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  1. it´s not the ragequitters that are the problem but those are annoying too, some know how to deny kill xp when animation already started. it´s the i am not jason quitters. the ones right at start. and 2 or 3 right at start is a problem. @Truth there are people with an insane amount of jason matches vs a very low amount of counselor matches. jason "mains"
  2. i don´t give a flying fish about old topics. this your biggest issue with the game? double topics? also if it is more than a month old it is considered necroing in 90% of the forums i use and would get closed if you get it out of the grave. (the other 10% are unmoderated and ofc the special snowflake we have here.....)
  3. I "had" to play again. (someone annoyed me in an epic way) what´s the first thing i see in a match? people leaving right at start. 2 in the first match, 3 in the second one. and i am done again with this game. finally do softbans for leaving during live gameplay (aka if you are still in game. dead and escaped people can leave no problem.) and for idling and suiciding at matchstart ofc because this is what people will do if you only punish leaving. follow your own rules gun/illfonic.
  4. how hard can it be

    you try to blame it on steam? nice joke. other games manage to have the notes when the patch releases. strange. how does that come?
  5. 8 months

    lol dude. get real. custom keys are a freaking standard. all my steam games have it. realising without is like releasing in 800x600 only. it´s a freaking joke and i generally don´t touch macros or ini files or anything else in MP games. never.
  6. You can´t. It´s a joke. a pathetic one in 2018. The only game i own on steam where it is not possible. but well, they messed up so bad with roy it doesn´t matter anymore. devs beeing hardcore fans is confirmed a lie.
  7. and no custom keys on PC. pathetic. get your basics right. you know how to do paid dlc´s well. but this? a basic in EVERY game is too hard?
  8. to put patch notes on steam? Maybe you should have a talk with fellow developers about some basics in making games...
  9. Less WEAPONS???

    @lightningbolt the mistake is not reducing weapons and items now. the mistake was to put so many items in the game and making it a jason hunt. i don´t want the jedi force grab back, but these where at least matches with tension back then. heck i´d rather play with jason blocking flares and traps again than the current version with jason as pinata. you wanna beat someone up in a game? try tekken. also i really wouldn´t mind if the "let´s beat up jason" faction would just stop playing tbh. regardless of what that would mean for the playerbase...
  10. Emotes need to go

    if you wanna dance why not use stamina? why not do it in RPG´s`or other games? you wanna dance in horror games? fine. i choose to not help anyone out of a grab who dances in front of jason or as tommy no help at all for dancers. dancers die!
  11. Summer's been over

    @DolemiteI do understand the concept of "half-bad" very good. But hey simply suck. For me they aren´t anywhere near decent. Like said: i do nothing for 2 mins at start and it´s easy peasy lemon squeezy. They don´t even come close to escaping. Mind you again, this is if i do nothing at start. It´s even worse if i start to kill right away... the bots are here in this state because they gave out a deadline and the community got extra salty when it was delayed. imo they wouldn´t have bothered with this bots otherwise and given them more time that they definitly need...
  12. Bugged Steam Achievements.

    badges are bugged also. i have only 4 jason kills so far on the badges. all from when i was spectator when someone killed him. none when i was playing and we killed Jason. the steam one for killing him unlocked last month at my ~20th kill as tommy i would say. didn´t count for the badge tough.
  13. Summer's been over

    did you improve them by yourself? even if i give them 2 mins at start they are not even close to beeing a challenge in any form.
  14. plus you get more free games on steam than a console has overall.
  15. Im back! :)

    got until the "na**i" and "made up rules" part and lost interest. lock pls?