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  1. Take this well-earned ownage trophy. Good job. Love reading good teamer comeuppance stories like this.👍
  2. As a counselor I've seen people do this at Higgins and Pinehurst. I just climb through the window and steal their car.
  3. It should be aan achievement to kill the sweater girl. Call it "Reverse Psychology" or something because taking the sweater made Jason want to kill you more.
  4. As a Jason player, which I almost never am, it would be Vanessa hands down. But as a counselor player, it would obviously be the most useless, Shelly.
  5. It seems to be the thing nowadays, to say a game is "dead" or "dying" or call everything "trash."
  6. When hitting Jason, Demon could say "You gonna get it, bitch!"
  7. He could spawn in saying "Ooh baby, ooh baby...uh, wtf is happening??"
  8. "What the fuck is happening??" "I gotta get out of here now!" Those lines didn't make any sense, bit they should've kept in the "This is between me and Jason," or the "He's even more powerful now" lines.
  9. Composure 5 I'm impatient and moody Speed 6. I'm moderately fast for 6'4" 230lbs. Stamina 6 I have medium stamina but get winded running long distances Strength 9 I lift most heavy stuff with ease and hit hard. Don't know my own strength sometimes. Stealth 9 I've always been very quiet and didn't want to be noticed. I talk in a low tone of voice. Never got along with loudmouths. Repair 7 I can put gas and battery in a car, come on. The fuse wiring might give me some trouble. Luck 3 Never been particularly lucky.
  10. What scumbags. I especially like the Jason trying to play it off like they're not teaming by going by the driver's side window and pushing RT instead of A to grab the driver.
  11. @mike-hanniganBill deserves a higher repair. He was the one who got the generator going. He died doing a repair. Paula doesn't deserve that high of a repair.
  12. The only thing broken is Jason being able to flip cars with throwing knives and knock them around. Kind of takes the viability of a car escape out against Jasons who know about that and abuse it to the fullest.
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