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  1. Well darn....wish i knew that sooner. I had no idea that there were Friday the 13th comic books and I heard in the Jason Lives novelization there was a brief mentioning on how Pam calmed him down and he was sent back to a psychiatric institution for a year, but I didn't know that they had already filled the gap. Even his sister died? Damn.
  2. PS4 - Iluvlamp49 I cannot wait to play with all of you! This is an experience of a lifetime!
  3. As I was watching Friday the 13th part V and part VI simultaneously back to back, I came up with something. Part V leaves the audience with a crazy cliffhanger which we never really see resolved in part VI, seeming it never happened at all. Or did it....? If some of you are not aware, I really do enjoy writing, and I especially love writing fan fiction (not that kinky fan fiction though). I came up with an idea to bridge part V and part VI together and basically bring everyone out of the darkness and piece together all of the information that everyone missed in between the two films. For those of you who don't know (or don't care for part V that much), the ending leaves with Pam walking towards Tommy's room after they kill the imposter Jason. Tommy wakes up from a dream sequence where he kills Pam violently while he is laughing maniacally. After he wakes up, he opens his eyes to see the vision of Jason hovering over him, staring at him. Soon after, the vision disappears, vanishes gradually. Tommy then gets out of is hospital bed, takes out all of the IV's and crap, goes to the drawer next to his bed and pulls out the hockey mask worn by Roy. He hears the footsteps of Pam approaching his hospital room. The next part is where Pam is at the door, hesitating to go in, until she hears a window crash. She immediately enters the room, seeing the shattered window, assuming along with the audience that Tommy had broken out of the hospital and escaped for some reason. And finally, we cut to a picture of Pam and the door behind her closes, where we see Tommy wearing the hockey mask holding a knife looking as if she is going to get killed, but then the screen goes black and the credits roll. When part VI opens with Tommy and Haas driving to the cemetery, as he explains destroying Jason's body will destroy the visions he has, explaining that he still has the visions from part V. However there is no mention of Pam or any of the events that had happened in part V. In my story, I want to give an explanation of how Tommy forgot all that happened to him in part V and maybe shed light on some things. Does Pam live? Does Jason have a body jump ability and has now passed the torch to Tommy Jarvis? Who knows? I want all of your thoughts and opinions on this. Please give me any feedback. Thanks!
  4. 12. Freddy vs Jason 11. Jason X 10. JGTH 9. 2009 Remake 8. Friday the 13th Part III 7. Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood 6. Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan 5. Friday the 13th (1980) 4. Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning 3. Friday the 13th Part II 2. Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives 1. Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter I recently rewatched all of them and came to this conclusion based on re-evaluation of my enjoyment factor on each of the films and how much they meant to me individually.
  5. I loved it. When I first heard about it I got so excited I preordered it right away. I definitely was not disappointed. The one thing i hated was that therapist, he was so annoying XD i hated the part where he asked me what feared me the most and I chose spiders right away (because I'm an arachniphobic). Other than that, it had great elements of story telling and character development. Mike was my favorite because he went from this whiney douchebag into this heroic badass who saves everyone (in my playthrough anyway). I want to play it again and save everybody this time. The replay value is also a strong point I'd like to make about this game too.
  6. One of the most interesting ideas about Jason that I like to discuss about is his ability to "blink", or teleport short distances. It isn't REALLY noticeable until part 8, but you could say Jason got around rather easily, wouldn't you agree? For example, in part 4, how was he able to kill Jimmy downstairs, go outside and on the roof to kill Tina by throwing her out the window, then go back down, inside the house, and sneak around the projection screen and kill Ted in a very short amount of time? We don't really see it since the traveling happens off screen, where as in part 8 the chasing of his victims are witnessed by our own eyes, especially J.J.'s death where she drops the guitar, goes down two flights of stairs with a slow zombie Jason creeping behind her, only to have Jason waiting down there with the guitar to smash her face in. Did Jason absorb some sort of telekinetic powers from Tina back in part 7, or has he always had this ability? Your thoughts? By the way, my favorites of the series: Jason: Tie between Ted White (for live Jason) and Kane Hodder (for zombie jason) Favorite Director: Tom McLoughlin for bringing the elements of old school horror movies to the Friday the 13th series and making it work. Hero/Heroine: I'm always a Jarvis fan, but also I really like Ginny. She's intelligent and she can definitely hold her own. Kill: If I had to narrow it down to one kill in the franchise, it would have to be the heroic death of Sheriff Garris from part 6, not because of it's cool factor or how it was laid out but what it said about his character in the movie. For the entire film we see him paying no mind to Tommy's warning, but when he sees Jason is actually real, cannot be stopped and is targeting his daughter, the one character in the film that he has left to call his family, he makes a great sacrifice to save his daughter from harm and has Jason on the ropes for a bit....until he sits up
  7. PSN: Iluvlamp49 Steam: mattybearuniverse I mostly play Destiny, Diablo 3, and NFS 2015, but I'm going to be SLAMMING Friday the 13th: the Game when it comes out!
  8. Hello! I am a huge Friday the 13th fan, it was the first horror series I was introduced to and lives to be my favorite to this day. I am also a gamer, so combining two of my most favorite things like this new game coming out, is an absolute dream come true. I also do some writing, am a musician, and also love sharing ideas! I would also love to get to know everyone here on the forums and would like to say how much of an honor it is to be among all of you wonderful people(:
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