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  1. Patch Notes 12.12.2017

    No fixes to Jason's weapon? Fucking beautiful.
  2. It wouldnt be a failure like the Jarvis House atleast. Seems a bit small and the island inthe middle should have a shotgun or something
  3. This was on PS4. I was slashing this guy who had 2 knives and when I got him to critical, he sprinted out of the house and healed. Is this a bug, exploit? Can we remove jogging and sprinting for a while from people who are healed to prevent this,
  4. He already has immunity. 5 second cooldown. Pocket knife doesn't apply if you use firecrackers.
  5. You're right. I could still survive, and even escape or kill Jason. If I maneuvered correctly Jason couldn't touch me. The real problem was lag and if they fix his cone(only his cone) he'll be just as good as before(his range itself is still ridiculous)
  6. Combat Stance

    Yup. When Jason is grabbing somebody and it locks to the counselor 20ft behind you.
  7. I say we fix the pocket knives and remove how they can be used to break free. Why? 1. You'd be dead before you could pull the knife out, then you have to pull the blade(as you're not using a switchblade) 2. It's overpowered You can still deactivate traps with them, so they still have a purpose. Just stay next to your team insteadof being a 3-knife Jackass who decidesto fight a lvl 1 Jason
  8. Best Counsler for fighting Jason?

    Vanessa is better than all of them.
  9. The bots will eithee be laughfully UP, or stupidly OP. That's the thing about AI, they're meant to do things better than humans. So you could have them better at being a mentally challenged 12 year old fixing the car as Tiffany, or just always beating up Jason no matter his skill.
  10. I ran over 3 in a car one time. And to rub it in their face, a victim of the cheaters got Tommy, and we killed his ass
  11. Yeah, I thought it was a mistake, as I just read the first words
  12. They really only need to revert the Trap update and Jason is fine. Not my fault you're trash at adjusting from easy mode to hard mode.
  13. Umm no? More like pre-patch range. Not my problem you're an assuming dumbass You're the type of guy to call 8/8 against veteran counselors as a noob Jason normal. You complained on threads that wanted the nerf before this update
  14. Solution to Buffing Jason

    I'm going to bump this for you. Since I think I already posted on your other thread