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  1. So excited for this addition! But why don't you guys make Spring Break and Halloween costume DLC for the added counselors...?
  2. Welcome to the Salt Mines

    Two updates in one day tells me the next patch is near...
  3. Welcome to the Salt Mines

  4. Jason Selection Update

    I like this. And I like the steady stream of teasings and updates.
  5. I love them all. I'd say Packanack is my favorite though, I love both of the Packanack maps. Pinehurst house is so huge and maze-like, so easy to get lost and/or lose Jason in it.
  6. At the start of the game Jason doesn't have sense, so if you spawn at the phone house and he morphs there just shut up and stand still/clear of any windows. Once he's done trapping the phone, he'll likely leave. Oh. And don't lock the doors. That's a clear sign that someone is in the house.
  7. Perk System Update & Legendaries

    Love this! Also love the steady stream of insights we've been getting. Hope the team keeps this up as it's making the update dry spell tolerable.
  8. I like the small maps because it offers more variety. I would be happy if they added a small version of Pinehurst (and Jarvis House, for that matter), but won't lose sleep if they don't.
  9. Did you just admit to helping Jason, which is against the rules of the game (unlike hiding)?
  10. Patch Notes - 02.06.18

    I assume they're still trying to identify what is causing this problem...
  11. omg I love your avatar, I wish they'd make a fall/winter clothing pack like that with jackets/pants/etc.
  12. Thanks for the update @ShiftySamurai, really looking forward to what the engine update may bring (if it includes fixes/graphics updates/etc. or even if it just makes way for dedicated servers). If this is your biggest gripe about the game right now, I think they're doing just fine.
  13. Counselor Safety Briefing - 1/29/18

    I have my preference set to counselor and have not had a problem finding health sprays in any of the rounds I've played. Maybe try looking harder?