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  1. Every Final Girl In Movie Order

    Trish is and always has been my favorite by far, the best-looking, best actress, everything. But after the 2008 DVDs and Crystal Lake Memories came out, you can see that Jensen Daggett, who played Rennie in part 8, aged the best of all the actresses of the 8 Paramount ones. Melanie Kinnaman, who played Pam in part 5, aged second best.
  2. Every Final Girl In Movie Order

    One special thing about Chris is she stunned Jason with her butt when she fell from the barn rafter she was hanging from onto Jason's head. One of two to go unarmed melee and stun Jason. Ginny was the other one, when she played a little kickball. They both caught Jason by surprise, but still.
  3. Yeah, RDR 2 was what I've been waiting for the most too. But Assassin's Creed Origins has held my interest for the last couple months, but even that will get boring when you do everything there is to do.
  4. Every Final Girl In Movie Order

    Except Alice. But her and Pamela was more of an even fight.
  5. Every Final Girl In Movie Order

    So I guess Ali distracting Jason didn't help at all. That's the only reason she lived. She was going to die and was cowering on the ground.
  6. All of the bots are Jason helpers, with how easily they lead you right to them.
  7. The final chapter

    It seems some people need to run their epic thick-skinned perk when posting on here.
  8. When I've gone through some old VHS tapes that I've long since taped over, I find the intros and other parts of some of those marathons. The Joe Bob Briggs one on TNT was my favorite. Anything with him is a favorite.
  9. Rage Quit Percentage Revealed!

    That and the host quits are the reason why I haven't played quick play since November and will not until the servers are dealt with and I'm sure it's not happening anymore.
  10. Incorporate Richard Simmons.

    Shelly is close enough.
  11. Emotes need to go

    You could see Trish thinking about that teabag. "*thinking about it...thinking about it.. thinking about it*...I mean, this is Jason fucking Voorhees, I mean when will I ever get this chance aga--AAAHHH!'
  12. Another good band name thread title, like the Jason and the Outhouse Hiders one.
  13. Friday the 13th: The Game - Grab Animation Update

    I like the more realistic momentum. It would be cool if Jason could slam someone into a wall or other object before killing them off of jog and grab momentum.
  14. I always thought it sounded like "Cops are under the staircase. 10-4 is 97." The "10-4 is 97" guy sounds like he just woke up.
  15. Did you get your moneys worth?

    Seeing as I got it free after someone at work gave me a $25 and a $15 Xbox gift cards, hell yeah. Even if I had paid, still hell yeah. It's mainly the toxic waste dump known as quick play that I had any real problems with.