him and i get insta killed...I dont talk about it much because...pfff it is what it is.It doesnt happen that much..I take a risk by swingin at a freaken undead beast...sometimes the hit lands...sometimes it doesnt. PLEASE ADD MORE CONTENT ! WE WILL GLADLY PAY FOR IT.THIS GAME IS BALANCED FINE .
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