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  1. The cops goal should just be there to arrest Tommy. That'd be hilarious.
  2. I got an epic Marathon and thick skinned on the same day. A few days later I rolled my rare sucker punch.
  3. I've used the search function and couldn't find anything. There's this issue where some asshole just locks parts in dead ends and it is really annoying I had a solution allowing us to destroy a door with Shotguns, Axes or Machetes. This would also not allow Jason teamers to unlock them as with max strength + Axe would be 5 hits. Also: Strength now has a use! It would also be cool if we had to break down doors to get extra items like firecrackers in other maps.
  4. Throwing knives.

    I erased my previously typed text and wrote then hit submit. Lag got me
  5. I kind of have a problem with this. Savini's pitchfork is what kept him balanced but now he can machete + all that? Dear Lord.
  6. Throwing knives.

    They're perfectly fine. It's not like a Call of Duty sniper rifle, now is it?
  7. Glitch, Exploit?

    Is there a spreadsheet? If so let me know.
  8. Glitch, Exploit?

    The bat isn't 100%? All the bars are filled for a reason, yeah?
  9. I was playing a match last night. I was kiting Jason so others can get shit done. I noticed something weird about this Jason. He took 2 hits from a bat and nothing happened. The first time I avoided his grab, second he got me and I used my knife. After I said something, the guy putin his mic and starting bragging about it. "Oh you just bad" "Cry baby" Another thing to note: he did not get stunned prior to me hitting him. This happened when I just swung the bat. Nobody else was around either. Platform: PS4 (And I forgot the name of the website that you report bugs to)
  10. Most cruel thing youve done to a teammate

    Became a -1 and Hid under a bed cause Jason was too scary
  11. There is another method - Chad + Bat + Man-At-Arms + Medic + Pocket Knife + Speedo + Dance Emote
  12. You don't get points for suiciding, the notes that added this even stated this. I think it's the 10.25.17 patch notes. Or the one that added fox atleast
  13. So I still see a lot of frustrating or selfish things about Tommy: (In order from most common to least common) Tommy escapes alone in 4 seater when there's 4 others alive. Tommy attempts a solo boat escape but dies. Tommy doesn't heal a limping counselor in front of him(especially repair characters) Tommy keeping his knife despite not really needing it.(Unless killing Jason or he's the only repair guy alive) He's meant to be a hero, providing actual team value. My idea was to ads +200 for his bonus. Make people actually not care as dying. Is this a good idea, bad idea? Let me know.
  14. I'd say make it like stalk - cancelling resets. But give it faster cooldown and more duration.
  15. Jason can shift into firecrackers then grab you without the stun. When this happened I got the pyro, but he luckily missed the grab. This new update is great, but missing quite a lot of bugs from the others.