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  1. Oh yeah, you can still find full games fast. Full of Hackers, Trolls, Teamers and Leavers. Sounds like great fun, no?. It is dead as long as a decent match without bugs and cheaters/trolls is the exception rather then the rule.
  2. It´s amazingly pathetic that there is not even the slightest info about bug fixing. Big silence about everything game related for ages but as soon as it is about bans someone hops in... Rather care about fixing your game and acting like a decent developer and you won´t have to deal with bans so much.
  3. If this happens i am gone in the 2nd lobby where you wait for the others.
  4. Not broken? In like 7 of 10 games you have bugs, cheaters or trolls. In the other 3 people just quit. The Devs knowing since 2016 that the lawsuit will propably effect their game (you gotta be stupid and highly gullible if you believe that a lawsuit about a franchise your game is about can´t effect it unless you have legal documents that allow you to continue no matter what). What does need to happen to consider a game broken? Ofc you can play a whole match, but hardly ever one in a way that is intended. Sounds broken too me.
  5. pApA^LeGBa

    The future of the game

    I don´t think you can sell rights you got for free, just saying. Other than that it´s pretty obvious that they are done with the game. Looking back at the past year, this whole thing was a moneygrab. They knew about the lawsuit before release, (and you need to be super gullible to actually think that this can´t effect you unless you have legal documents saying so) and still went on, no word about the lawsuit ofc, that had to be dug up by players.
  6. 9/10 matches beeing normal without trolls, cheaters or leavers basically never happened for me in around 700 hours at any given time from June 2017 till now. On PC. Never. Add all the matches where one of the many bugs happens and the shit show is complete. I had days where i didn´t have a single match without at least one person quitting. @Bropollocreed79 well yeah, and we are used to that, aren´t we? meh. Hope dies last they say....
  7. why? so more people can play a bugfest? if they actually can fix major bugs without creating new ones, then they should think about a sale. Right now they would only gain angry customers with that.
  8. Alibi patch at september to push slasher edition is my guess also. After that i don´t see any more patches coming as the slasher edition is the last thing they can make money with and they are already busy with their new project.
  9. it´s not about suggestion from consumers. It´s about communicating in general. Wich doesn´t happen. All of the information regarding the lawsuit was posted by members mostly for example. Gun was like "yeah, there is a lawsuit" meanwhile.
  10. When an older game with way inferior gameplay and killers that can´t even do their signature kills has 22K and this has 300 players you can safely say it is dead. Everything else is wishfull thinking tbh. Don´t know if DBD is even on consoles but if it is i am 100% sure that the playerbase is also waaaay bigger than the one from F13.
  11. told like, "don´t worry guys, won´t affect you, i swear" or offically told, like you can go to court and say "look i am allowed to continue"? If it wasn´t offical they are utterly gullible. And i am not saying they shouldn´t have made the game, but that they fucked up the priorities big time if they didn´t have an offical allowance to continue no matter how the lawsuit will be going.
  12. They knew about the deadline since January. Not about the lawsuit itself wich is going on since 2016. If they didn´t know about the whole lawsuit before they got the deadline this year, they are simply stupid. It doesn´t matter if it is Millers or Cunnighams fault that there is a lawsuit. Only thing we should be concerned is how Gun handled the game with the information they should have since before launch. It´s really a no brainer, that an ongoing lawsuit can effect your game easily.
  13. The real question is, why was Gun so unprepared for this? The lawsuit is going on since 2016, don´t even bother trying to tell me Gun didn´t know. Why push in a big update like the engine, instead of finishing content like Jason X who is nearly finished and barely missed the deadline, when you knew a lawsuit is going on and that it can easily effect your game? It´s a no brainer that a lawsuit about the franchise your game works with can effect that game anytime.
  14. lobby hopping over and over again until you find a lobby where you don´t have to play a counselor you don´t wanna play and loooong waitings for full games if you manage to find a spot with a counselor you wanna play is what would happen in this case. And too long waiting times kill a game. Especially one with tons of bugs like this one. The comparison to overwatch is just riddiculous tbh. And the toxicity towards the players who manage to get the strong ones would be going trough the roof when they make the slightest mistake. Just look how bad people already get flamed when they don´t wanna kill jason as tommy. They get flamed no matter how good they actually play.
  15. pApA^LeGBa

    Best f13 Army thread!!!

    Well, minus the bugs and if the devs where honest and capable of getting infos about a lawsuit that is on since 2016, this would be a good game where i would hope for a sequel someday. But that is not the case. That´s just wishfull thinking and i hope gun/illfonic never make a game again.