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  1. Combat is the only part of this game that still alludes me. I suck at it miserably. Plus, I prefer the thrill of the chase. I will swing in moments of desperation (which usually leads to my demise) or when I'm with a group/helping a fellow counselor.
  2. As much as I wish this would change something, there's just no way. The statement from Gun will surely echo their earlier statement - no more new content ever - as sad as that is.
  3. They can't control when the media go live with something. They can try to embargo it with them, but nothing that ties the journalist/outlet not publishing.
  4. i was playing as Tiffany last night and escaped via the car three times, only once registering as a Suicide.
  5. I've only played a handful of games since the patch, but I'm trying to find a pattern to this so I can 1.) avoid it until its fixed and 2.) maybe make it easier for the devs to solve. Here's what I've experienced so far: - Escaped in the two-seater as a driver on Jarvis Map, both the passenger and I "Escaped" - Escaped in two-seater as a passenger on Higgins Haven (normal map, not small), both the driver and I "Escaped" - Escaped in the four-seater as a passenger (front seat) on Crystal Lake Small, driver and two people in back seat all "Escaped", I registered as "Suicide"
  6. I've been stuck at both the car and the boat while attempting a repair. The car I've been able to run out of after a second or two of running in place/spinning around, but the boat I had to duck up and down a few times before being able to move. One thing I noticed is this happens particularly to me whenever I try to roll the quicktime thingy (I cannot remember the term everyone uses for this lol) a few times to get an easier one.
  7. I've always been such a champion for this game and always try to give the devs the benefit of the doubt, but jeez. I hope they can get this in order and fast. This makes me so sad. I really want to root for this game, but the cons are really outweighing the pros right now.
  8. Something definitely went wrong with this patch... I'm spectating someone who got rubber banded but their whole character is so broken now. They're like teleporting around the map, running in place and then suddenly they're in a cabin. They're like vibrating up and down as they move and when they walk their legs don't move. Jason has no idea where he is too, completely unable to grab him.
  9. To your point, Vanessa distracting Jason for 10 minutes with a "juke fest" and her two pocket knives gives fixers the ability to complete objectives/find key items. "It's not all about YOUR survival but how you contribute to the team."
  10. I would personally say the game feels pretty well balanced. Perfect? No. There definitely is a slight lean towards the counselors, especially a highly skilled, coordinated group. I've read a few threads on this topic and have seen some great suggestions, including: adding special perks for Jason and having Jason's stun recovery time lessen after repeated hits within a certain time frame (it should go back to normal if he goes an amount of time without getting consecutively stunned though, just overall lessening the time would be ridic). Changes like that could really help pull the balance back in Jason's favor without making him totally OP and completely crippling the counselors. Another factor affecting the balance is the new grab mechanic. I don't think its bad, and I actually happen to quite like it. I think some people just need time to get used to the it. It was a change, but it's not crippling by any means, in my personal opinion. I also want to say that we should probably take into account the fact that the game is a year old now. People have had time to really play, learn tricks, and develop a higher skill level. This refinement of skills has certainly led to more successful Jason kills.
  11. Not that one or two days makes a difference but would like an update on this as "early to middle" of the week has come and gone. Y'all really seemed to be working to be more transparent/communicate with us better, hope that wasn't just a fluke @wes @ShiftySamurai!
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