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  1. A Speculation

    And what stops gun from promoting the paranoia jason as new jason? is there anything offical that both new ones are not the paranoia jason?
  2. What perks do you use?

    Medic a lot, swift attacker and sucker punch, marathon, daddy is a cop on deb and lachappa, bugzy sometimes with slugger for fast demasking. Don´t mind people who only will accept what they think is the right way to play. some get actually triggered if you choose to think different or think outside the most effective meta. poor souls who forgot what fun is.
  3. Easy listening. Boat speed. Heavy sleeper. Teamwork. Tinker (at least for me, speeding up the repair doesn´t make it easier. bigger zones for clicks, or less clickzones would make sense for me.), everything sense related as there is sense spam.
  4. making 7v1 impossible with constant leaving. messing up paid dlc kill animations, because they can´t wait to get out of the match. if this isn´t solved, refunds for kill dlc´s are incoming.
  5. have you ever seen that happen? i didn´t. Not even once. i only see people trying to hide from start to the end.
  6. No i avoid this situation if possible and only use windows when i know he is far enough, you can outrun his shift outside (don´t be rickon stark tough) and make sure he is far enough away to use a window. easy peasy lemon squeezy (well often enough at least). but as you can just follow others and copy them, you didn´t even think about that.
  7. They tried

    yes, needs to be off. Get mask off, get tommy then get the sweater together with tommy, having a bat and a machete already. in that order. if you pick up the mask, that person can get inside his shack without Jason getting a warning. Seen it so often that people get the sweater with his mask still on and tommy not in game. sometimes not even called. Usually this person is dead before anything else can happen. Edit: part 8 can be killed with mask on. But it´s not easy iirc from the video i saw. also might be fixed meanwhile.
  8. Too many pocket knives

    sadly this is not true. there is jason mains out there because leaving is not punished in any way. i have seen profiles with 300 hours and 800 jason games.
  9. Too many pocket knives

    not before shift? lol. next thing is you aren´t allowed to use traps before stalk. jeez. some people. it´s my business and only my business how i play jason. if i feel like slashing everyone i will do so. No one should tell anyone else how to play. If it is legit and you don´t like it, then you have a problem with the game itself and maybe should consider your game choice again.
  10. They tried

    the worst thing is when you sit there as a spectator and can´t even talk to them and they totally do it wrong. especially annoying as my badge only counts jason kills when i am a spectator. Also there is so many bugs that can happen in the process. and then things like some time ago happen, running from jason not even realizing we are heading to his shack, having nothing but one bat. no spray or anything. luckily we got outside fast enough again with the axe and the sweater (killing inside the shack was always bugged so far for me, wouldn´t recommend that). communication ftw, even when it was mostly panicking over mic at that moment. (i didn´t even realize he was already demasked) ofc the badge didn´t count that again. meh. i see myself sitting with all achievments and badges one day, but this will still sit there incomplete.
  11. Too many pocket knives

    Uhh, forcing rules that are not intended? people do that? i hope not on steam. this is the worst that can happen to a game, means nothing good if people start making their own rules usually.
  12. You don´t get it. I don give a flying fish about pappus. his videos are 2 months old and he loved to exploit. again, i think people like him are scum and their opinion is worthless to me. I tested open doors. with others. before this topic. it sucks, it will never work in QP because others will close doors, it renders traps useless, and you miss chances to waste jasons time. btw i can´t even remember when i was hit like that trough a window the last time and i played quite a lot the last 2 months. and a knife is really no problem. Not with sprays everywhere, no matter how late in game it is...
  13. gg wp no re. until a video where you or anyone else besides pappus in week old videos, execute that vs Pro´s. That the closed doors work vs every Jason is prooven. Many times. Pappus didn´t play for months his opinions are worthless on the actual state of the game.
  14. @Aaron again. I KNOW THAT WINDOWS CAN DAMAGE. You still need to proove that open doors are the better method. By showing a video of it in action. And the closed doors meta is played all the time and can be found on youtube. from different people. again for you: we knew before this thread that windows can damage you. WE NEED TO SEE YOUR OPEN DOORS IN ACTION. Do you get it now? Windows doing damage doesn´t automatically mean your method is better. Also does running trough a door not refill your stamina unlike using windows does. Closing doors on shifting jasons is pure gambeling. pure luck. not reliable. No proove from the open doors method is a proove it´s not better. thx. gg wp no re. bye.
  15. This way the new players can´t learn how to play Jason. You just make the problem worse, they can´t play Jason as low levels, but will level. Than they are high enough to get Jason and still suck with him. How do you suggest we solve the problem that they will never be able to get good as Jason with your method?