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  1. the only ones who said he was invincible was the criers Jason is still more of a challenge than previous patchs and its most likely inexperienced to terrible Jason players being killed
  2. atleast give Jason the option to remove broken one and use remaining traps on same spot
  3. that's the point if you can't get out pre rage you should die
  4. Jason not that OP do i think counselors need a nerf no not really
  5. OP you're probably a terrible player if the no stun when rage hits affects you that much i have played a tun more than i have in while after this patch and the balance is fine if you actually work as a unit to get objectives done the only times i haven't survived was when i was the only one doing objectives so quit wining the game is fine
  6. ain't no one doing that and this is the best patch in long time but You're probably one of the dancers thats why you hate it
  7. what do you mean it doesn't help Jason early the counselors have to move now they just can't sit around for twenty minutes anymore
  8. you must be an awful counselor then had no issues surviving last night
  9. pioneer67fkd

    The 1/29/2019 Patch

    fun again love it
  10. pioneer67fkd

    Killing Jason Now

    i tried to with the people i usually play with got same results as you but this player said they had a successful attempt don't know
  11. pioneer67fkd

    Killing Jason Now

    you can certainly still kill him ran into a player who said he got a kill but im glad killing him will be almost impossible makes it fun again as counselor and Jason
  12. well not exactly because sean didn't actually appeal he just motion for appeal which means theres still a possibility for a deal between the two it will probably happen because they want to make more movies but it will be to late for game though when whenever deal will be made
  13. no just go watch slash and cast second interview with Larry Zerner he explains why its unlikely to happen
  14. the sound sync has been messed up for awhile with bots
  15. chefs knife stab graveyard fence and pig splitter cut leg and head off