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  1. This is a thread title that can be looped forever. No future content but...no future content but...no future content but...
  2. A Jason has to have good timing to slash, with how good people are at juking. I usually only get slashed when I get hemmed up against a window trying to climb through. If a Jason slashes at me, I know he's not trying to grab because of pocket knives, so I avoid him.
  3. It's simple. Because they want to use their pocket knives and make Jason look stupid. Keep slashing if it works for you. Anyone who gets mad at that has issues.
  4. She probably worked at the diner, seeing as she worked at the camp as a cook when Jason drowned.
  5. Part 4 without a doubt. My favorite Jason, best directed, Tom Savini, best cast and my favorite female, Trish.
  6. If someone has it specifically picked, I'll usually go to another lobby. I've had more teamer experiences on that map than anywhere. I just don't like it anyway.
  7. No it isn't. Tommy has 10 in everything. You must be reeeeeeeaalllly bad at this game.
  8. Part 4 is the worst looking one, which disappointed me because that's my favorite Jason. Shoulders are too wide and square and the ear sticks out too much. Part 6 looks the best to me, with the holstered machete and survival knife. I don't know why people would think that one looks bad.
  9. For some reason we have to reinstall the whole game every time. I still don't know why that is.
  10. Just give me Trish and I'm happy. She's my favorite female character of the series and who wouldn't want a brother/sister Jason killing team?
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