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  1. well not exactly because sean didn't actually appeal he just motion for appeal which means theres still a possibility for a deal between the two it will probably happen because they want to make more movies but it will be to late for game though when whenever deal will be made
  2. no just go watch slash and cast second interview with Larry Zerner he explains why its unlikely to happen
  3. the sound sync has been messed up for awhile with bots
  4. chefs knife stab graveyard fence and pig splitter cut leg and head off
  5. do you where he stabs strieght into top of head
  6. pioneer67fkd

    This game is painfully awful

    you suck Jason is nowhere near overpowered
  7. roy is the easiest to stun i stuns everytime i hit him or get hit when using him even when blocking
  8. paranoia was shelved at the beginning of the year and the wheelchair counselor was impossible the way the game works and how many more ways escape are plausible now the maps thing sucks but we do have 8 currently that isn't terrible
  9. they can't give us new content if they could they would
  10. everyone thought it would be settled prior to termination point in June but obviously was not
  11. two of those games have been in the works for more than a year a company can work on multiple projects at once now it looks bleak but if the dust settles soon ya never know