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  1. Skull Objectives & Emote Unlocks

    Crotch grab? Lewd.
  2. Update Status & First Look: Engine Update

    He didn't say many weeks. Just, "At least weeks away". This could mean an early May release. It could mean it is months away. Since they've said the update is largely finished and is just in the polishing stage before certification, I'm betting on late May.
  3. These devs have never believed in patching even before all this engine update stuff. We get content updates, and those content updates may also have bug fixes. But there are never small updates meant purely to fix bugs. Probably the only multiplayer game I've ever played to be like this.
  4. The reason it isn't doing well on PC is that it has to compete with DbD which is half the price and superior in the technical sense. The game never had to compete with DbD on consoles because DbD's console ports are half-assed and they launched after F13, instead of being able to dominate and claim the genre for a full year prior like the game managed on PC. The devs also haven't actually been trying to compete with DbD on PC. Still no free weekend almost a year later, when DbD had one two months after releasing to celebrate the first post-launch killer added to the game, and has probably had around 8 free weekends by now.
  5. I agree. They may give us footage of some of this stuff in action, or go into more detail, but I don't think we're getting any more announcements for new content in the next update.
  6. They didn't. I doubt the game is even on their radar. DbD is a PC game, and the console ports are half-assed, outsourced garbage meant to get some extra money. Still not as bad as Payday on consoles!
  7. No, but having more than 500, or hell, 400 players simultaneously worldwide would be pretty nice.
  8. I wouldn't go that far. DbD is the sort of game where major stuff like the trails survivors leave or the sounds they make will not display properly making it difficult to track them. These bugs, when they appear, take months to fix. It should be noted that only bugs that negatively impact killers take forever to fix. If the bug impacts survivors it gets fixed within a few days.
  9. Nah, this just isn't the case. Jason players will usually prioritize repair characters and will only chase Vanessa if she is seriously contributing to objectives, such as repairing and, when interrupted, refusing to leave the area because they obviously want to start repairing again as soon as Jason leaves them. Vanessa isn't any more likely to be targeted than any other character and can often be targeted less. And while any character will need to learn combat and evasion skills, Vanessa's insane speed and stamina means she needs to rely on this stuff far less often. A bad player can be carried much further just by choosing Vanessa. She has no skill floor.
  10. Most Jenny players at this point are using Epic Nerves of Steel and Preparedness to completely eliminate the fear mechanic. Jenny is the only counselor who can do this. And I do mean completely eliminate. You can stand in front of Jason for 20 minutes and Jenny will still have a calm face a clear screen, and normal stamina regeneration.
  11. Stamina is irrelevant in group combat because hitting Jason gives you a massive amount of stamina. All that matters is speed and weapon durability. Also, bats aren't as necessary in group combat, you're often better off with wrenches because of how much more durable they are and the difference in durability from having high luck is much more noticeable than it is with a bat. Vanessa is better for evading Jason while alone, and is well above average at fighting Jason in a group, but she's no where near as good at this as Chad.
  12. Chad is not an opportunist, at least not when it comes to how his stats incentivize play. Chad is the ultimate hero due to his high speed and insane weapon durability. He's best played by players who want to not only fight Jason, but want to fight him in a group, and protect others.
  13. Victoria would have the advantage of being able to use perks like medic, thick skinned, swift attacker and sucker punch since she isn't forced to use 2 of her perk slots to eliminate fear. But she'd still have effectively lower stamina than No Fear Jenny, her main advantages would be the slightly higher speed and being able to use the meta perks.
  14. Victoria is better than Base Jenny at being Base Jenny, but No Fear Jenny may turn out to be superior. At the very least, she'll differ enough to justify play, but only if you have the No Fear build perks.