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  1. someone else suggested this but it might be everytime you unlock a jason you unlock the wepon as well
  2. I hope this comes sooner then april
  3. Make Jason tougher.

    He's jason that' the way it should be but I do say 30 seconds is more viable 5 seconds is what it is now
  4. Confirmed/Unconfirmed DLC

    Mark is not confirmed just wheel chair kill is
  5. Make Jason tougher.

    1 minute is fine the purpose of game is run escape not beat on Jason a 1 minute gap is perfect
  6. because i think the jason system currently in place is fine
  7. jason does not need perks plain and simple
  8. Make Jason tougher.

    I agree there should be 1 minute or 30 second gaps between each stun to eliminate chain stun
  9. Daytime maps

    ok like I said there will probably be daytime map for sp challenges it could never work in multiplayer
  10. Daytime maps

    this will never happen in mutiplayer but possible for sp challenges
  11. his play style is attack early and often really just place phone trap then start attacking that's the best way to be successful with p7
  12. you do know the engine update is only a step towards dedicated severs and the severs are not coming with engine update atleast that's the way it was explained
  13. Best Screenshots

    heres a creepy one of part 4
  14. the map overall has a darker tone more trees and bushes then we do at current higgins haven
  15. face the facts non backers are never getting savini jason