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  1. He's Killing Me

    Why don't you people ready up?

    Sometimes it's fun to click ready, especially if everyone else is doing it. You can get a pretty good drumroll going.
  2. He's Killing Me

    Hey guys.

    Exactly. It's like people are fishing for "please don't go" comments. If people aren't satisfied with a forum to this extent, just leave without saying anything. Then you won't look like a liar when you come back, which they almost always do.
  3. He's Killing Me

    Soggy butt girl?

    The one of Jason 2 popping out Chad's (I think?) eyeballs is gone too. It only seems to show the inside of cabins. Tommy's intro dialogue is gone also. I'm glad "I gotta get outta here" is gone, but they should've left in "I dug up his body. He's even more powerful now" or whatever else he said.
  4. Yeah, usually right before it loses connection to host. I can't interact with anything.
  5. There was animal sounds before, but I haven't heard them in awhile. Are they even still in the game?
  6. He's Killing Me


    I play by the numbers as Jason, trapping first and killing next. As a counselor, no matter who I play, I seem to mostly be the only one who wants to fix anything. I also play really kamikaze and dumb a lot of times, fighting Jason too much and getting killed early and coming back as Tommy and fixing what I was trying to when Jason killed me.
  7. Combat by far. The biggest issue for me is the ability to better fight off groups of counselors.
  8. He's Killing Me

    Is it just my imagination, or...

    I've been using Chad a lot lately and when I run from Jason, using the running man emote to run in place until he catches up and if he tries to grab me and misses, hit him. Chad's good because of longer lasting weapons.
  9. This is the best movie game I've ever played. The best compliment you could pay this game is it feels like you are starring in your own Friday the 13th. The atmosphere, the music, everything. When you have good actors playing it with you and the set and props function properly, it's all the better.
  10. He's Killing Me

    Is it just my imagination, or...

    I go against the grain and use Buggzy like Tommy, like he should be used, to protect people and beat on Jason.
  11. He's Killing Me

    Client Side Save Patch for Consoles??

    After the walloping I took after a few online quick play rounds as Jason recently, I only play Jason with bots. Online is for counselor play for me.
  12. He's Killing Me

    What the....

    Did you scream and say "This can't be happening?"
  13. As you may have noticed, a lot of people who post here have various mental issues and very obsessive personalities. Doesn't surprise me really.
  14. He's Killing Me

    Happy Birthday Jason!

    No chain-stunning Jason on his birthday. All-day dance parties in Packanack Lodge by the radio.
  15. What's a lawsuit?