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  1. I don't accuse someone of teaming unless I'm reasonably sure. Teamers, especially Chads, usually have the thing of walking right up next to Jason to make it more than obvious. If I see Jason running behind me and deliberately passing up someone right in front of him to come after me, I'll think it's teaming. Opening doors and letting Jason walk right in past them, teaming. Etc. etc. etc. If I see any of those things I will leave. No time for it.
  2. Kill em all indiscriminately like the feral superkiller you are playing. It's the only way they'll learn.
  3. I've watched some of your YouTube vids. The ones where you deal with teamers are pretty good.
  4. I usually use Deborah, but have taken to using Vanessa as an anti-teamer or get away from Jason precaution. I've been doing good repairs with Vanessa.
  5. I don't care if they ever make another Friday the 13th movie. They'll probably just PC, diversify and screw them up anyway. I've got my memories and plenty of them to watch.
  6. Every Jason player needs to learn how get on the roof too and it will be a non-issue.
  7. All Adam all day. Alpha male yet laid back, a rocker, strong, good at repairs.
  8. Take this well-earned ownage trophy. Good job. Love reading good teamer comeuppance stories like this.👍
  9. As a counselor I've seen people do this at Higgins and Pinehurst. I just climb through the window and steal their car.
  10. It should be aan achievement to kill the sweater girl. Call it "Reverse Psychology" or something because taking the sweater made Jason want to kill you more.
  11. As a Jason player, which I almost never am, it would be Vanessa hands down. But as a counselor player, it would obviously be the most useless, Shelly.
  12. It seems to be the thing nowadays, to say a game is "dead" or "dying" or call everything "trash."
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