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  1. Unfortunately, that can't happen until all this crap is over with. Which could take years. I hope the new Halloween's success convinces them to hurry this along.
  2. MichaelMemers

    The Jason Files

    While Medic is definitely the most powerful perk, I don't consider it overpowered now because it seems they removed the majority of the medsprays from the game a few months ago. I never find a medspray in a bathroom anymore. Guaranteed medsprays that were always there and never there now. I used to find 2-3 medsprays every match and now I'm lucky if I find one, so I don't consider Medic to be overpowered anymore because half the time it doesn't even work.
  3. MichaelMemers

    do you think Last Year: the Nightmare will kill F13?

    Last Year is launching first on the Discord Store and only coming to Steam later. That may end up hurting it quite a bit. It's not going to "kill" F13 though, because Dead by Daylight already did that. F13 is already pretty much dead on PC, and Last Year isn't going to threaten the console versions of F13 because it won't come to consoles for some time.
  4. The actual translation would be, "This game is in maintenance mode and there's no reason for our dev team to work on it anymore, so we outsourced it some even smaller nobodies."
  5. I'll definitely be giving the game a try for the first time since four days after the big, final update. The game may not have much of a future but if it finally works for once then I can still enjoy what is left.
  6. Playercount doesn't seem to have increased at all despite the patch. Previously the playerbase would have doubled. My guess is that this time everyone has uninstalled the game, don't know there's an update and don't care.
  7. MichaelMemers

    This can't be a coincidence..

    No, DbD is mediocre. F13 is borderline unplayable.
  8. MichaelMemers

    This can't be a coincidence..

    DbD works. No game breaking bugs. Bugs get fixed quickly. Meaningful progression system. And while the core gameplay is more restricted and arcadey, it's also more polished and feels like a game worthy of release. F13 has felt like a very early Early Access game at all times and is actually worse now than it was half a year ago. I preferred the core gameplay of F13 as well, and all the things you could do, in spite of how clunky it was, but people are going to choose the game that actually works. Oh, and that game is sold at half the price too.
  9. MichaelMemers

    Where are the patches!?

    They've probably gutted/reallocated most of the dev team by now, since the game is dead and has no future and little opportunity for monetization. The patches are not only awful, often making the game worse, but they take just as long as content updates used to.
  10. MichaelMemers

    The future of the game

    Just how much crap did I miss out on? I haven't played since May 28th, right after the big update but before any of the hotfixes which I've heard nightmarish tales of. Is the state of the game even worse than I had feared?
  11. MichaelMemers

    The future of the game

    They could have. All they had to do was not completely screw up the big May update, and not completely screw up the so-called hotfixes in the following months. If the game was actually getting better then there would still be a future for it even with no additional content being added.
  12. MichaelMemers

    The future of the game

    The game is already dead on PC, struggling to reach 400 players worldwide at peak hours. Which isn't surprising. It's been almost three months since the disastrous engine upgrade that was supposed to get the game back on track, and yet we're still waiting for one broken "hotfix" per month despite all future content being cancelled.
  13. MichaelMemers

    Is Part 9 Jason too weak?

    Having a shorter cooldown on shift is the biggest strength in the game. It essentially dictates how often you can take action, especially as a version of Jason that can't run.
  14. Has this still really not been fixed? I guess I made the right decision to drop the game a few days after the engine upgrade.
  15. It's been two months since the engine update and as far as I'm aware the game is still plagued by huge, "new" bugs. I don't think we'll ever see stability.