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  1. At least the console have an option to get the skin. PC is now Kickstarter exclusive. But either way it sucks for everyone with this exclusive bs.
  2. Welll if you have pc version you are out of luck. It is now a Kickstarter exclusive for pc
  3. From my understanding the bloody skin will not be the same. It will be an alternate. And what about the counselor clothing?
  4. The physical and digital version are different skins. Those who ordered a physical version are getting both. Those who ordered the digital version are not getting the physical copy version. We were never told people who ordered physical copies for the pc would be getting exclusive content on Kickstarter.
  5. so they are basically setting up a savini 2.0 situation on ebay. Wish they put in more thought before they did this. Btw people who ordered pc physical copy in kickstarter are still getting a pc physical version and the exclusive content
  6. Yeah I'm pretty pissed about this. I ordered this game back on kickstarter and got two PC digital copies. They said NOTHING about exclusive content for physical copies. If i had known that they were going to add exclusive content, I would have never ordered a digital copy since people who ordered physical copies got free digital copies anyways. They need to correct this since there will be no physical copy available. Allow us to buy the bloody skin and counselor clothes for PC. Yeah, the digital copy will get a bloody skin but its not the same skin.
  7. if I had known they were going to add skins and clothes to the physical Copy I would have ordered one on Kickstarter. I hope they give us an option to get them on steam.