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  1. pApA^LeGBa

    The sequel!

    Because no matter how many DLC´s they do, it won´t come back even close as strong as a new game with a new dev/publisher. I don´t know about consoles but on PC it´s like 500 people and lower. With DLC´s, if they are free, you will get back like 2K max. Who will disappear again as soon as they see that people can still troll, abuse, cheat and no one cares about it from the devs side. And then there is ofc the bugs and glitches. Like the roof glitch is back. With a performance like that you could give away the game for free and it would be under 1K soon after that again. I wouldn´t touch a sequel where Gun or Illfonic are involved (No clue about the new guys). And i won´t bother with this anymore no matter how much free dlc´s they push out.
  2. That was actually a little bit challening. Had to highlight the post, who in his right mind posts darkgrey font on a lightgrey background? Anyways: "With dedicated servers we can swap Jason with host migration we can´t" We can. Wich means it is possible. Not that it is going to happen. That would sound something like this "Wich dedicated servers, a remaining player will become Jason if the original Jason player leaves during a match" Welcome to the world of Gun Media where every hope is false hope. Also why do it different to the PC where we had no Jason swap with dedicated servers from release on? That would be a bit weird tbh.
  3. What? Do you actually expect that one of the remaining counselors in the running match becomes Jason? Seriously? How should that even work? Ofc the match will end once Jason leaves. It´s called a win for the counselors including XP. Got any source to back up your claim? Probably not. Why would the promise something like that?. PC has dedicated servers since release and the match ends when jason leaves since then. So not really a surprise...
  4. Amazing. Even now these kind of posts still happens. How many times did they say that this will NEVER happen? Like 1000 times?
  5. @pro5pt0 nevermind, just saw the guy beyond already linked. This forum is horrible btw. once you got a quote in the answer it´s fkn annoying to get it out again. Gun really has to be different everywhere....
  6. There are cheaper ways for that but for the good old times it would be nice for a few rounds tough.
  7. Why would anyone wanna play arcade besides some nostalgia feeling? That shit was expensive. Even compared to gaming PC´s nowadays.
  8. Also take a look here: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/21131-cant-find-a-game-on-xbox1/ Restarting seems to work.
  9. pApA^LeGBa

    is anyone being banned anymore

    Well go to Europe before the Apocalypse starts. Germany alone has so many good beer, that it will last for a long time even during an apocalypse. Also less survivors than in the US due to strict gun laws over here. So even more beer left.
  10. A messed up game is the deal. Bad coding is the deal. Not testing properly before publishing is the deal. Saltmines are a failure. Can´t this be another bug? I thought it tells you when you are put in the saltmines?
  11. pApA^LeGBa

    is anyone being banned anymore

    Meh. Nope. Didn´t want to actually post. Clicked by accident before i could leave the site.
  12. pApA^LeGBa

    is anyone being banned anymore

    heh. Here have a like.
  13. pApA^LeGBa

    is anyone being banned anymore

    Talking of manners, it is rude to assume someone is angry when he isn´t. First thing: I don´t have any anger. Second thing: Who are you again to tell others to leave it be? A mod or a dev? No? Then please do not tell me what to do. Thx. And it is quijote unless you prefer ancient grammar. And it does make sense. The chances of sucess are pretty much the same...
  14. pApA^LeGBa

    is anyone being banned anymore

    yeah it´s hard to argue if bad manners are your only argument.
  15. pApA^LeGBa

    is anyone being banned anymore

    Does anyone even read properly anymore? I do feel strong? Why? because i ask for manners? Like every sane person should do? I am not even slightly upset. I just ask normal manners from other players. Yes that seems like Don Quichote fighting versus windmills, but trust me there is no real passion behind it. More a feel of pity for those who have to show bad manners because they can´t stand out any other way. And like said, i am in bed. Can´t concentrate long enough for movies. So yeah, i might be around here for a while now