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  1. If you don't know about the issue or have it, please refrain from responding.
  2. Three months later... no reply or response to why this happens!? This is outrageous. You're taking a crap on your most dedicate players. And you ignore all my messages, contacts... I'm fed up and prepared to take aggressive action against the company.
  3. Back to the ELEPHANT in the room... what's the deal with the 100% achievement bug? Are you all fixing it or no?
  4. He is! It just shows how obsessed with the character the poster is... he got offended by something so simple lol
  5. Ever heard of quality assurance? Yeah, this developer has no such thing. Adam is the ugly guy... you're crazy. We need to implement penalties for all the assholes who leave doors wide open, too!
  6. Yeah, and we love this game so much that it sucks that they give you answers like "We're looking into this; stay tuned."
  7. Had potential, but they've ruined Jason, especially Part 6 and Savini, to where they have little advantage now.
  8. So I bought a physical copy for XBOX One in October and have NOT been able to play it at all, because of the 100% achievement bug. Now that I know this is a THING, how do I get my money back?
  9. Dedicated servers do what you're asking for, so don't worry, they're coming. In the meantime, they need to fix the COMPLETELY broken version for the XBOX One.
  10. I couldn't agree more! And they're moving resources and developers to a new project? I hope their next game bombs.
  11. Bingo. I actually trashed my XBOX because of it. Seriously, buy a PS4 or play on PC at this point anyhow. They put no effort into the XBOX version, and Microsoft sucks ass this generation.
  12. Did you, like me, make dozens of phone calls to Microsoft and then send dozens of messages to Illfonic, getting blank stares from both as to why you game suddenly doesn't work?
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