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  1. Update Status & First Look: Engine Update

    no they don't one the room counselors have to run is great and you really don't have to run unless he's basically right behind so most times you're not running full speed to lose stam plus main houses on maps are easy to lose him in and im not talking small maps only original 3 big ones small maps are for scrub counselors
  2. Update Status & First Look: Engine Update

    if you're a good jason its much easier on original 3 than jarvis and pinehurst smaller space benefits jason not counselors
  3. Update Status & First Look: Engine Update

    you're a bad counselor if you can't survive on those two the space alone is a plus for counselors
  4. Really it's coming give them some dam time sheesh
  5. First look at the new Michael Myers mask!

    its hard to track something that only happens every so often
  6. First look at the new Michael Myers mask!

    no because its rare but there have been people shot multiple times and survived to tell about it
  7. First look at the new Michael Myers mask!

    you can survive being shot multiple times its happened more than once in real life
  8. if the host blue screens it says connection timed out to other players in lobby so when host quit it says host quit
  9. you do know host migration takes longer to add and dalays game for long periods of time its not the answer just be patient
  10. host migration sucks go back to cod dedicated servers are better
  11. F13 game accounts?

    its not a bad idea but the data is stored by platforms owner not gun illfonic i beleve
  12. Why Do You Play?

    fan of films and being able to be a part of that world