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  1. I asked that before, but got no real answer about it. They patched it out for some reason. They should've left it like it was. Chad's "Ohhh!" was funny and weird at the same time.
  2. Where is everybody from...

    Sacramento, CA.
  3. "Don't go bitching in all these other threads that other people posted! Come bitch in this thread! That I posted!" The ego on some people.
  4. Like Ralph said, I gotta warn ya, yer doomed if ya stay in quick play. Go. Go!
  5. Scream Queens F13

    What I said was more in reference to the way some people were talking in the thread. There's been all-female groups for this game since the beginning. Nothing new, no big deal.
  6. Scream Queens F13

    Here we go. Friday the 13th goes SJW.
  7. Bot Mitch

    Bot Mitch, or "Bitch" if you will.
  8. Letting female players live

    Yeah, this would be them.
  9. The first non-white counselors in this series didn't die: the black dude and Asian girl in part 2. They were smart and stayed out drinking with Ted.
  10. Game Problem, Need Help!!!!!

    They need to make it so you can save offline after you get your level and unlocks and cp and everything from their servers the first time. It's totally stupid you have to be online to play offline mode and have and save what you unlocked. You have to have Xbox live gold too. Bots are basically just online single player at the moment.
  11. I hear a weird sound like a spray paint can hitting the ground when I grab a counselor bot on Xbox One. Sometimes it makes that noise when I exit the kill animation screen too.
  12. Will Pamela ever be playable?

    She should spawn near the exits or the graveyard. On the Crystal Lake map, I would like to see her spawn in front of the yellow Camp Crystal Lake sign. But they wouldn't do that special just for that map. "They shouldn't be here, mommy. Kill them like they did meeeeeee!"
  13. Offline bot mode

    The bots do retarded stuff, which is the reason they didn't want to try to make a Jason bot, I believe. I think people would put up with Jason doing stupid stuff too if they could play offline with counselors and have it be at least somewhat entertaining.
  14. Jason should have a kill where he holds out his hand and the counselors lean forward and choke themselves like on Full Metal Jacket. "Goddamn it! With my hand, numbnuts!"