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  1. Emotes need to go

    I don't know what makes you think the costumes/dancing are the reason people are waiting at the exit/locking up the game...? It's because the balance of the game is so off that even a noob playing as Tiffany can knock Jason around with a frying pan like he's a small child. If they weren't dancing around at the exit, they'd be bobbing up and down and flickering their flashlight waiting for Jason It seems your gripe should be with the balance issues of the game and the annoying players, not the costumes/emotes.
  2. When the casual watcher thinks of Jason X (the movie), they likely think of Uber Jason. His reveal was like a DUN DUN DUN moment for the film. That's likely why he's being added. Also, he will add a little variation because he's got some noticeable differences in build/overall look.
  3. Why are certain people saying that we won't get anymore content when we reach the end of the roadmap? The map was designed to showcase the projects that the team was working on/towards at the time of release (which was when, like July or August?). As they progressed, it's very likely, and unreasonable to believe otherwise, that new content (maps, counselors, clothing packs, etc.) has been dreamt up and is being worked on beyond the parameters of the map. We probably won't see a new map until this one is fulfilled. Or maybe they'll opt not to do a map anymore, as it likely caused more grief than good. They put themselves on a time table, which we all know is the team's biggest weakness, and opened themselves up to tons of questions and criticisms. And seriously, how do people still not get that the snowflake does not equal Christmas? It has been said like, 150 times at this point.
  4. Maybe there's an item somewhere on the map that Jason could use to slash a single tire (one-time use item)? And then counselors could repair it by finding a can of Fix-A-Flat and doing a QT game? That way Jason's not slashing all 4 tires on the car and it doesn't render the car completely immobile as counselors are still able to repair it.
  5. Jason harpoon

    Love this idea. I could see it creating a lot of "oh shit!" moments if used correctly (stalk, shift, shoot). An alternative option to eleviate some people viewing it as unfair (though I don't agree) would be to make it a special, long range environmental kill.
  6. I've noticed that if I get a connection time out, it usually causes me to get a chain of them consequtively. I can break the chain by closing the game and rebooting it. Works every time.
  7. Did you just admit to helping Jason?!
  8. Having one of these made for each character would be awesome!
  9. If they're being unhelpful, throw fire crackers down by them and bolt away with that speed they don't have so Jason can find them.
  10. It levels the playing field since repair character players have an easier time gaining XP/CP. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. Adults only lobby

    I auto-mute anyone who even sounds like a kid as soon as I enter a lobby.
  12. The frying pan also brings the joy of smashing a psychotic murdering zombie man over the head with a frying pan.
  13. Oh I slaughter the kids first because they’re always so annoying.
  14. Based on my experience, I think the bots aren't able to register the difference between land and water so I imagine them driving the boat would be a disaster. I've been playing offline a lot over the last week or so and I've only had one bot successfully escape and it was via the police. Something tells me that it was a mistake as well, like they were just running along the rim of the map and ran into the police. I also had one get in the car and start it but she didn't drive, just sat there in the same spot with the car running.