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  1. I am not a high level and I do this often, just as a courtesy. Okay, so let's recap. Option 1: If one or more counselors have escaped and there is only one remaining at the camp and the round timer is more than 5 mins, then it is assumed that the survivors contacted the authorities and the police countdown begins. As a reminder, this is not automatic, Jason goes into rage mode (if he hasn't already) and still has 5 mins to find the remaining counselor. Option 2: Regardless of any escapees, when there is only one player left, they are shown on the map where important repair items are; this is done in order to entice the lone player to attempt an escape. Option 3: The lone player gets some sort of adrenaline boost which could help them defeat Jason in a fashion related to one of the films. None of these options, in my opinion, guarantees an easy victory, however, it could help eliminate current issues such as players dropping immediately after they've been killed, as this would help to not only push the pace/action but also limit the wait time for a restart.
  2. True, and hiding is a legit strategy. However, I would stipulate that if the remaining game time is less than the time it would take for the police to arrive then the police are not activated. However, if the inverse were to happen and at least one camp counselor has escaped then the police countdown begins. This way it cuts down the wait time for a game restart without completely negating the hiding strategy.
  3. Perhaps if there were some stipulations to the cops being called. For example, if at least one counselor successfully escapes then if there is one survivor left the police countdown pops up. This would suggest that the counselor escaped and contacted authorities, thus fulfilling a sound narrative. Another idea could be to reveal the location of necessary repair items on the map to the final counselor in hopes of enticing them to attempt some sort of repair. To Betsy Palmer: if you do live close by we probably have a good ping to one another, I tend to try to host games and if you message me your PS4 ID I'll be sure to invite you next time I am on.
  4. Sometimes you get a very effective Jason who kills everyone but one lone player. The now deceased spectators must endure a sometimes very long wait, till Jason either finds or the clock runs out. If you are the last one alive it's often counter-intuitive to attempt to fix anything as a means of escape, thus hiding in the woods or under a bed, etc. is a better option abet a boring one. To solve this issue of tedium it would be nice to have the cops automatically called and have Jason go directly into rage mode when there is only one player left. This would push the action giving the spectators more of a show which is, after all, what F13 is all about.
  5. Greetings All

    Salute Everyone, I love the game and have some ideas, thus I signed up for an account.