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  1. Good to know! Big bummer that you won't get XP/CP though. Not sure why it would be like that or why the need to do some unintuitive method to make the game work.
  2. Nope. Hopped in the car and as we were pulling out of the driveway, my Offline Bots game disconnected. Total bummer, was looking forward to a grind session during this road trip. So much for "Offline Bots"...
  3. Bummed to just discover you can't even play Offline Bots on the Switch without a Wi-Fi connection...
  4. For what it's worth, I'm joining as the second or third person in a lobby and still getting the Random Counselor glitch. It also seems my Random is defaulting to the same person (I choose Vanessa and get AJ every time). Has happened three times now. Three different map. Edit: Unrelated to above post, but a glitch nonetheless... I'm not getting my Double XP every match either. I played a few Offline Bots rounds and should have gotten around 2k XP and only got 1k... Edit again: There's also a lot of violent convulsing during special kill animations. Noticed this on Packanack Small. Part II Jason.
  5. Just got it. First match, got the random counselor glitch. Off to a great start.
  6. Just ordered it yesterday. Looking forward to giving it a go.
  7. Combat is the only part of this game that still alludes me. I suck at it miserably. Plus, I prefer the thrill of the chase. I will swing in moments of desperation (which usually leads to my demise) or when I'm with a group/helping a fellow counselor.
  8. As much as I wish this would change something, there's just no way. The statement from Gun will surely echo their earlier statement - no more new content ever - as sad as that is.
  9. They can't control when the media go live with something. They can try to embargo it with them, but nothing that ties the journalist/outlet not publishing.
  10. i was playing as Tiffany last night and escaped via the car three times, only once registering as a Suicide.
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