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  1. well, there is enough to be upset in this game. also it´s not fkn rocket sience we are talking here. overall just another annoyance of many? maybe. but if you are pissed about the fkn steam community and it´s toxicity and then go to SP just to waste time with cutscenes it get´s frustrating. and it´s not hard to do. not doing it shows how much you care about your customers. For years people showed their anger about this every time it happened in a game, if you are a dev and haven´t learned your lesson about that, you simply suck or don´t give a fk.
  2. pApA^LeGBa


    it´s already on steam. people ingame talk about it. so yeah. go fk urself.
  3. For putting the salt points where they can be edited with a hex editor. Seriously Illfonic? Are you fkn serious? If anyone needed a proove that they basically don´t give a fk about cheaters/leavers/trolls and griefers, here you go.
  4. pApA^LeGBa

    Starting to look like.....

    KARMA that´s bad news tough.
  5. pApA^LeGBa

    Starting to look like.....

    heh. mine says 2 days 18 hours right now. gotta love my isp on some days. have to sleep anyways, so idgaf
  6. pApA^LeGBa

    Starting to look like.....

    well take your chances and farm double xp with the bots as long as they are still dumb as bread then.
  7. i can agree. 4 vanessas is insta leave. insta tough. no need to be a dick about it and leave during countdown.
  8. Vanessa means easy mode for everyone with a bit of experience in this game. agreed. The worst Vanessa players are those who flame you for not playing her. Or even worse if you play AJ. That seems to trigger Vanessa mains very hard. So hard it is fun to play AJ only because they rage so much about it.
  9. that would be nice. F Twitter tough. i hope the offical forum get´s it at the same time. i really don´t see why i need accounts everywhere just to be up to date when it´s just copy/paste for them. @Truth hmm, i am pretty sure it was the next day. this can be due to timezones tough. fact is it was always after the update. at least a few hours. it´s not that this is superimportnant, but it deceides if i even bother with reinstalling or not. also it´s so freaking easy to post patchnotes that is disgusting to see that some devs aren´t able to do it in time with the update.
  10. i just don´t get why it is so impossible to post them with the update. not like hours later. on reedit. that i never visit. last update it was more than a day after the update until we had them in the forum. it´s literally just copy/paste and pressing send/post/save or w/e depending on the platform. Oh yeah and typing one line as topic title. 10 mins of work for one person. not really asked too much, don´t you think?
  11. Patch notes are a basic standard. I don´t hope they come, they have to come. How to do a patch 101: Release patch notes with the update. On all fkng plattforms at the same time. Not that hard, simple copy/paste.
  12. pApA^LeGBa

    Is This Game Policed?

    Nope. Only good old but heavily retarded EAC. Wich is the same as doing nothing.
  13. Any new anticheat measures? No, i guess. A few rounds of SP it is then. After that fk this game and it´s cheaters and the devs not giving a fuck about it. Only using it to waste time until state of decay 2 in SP.
  14. and buy my first ever console after pong in my gaming career, because the devs aren´t able or don´t want to do anything against cheating? yeah sure... my solution is state of decay 2.
  15. @Truth well yeah. But having to suicide like every 2nd match or even more starts getting annoying after a while. And if you ask me suicide should be removed. It will be the new leaving for people who only play Jason, they will simply suicide right away or idle until autokick. Saltmines won´t do shit against this kind of leaver.