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  1. part 2 on is a adaptation of the character he had a hand in creating
  2. miller would get adult Jason as well because its an adaptation of his original character in the states anyway
  3. it didn't affect the game till now and in october case preceding looked like it was only going to affect movie rights
  4. exploit plain and simple
  5. pioneer67fkd

    Jason trap exploit

    sorry red i disagree the phone must be trapped its really the only thing traps are useful for
  6. vanessa easy to beat turn power out to make stamina boost non factor plus when powers out she stumbles almost as much as chad
  7. Part 4 needs no adjustment
  8. -stun and defense are worst weakness to have part 5 has both and plus stalk is useless
  9. I absolutely love the new lighting
  10. the update is fine i have played alot since yesterday im not seeing aton of bugs
  11. pioneer67fkd

    New update ruined the Game

    thats a small thing
  12. pioneer67fkd

    New update ruined the Game

    also jason swinging lower is great