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  1. Next Update?

    Have they actually acknowledged that they've dramatically increased the number of knives, medsprays and guns rather than just spreading them out more evenly?
  2. I see no reason to believe they'll roll back any of the changes. They nerfed Jason into the ground back in October, heard two months of complaints, and responded by giving counselors their biggest buff ever while not addressing any of the nerfs.
  3. Thanks for this. I tried doing something similar for myself but the last few variations would just never appear for me.
  4. Started off as AJ like most people, moved to Chad, then moved to Adam/Fox because I don't like feeling overpowered when I'm a counselor, I like being able to repair decently fast and I like leaving open the "kill Jason" door. If I don't get that mask off, no one will.
  5. Vendetta Against Savini Jason?

    Pretty sure that "Savini! Let's kill him!" doesn't mean to teamkill the guy with Savini Jason. It means that if the Savini gets picked, they should try to kill him. Because Savini is rare and killing him is an accomplishment. I've never killed a Savini and I've killed all the other Jasons multiple times, I've got dozens upon dozens of kills.
  6. All emotes do is let you taunt Jason. That can be fun, but it's the least meaningful thing you can add to the game. Any other kind of DLC is infinitely better.
  7. Jason Is Made For Beating

    I don't think it matters what the developers read if they cannot relate to what they are reading. It's pretty clear that the devs aren't any good at their own game, that's the case with the vast majority of developers. They spend most of their time playing it amongst themselves during development, creating internal fantasies of how the game will work which ends up not aligning with how people actually play the game once it is out in the wild.
  8. Wouldn't matter much. By the time Jason has rage there are usually only a few people left and their chances of escaping at that point are slim. Most escapes occur midway into the match and several survivors are left behind, doomed. Situations where Jason gets beaten up by an entire group early on are very rare in my experience and they always end with a few people getting killed because their weapons broke.
  9. I honestly doubt they're even aware of the double edged sword nature of the stat.
  10. That's not what the thread is about. It's about a very common bug where you outright cannot use the sweater. It just won't activate.
  11. Does heavy hitter have any value these days? It will get you a 10-15% stun duration increase at the most, and only with a baseball bat.
  12. Speed is the stat that lets you dodge a shiftgrab, the stat that lets you get inside really quickly when you need to, the stat that lets you transport items quickly to their destination, the stat that lets you dodge Jason's attacks and grabs and fight him more competently. It's one of the most important stats in the game.
  13. It's not just about the difficulty increase that comes with constantly getting cockblocked by knives. The problem is that you have to catch everyone multiple times. Everyone gets at least one get out of jail free card. It's not fun knowing that the first or even second time I catch someone isn't even going to count.
  14. We've been suffering from the forcefield since August.
  15. I don't usually find that many, but now I'm almost guaranteed to find at least one, which means I can disarm a phone trap if need be. Previously the police would never be called because I'd never find a knife and no one would be willing to spend theirs or tank the trap, even if it is their character's job.