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  1. deleteduser13001

    Attacking others is NOT cool!

    Alright, I'll try that suggestion since I can't expect any recourse from the devs or this forum. Lame.
  2. deleteduser13001

    Jason's Grasp

    I tried to escape with AJ, Jenny and Adam. It never worked. Unless they change the balance of the grab, its pointless to mash the escape button. If they changed it to say; you have to press a 3 button combo to escape on first grab that would be fair. Second grab it goes way faster, third grab that's it! I understand that Jason is supposed to be super strong but even in the movies he did have shortfalls. As for the range it's ridiculous. If they addressed these two issues, the game will feel more balanced. At least that's how I look at it.
  3. I think this game is for sadists. It gives you a false sense of hope of winning but you rarely do. If Jason's abilities were recharged by kills that would make things more fair. At least thats how I feel.
  4. deleteduser13001

    Jason's Grasp

    Alright I'll give that a try if I can find a lobby. I wish the game would give me different perks. For some reason it seems to give me ones I didn't want and sell.
  5. deleteduser13001

    Jason's Grasp

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. Composure stats are useless. There is no way to break free without the pocket knife, and they are more difficult to find then gold.
  6. deleteduser13001

    Attacking others is NOT cool!

    I found a griefer on PS4 if you see him, beware because even if you try to point out useful things like a gas can he'll attack for no reason. I'm going to try and submit a report with PS4. People like this need to know they're not welcome online. I've run into more griefers as I'm sure you have. Unfortunately PS4 does not have a way to avoid/report players for unsporting behavior like how Xbox 360 used to. Should we make a post that serves as a Wall of Shame? That way we can let good players know who these douchebags are and to avoid or deal with?
  7. deleteduser13001

    Attacking others is NOT cool!

    I literally died because of betrayal at the police line because some douchebag shot me with the shotgun for no reason! I was laying down sprays and my bat since I have no use for them. Plus I was the one who called the damn cops in the first place! WTF?! I wish they would ban them outright or drop them all the way back to beginning rank for that. I bet they'd stop deliberately team killing people if there were severe penalties.
  8. I think I managed a fix. What I did was assign the perk in question to another counselor. Play as the new counselor for a match which had the perk. This managed to get it working. Then when I went back to the first counselor with the perk that wasn't working before, it would finally work. This is what worked for me, hopefully it will work for you without any hiccups; especially with what happened with HodderFodder....damn!
  9. For some reason it still won't work for me even when I tried your suggestions. Is it because I'm using a PS4 or something else? Do anybody have any suggestions?
  10. Was really hoping that Part IV, V and Uber Jason made it. Here's to hoping that they can add them later after the game is released. I'd pay for that DLC.