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  1. Patch Notes - 02.06.18

    Soooo Jason can grab me when I’m existing the climbing animation now?Lmao they keep making it easier for you guys ..I heard y’all want stalk at the beggining of the game as well...Learn how to play and quit crying about Jason not being powerful enough .
  2. Patch Notes - 10.25.2017

    Yea I prefer to be Tiffany and escape .I do suck as Jason to be honest . But I don't want this game to die out.His grab is nerfed.That needed to be fixed.Good players will adjust and learn to hack more instead of grab.Maybe if they s dont fix the stacking Jason player will work around it..The good ones anyway .
  3. Patch Notes - 10.25.2017

    Guys ....As much as I HAAAAATE Jason players and I love trolling conceited Jasons....It's been so easy.We need to give the poor handicapped killer his trap stacking ability back.. The MAIN THING that needed to get FIXED was his grab radius and distance and they fixed it.Give this man his trap stacking back and NOTHING ELSE NEEDS TO CHANGE.Everyone needs to learn how to play their game .
  4. Stun time is low...also I can shift out of stun
  5. The thick skin not working is a bug, along with Jason only being stunned for 3 seconds .The luck is broken. Jason has and always will have the upper hand and that's the way it should be.Hell he even has more of an upper hand when 2 out of 8 councilors have a mic WHICH IS MOST OF THE TIME.They fixed jason's swing on windows ,They let you combat hit the door which lets you knock it down faster and now stalk mode blurs the screen for a bit. Hell they even reduced the amount of pocket knives from the first build that we all had .How much more help do you need as Jason before being a councilor is obsolete .
  6. Dancing Emotes

    Yea can't wait sit till they fix that bullshit...Jason has been having a field day ..Plus thick skin isn't working .Can't wait till they fix this
  7. Dancing Emotes

    I can't wait to dance on Jason's stunned body and troll him some more .I've noticed a lot of Jasons don't talk as much crap as they used to now that so many people have got the hang of things
  8. This is just a person who prefers Jason who is happy about the broken thick skin perk lol .he wants bats to only have one hit until they break lol .At least the OP was balanced about what was wrong
  9. Jason can't shift grab anymore and there is SOOOOOO much salt lol it's great .But hey ..at least you guys can swing at doors in combat stance now.
  10. This is already fixed.It is said in pre patch notes that Jason will be able to damage multiple ppl with his swings .No more Jason rape .
  11. More reaction, More screaming

    I came here to read the original post knowing that I was going to see exactly what you said....everyone who has a kind of twisted mindset always wants to hear character crawl and beg for their lives.In the mortal kombat community before the game releases there is always a couple of people wanting to see characters crawl away and beg for their lives right before they piss themselves and then die .Your councilor screams "PLEASE NOOOO" when Jason is right behind them...is that not enough for you?
  12. Single player news + DLC roadmap

    You're not getting a spacemap anytime soon
  13. Blonde Flirty Girl

    Basically by looking at the 1/10 stealth she's Tiffany's loud friend lol. But at least she could fix stuff ...I know lots of people will love that type of skill set and I think we will be getting a character like that soon
  14. I prefer to play councilor and I'm not trying to be rude but if I had one more slot or a skill tree in which I could get slightly better then It would get to the point where my Tiffany would scare Jason lol . I have the best thick skin perk you can have .Extra stamina ,AND a quick stamina recharge rate ...WITH TIFFANY...Jason has hard enough time catching and killing me now ..Let's not make it too much harder on him.Lol i admire this idea but it's just not fair.Especially if I'm playing with other skilled councilors .God help him.