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  1. Ghostie_youtube

    Ps4: what's with all the kids?

    And with the new bikini's we will see a ton more kids
  2. Ghostie_youtube

    Strange but funny glitch

    Later jason tried to grab him but could not even attack him
  3. Ghostie_youtube

    Sup, How's the new patch?

    Cant believe i gotta pay for some clothes i thought they said the dlcs were gonna be free due to the high price for game in need of patches
  4. wolfs or deers they could show up on sense too to confuse jason
  5. Ghostie_youtube

    The update

    Thanks worked
  6. just had to chase tommy around a cabin for 5 mins he used a broken window like 5 times...
  7. Just updated the game for xbox ,now i cant use quick play or private match?
  8. Ghostie_youtube


    aint you a barrel of laughs
  9. Ghostie_youtube

    Pic of yourself.

    Saw this glitch other week he spent whole game like it
  10. Ghostie_youtube

    Pic of yourself.

  11. Ghostie_youtube


    why would anyone go afk to get xp you hardly get any even if you survive , like i said if i left the game everyone would be sent back to the menue's so i left it playing for them, i think this has happened twice in 100 plus games and i was back in under ten mins
  12. Ghostie_youtube

    Pic of yourself.

    Oh thanks man