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  1. I hope the lawsuit gets settled sooner rather than later. Miller can't do anything with what he's won, he just wants a settlement, a deal. Cunningham seems unlikely to win any appeal, so he may as well just settle. I guess he's just trying to drag things out to increase his negotiating position. In terms of the game's future, the most we'd possibly see is them adding any almost-finished DLC to the game, and even that is unlikely. They'll probably just end up letting Dead by Daylight have Jason as has been mentioned above.
  2. In the "you're not allowed to fight Jason at all in the second half of the match" world we're in now, there's really no reason to play anyone but Vanessa or Deborah now. The devs have been consistently ruining the core gameplay, they really don't understand how the game works. Just look at the boat noises, or the window change back in August of 2017.
  3. Part 2 Jason excels against uncoordinated groups of strangers, because there are so many traps and so many quick morphs that nobody can get anything done all by themselves. But if people coordinate and push two objectives at once, J2 is in a far worse position than most versions of Jason. All Jasons are at a disadvantage when against coordinated groups, but Part 2 moreso as his map control means nothing against such a group.
  4. Stuff being done? I have not seen this tweet.
  5. I think any proper multiplayer Halloween game would take place mostly indoors. You wouldn't be crossing massive amounts of ground and there would be a lot of narrow chokepoints.
  6. Currently, the strongest evidence that Gun is making or looking to make a Halloween game is that not only has nobody denied the rumours, but Wes Keltner has referenced the rumours non-dismissively without actually explicitly naming the rumours. That's not evidence, but it is the sort of behaviour I'd expect from someone who is working on something but cannot yet announce or comment on it. That said, I'm not sure what Gun would have to offer the rights holders this time. With Friday the 13th, as far as I am aware they were already working on Summer Camp with Illfonic and then Cunningham and Horror, Inc chose them because they already had a game half made which could be converted into a Friday the 13th game. What would Gun have to offer Blumhouse or whoever would own the rights to Halloween? They're a publisher, not a developer. It would seem to me that the rights holders would be better off just going to a major publisher who has their own development teams to spare. Unless of course Gun have been secretly working on Not Halloween: The Game with their F13 money and are looking to convert it again.
  7. Wes is watching the new Halloween tonight, on the date of its release on Blu-ray. Quite the coincidence!
  8. It's probably not even an update. Steam does that sometimes. You could just force the download by going to your downloads section. It will probably be a 0kb update.
  9. Wes Keltner has put out a tweet saying that he was watching Runaway in reference to the Ryan Turek tweet. This is clearly incontrovertible proof that Gun is indeed making a Halloween game.
  10. Do we know that he's "involved" with Turek? He certainly posted a tweet directed at him and the others at Blumhouse, but that doesn't mean anything in and of itself. It could just be a "good job on that Halloween movie, which I enjoyed and which is releasing on Blu-ray soon". Has Wes been caught traveling to Blumhouse offices or something like that?
  11. Whatever this new project is, all he can tell us is that it is a horror game and won't be a phone game. The idea that the "potential" for the project is growing suggests the game may not even be greenlit yet, so I wouldn't expect much in the way of hints any time soon. Personally I don't think it's a Halloween game. I think it's another game like Layers of Fear. Some indie dev approached or was approached by Gun Media and they're hammering out the details on how Gun is going to publish their new horror game.
  12. The Slash N' Cast video actually doesn't bring up the tweet mentioning Hodder and Todd. It only mentions the tweet in which Wes tweets a .gif at Blumhouse people, and then another tweet in which Wes says that potential for a new project is growing stronger, and that it's a horror game. I personally doubt those two tweets are connected, because they are a few days apart and talks don't happen that quickly. Unless the whole thing was theatre to get people talking, I think they are unrelated. But after reading these tweets again, it seems obvious that the "new project" isn't Layers of Fear 2. They're only being conflated because some guy on Twitter conflated the Todd of Candyman tweet with the "new project" tweet.
  13. Wasn't that game announced a long time ago?
  14. Elm Street isn't currently relevant, so it's a lot less likely. The last movie was a good 9 years ago or so and while I hear they want to make a sequel it clearly isn't getting off the ground anytime soon. If they can't get a movie off the ground, they won't branch off into games. At least with Friday they started the game before the lawsuit crap heated up, and the last movie had come out only a few years prior. Halloween is in a good spot to have a game since it just had a new movie and they're making another one.
  15. I doubt this is actually happening, but I'd be on board if it actually is happening. Whatever problems Friday the 13th may have (I don't even play it anymore, outside of logging in once every few months to play a few matches before going back to Dead by Daylight) I did have a lot of fun with the game and Steam says I have over 670 hours played. I definitely got my money's worth and I'd be open to another game in a similar vein. Until then, there's always Myers in DbD. They did a pretty good job of implementing him into the game all things considered.
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