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  1. My steam profile, guys
  2. @DamonD7 Thanks for the reply! I've been at Twitch for 3 months and looking forward to spend more time streaming Friday the 13th: The Game. I'll submit my steam profile there @NthnButAGoodTime It is very good to join a group and be well received. I'm so used to dealing with haters. Thanks for the reply.
  3. @HorrorMan77 Thank you!
  4. This is the n.1 trick for trolls to spoil the game. Example: In addition to trampling and traps, trolls can disrupt the game standing at the entrance to a windowless room. How can we solve this? Take of body collision? Adding a "push" for players? I think the best solution is add the "push". Have you ever experienced this kind of prank?
  5. I'm : - playing this game on PC and really love the franchise. - also a huge fan of horror and scary movies! - from Brazil, so my english isn't so good, I'm a little rusty. - a Twitch streamer, that plays this game almost everyday. - looking forward to joining this community - respectful to everyone.