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  1. At the moment I'm 50/50. I'm not a very good player but I seem to be quite lucky and never seem to spawn in the danger area much and also it is a bit easier to survive since the last patch, I'd rather I only survived 1 in 10 times.
  2. It might have been, I can't remember the name now through the red haze of madness after yet another pocket knife lol, I got outclassed completely. The other counsellors practically lined up to die, maybe giving me pity kills!
  3. I have to admit I do play more like a douche when I get Chad as my random character, I think there's a little Chad in all of us waiting to get out.
  4. Yeah, it was my own fault, just saw red and went on the chase, I should have realised she was leading me a certain way on purpose and morphed ahead of her instead!
  5. I think my biggest nightmare when playing as Jason has to be this one Vanessa player, I got lucky and took everyone else fairly quickly but spent 12 minutes chasing this one and failed. I think she must have gathered every object from every cabin and stored it in the path she was planning to go. 4 Pen Knives, 2 fire crackers, 2 first aid sprays and 2 flare guns later and she got away. Part of me was raging, the other part applauded the effort it must have took to set that lot up!
  6. I do hate the rage quitters, even if I die early on I stay to the end, gives me XP and time to make a brew or take down some Doritos! Having played on both PS4 and PC this happens way more on PC, every time I've played as Jason on PC at least 2 people have quit out before I can kill them each time, I only seem to have had one on PS4 and usually around 6 players stay in the lobby for the next match.
  7. I'm not a very good Jason to be honest and usually only get half, though I occasionally get a full wipe out when people see I'm a naff Jason and get too cocky! I think playing Counsellor is definitely more fun though, being Jason can be stressful!
  8. Thanks Damon Having a lot of fun with the game, PS4 seems more social so enjoying it more than I was on PC. Will probably use the PC for single player when that comes out so I can be do my killing in 4K!
  9. Yeah the hiding spot giveaway people are definitely irritating, though I think I have had a couple of Jason players who also hate those people, they've missed out on an easy kill of getting me and gone straight after the Vanessa instead.
  10. Thanks guys
  11. Steam ; OohNavySeals PS4: OohNavySeals
  12. People who team with Jason and after you die you either lose the XP or have to watch them constantly run around Jason while he lets them hit him and keeps letting them escape so they can build their XP.
  13. Hi all, new player here, had the game for a couple of weeks and long time fan of the films! I have it on Steam (for the 4k graphics) and on PSN (for some people who actually speak) Both my SteamID and PSN ID is OohNavySeals if anyone wants to add me for a game at some point.