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  1. No one in the lobby told you where he was hiding? Even after the match?
  2. I'd rather Jason roll some heads.
  3. Jason was just channeling Ned. "Wanna see my trick grab? It's even better."
  4. He's very good at the game, but plays almost exclusively with non-English speaking Russians or whatever it seems. I like to hear the salty remarks in English.
  5. The reason why I got this game almost 3 months after it was released is because no single player. I hate having to rely on a fast stable internet connection and other people not being assholes to have fun with a game.
  6. A wide circular swing when you hold down the slash button that would injure or knock crazy brave counselors back would work.
  7. Whos better

    With my vote for Tiffany "I Think We're Alone Now" Cox, it's 50/50. 14 for Chad, 14 for Tiffy.
  8. Is Buggzy underrated?

    He sure wasn't underrated when it was quick play team-killing season.
  9. Paul Holt

    He magically found Jason's shack way out in the woods after being beaten senseless by him just at the opportune moment when Ginny gets slashed in the leg. I guess that would make for a higher luck stat.
  10. I'm surprised Middle Earth: Shadow of War is higher than this. I'm having a lot of fun with it. The Orc captains are a lot more intimidating than Jason right now.
  11. Do you like Tiffany?

    I like her voice acting and character model. My favorite thing about her.
  12. I always thought Kane was shorter. Didn't they sling the camera low in his scenes to make him look taller, especially in part 7?
  13. Also, when watching videos of other people playing the game on YouTube is more interesting than playing the game itself, something's wrong.
  14. Trish of course. With that long blue shirt and alternate jogging attire from earlier in the movie.