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  1. Theiceman105

    Is Tunneling the New Trolling?

    I love tunneling. Everybody escapes while some dumbass chases me for 20 minutes straight, it's amazing!
  2. This has been talked about too many times. Use the search feature @Kodiak press X to lock thread.
  3. If anything slashing needs a buff
  4. @Peter1970 love the triple post
  5. Theiceman105

    Best All Round Counselor

    The guy who dies at the beginning
  6. Theiceman105

    Perk Shop

    Yes, let's have everybody use epic/legendary Medic + Thick Skinned + Marathon!
  7. Whaa..?
  8. 3 repair? 7 stamina? 8 luck? Great stats, that 4 speed is a little scary though, considering Jason can jog faster than you can now.
  9. Hasn't this been brought up enough times already?
  10. Theiceman105

    New rare item in drawers

    What a stupid thread
  11. And what ideas you got? make every weapon 100% stun and remove Jason grab. You define a bitch.
  12. Traps should 1 shot people using the Medic Perk. But I don't expect you to understand why.
  13. @Pazuzu so true. It's kind of a useless mechanic to be added