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  1. 1) Well, it always worked that way, but for some reason, last time i was trying to hit Jason right after he broke the door - in one time out of 3 he just doesn't get stunned. Even with a bat. Even with heavy hit with a bat. I get "fight back" bonus, but no "stunner" and then he just tries to grab me immedeately. Anyway, i don't think "door-stun" is a much of a problem. First - you can break doors with battle stance, with that instant blocking is possible. Or you can hit door from such range, that councelors will never be able to reach you with they attack before you can use block. Also, they will eventually run out of doors ) 2) Yeah, but if they will stun you right after you grabbed the driver - they won't be able to go to a driver seat, because you will be bodyblocking the door. I agree, that catching councelors near the car is hard af, but it's usually possible. Besides, most of the time, thay doesn't want you to grab them from the seats and just leave the car - hit them, stop the car again, if neccecary, go to "hit them", repeat until they're dead. 3) Actually i've never seen that. And i always thought that there is some cooldown. But may be that's because Jason has this "minor stun"-state, when he can walk, but can't do anything else yet. In that state he can't be stunned again. Well, actually, Jason is pretty able to stand on his feet again whole bunch of councelors. Last time i was playeing Jason, and whole team cooperated to kill me - they all died. Horribly. And i'm far from the best Jason player. Of course, it's not easy, but i think, it's not supposed to be easy - to fight against an entire team. Jason shouldn't be able to just tear them apart, blindly pressing two buttons, or otherwise councelors wouldn't have the option of fighting Jason in a first place.
  2. Abslolutely. There is no reason to deny Jason his xp just because someone left.
  3. Yeah, but It's just... kinda weird twist. 3 people is alive - all are doing their best to escape, but then it's only two of them - and now they both wants each other dead.
  4. That's... actually not a bad idea. I like it. But there might be some downside. When Jason killed anyone but TWO people, they might both just start hiding, hoping the Jason finds the other one, so the last one can escape with the police. At least now they both will try to work as hard as possible. Well, i think, there should be like at least 10 second timer, before the police arrives then. And Jason should not only get rage, but refresh all his cooldowns, so he can instantly morph and prevent cheap escaping.
  5. Yeah, that's why i want it to be very fast and needed, like, only 3 buttons - so Jason won't need to carry councelor for an eternity. Of course, may be it will still be too easy. Well, we can always come back to the way the things are now. By the way, that reminds me - dear devteam, if you are willing to experiment with mechanics after fixing current bugs - we will need a public test build )
  6. Point taken. Well, i suppose, that escaping skillchecks are going to be hard af. May be even harder, than repairing with Tiffany. First of all it's going to be faster, with same or less time to react. And you can't screw up comepletely. Not once. Of course there will be guys, that stiil able to do that, but... well, if you really can do that every time and not make a single mistake - i'd say, you are a monster and deserve to laugh at Jason's face. Oh, one more thing. I'm not saying, Jason should not be able to finish you completely. I suggest only disable equipped grab kills, until a mini game ends. You can still use environmental kills right away. combat system is indeed weird, and I was originally intended to talk about it, but... for some reasons, i find it much easier to hit Jason since the latest patch. I don't know if they fixed something, or I just got slightly better. If the whole mechanic is built around grab killlings as finishers - Jason should not be able to kill with anything but grabbing. Otherwise it's just not logical. I get it, you like the way it is. Well i don't lik it. I don't believe that this is how the game really supposed to work. So i will be complaining here and ask for a changes until: 1) it's changed. Then i'll be happy. Or complaining about something else, who knows. 2) devs declares, that this is how the game supposed to work. Then i just drop the game. Simple.
  7. Wow, it seems, my english sucks harder than a vacuum cleaner. No, you got some things wrong. I will try to clearify. 1) That's just total opposite to what i was talking, actually. I said, why not allow Jason to kill with one hit, if you only need one grab to kill anyway and grab is as easy as slashing? But i think, your answer remains the same: because it will break the game. Well, i'm saying, that it won't break the game more, than grab is breaking it right now. Because it's a one-shot attack, and it's as easy to perform, as other. 2) Of course all attacks meant to be avoided. But if you failed to avoid one or two slashes - you still has chances. If you failed to avoid the grab - you are dead. Slashes is only stronger with one thing - you don't have to wait cutscene to end. Of course, there may be problems with slashing too, but i think, for now it's more important to fix an instakill things. 3) "Or, if it IS, how devs understand balance of the game..." well, i probably should've said it more like: "if it's the way the devs want to balance their game, then...". I am really sorry i can't write it less confusing.
  8. No offence taken. Grammar is a problem to me, because english is not my main language. I will try to improve though. I will try to explain things as simple as possible. Grab is as easy to perform, as a basic attack. There is no restriction here, it's not slower, or in any way worse than swing. So then why grab kills, if you're not lucky enough to find a pocket knife, and swing just deal damage to you (by the way you can reduse that damage by blocking)? Throwing a knife isn't really easier that shift+grab - and then againe, why grab kills you, and knife only do damage? If you trying to say, that grab is "countered" by avoiding getting grabbed in a first place - then why everything else, that's countered on avoiding, is weaker than grab? My point is - if grab is stronger, it should either have a noticable downside, or restricted somehow, or being counterable. Or, if it IS, how devs understand balance of the game, then there is no reason to make other Jason's attacks weaker. So i am confused - do they try to make it really balanced, or they try to make a Jason a damn terror, that demolishes you right the moment he gor close enough? About "disabling" a pocket knifes. I'm not telling that they should just get rid of them. No. Councelers get the ability to break free with minigame and only then pocket knifes might be nerfed. Or not. Of course, it should be tested first. Why am i not bringing up slashing to death, traps, that can't be disarmed without pocket knifes and all others? Simple. Because they does not oneshot you. You can take a hit and still run away. Or you can try to block it and smack Jason back. If you don't have a pocket knife and walk into a trap - you can heal yourself. If you gor a knife in your back - you can heal. If you are grabbed - you are screwed. So that's the thing, that should be changed first. Off quoted post: it's funny that many people sees situation only like "you can't play councelor that's why you want to weaken Jason". I never said, i have a super hard time to play as councelors, and besides, i have a Jason spawn preference. So if i really just want to make him weaker - that means i want to ruin the game to myself. Please, guys, stop seeing contexts, that's not there.
  9. If it's really only about avoiding - then Jason should oneshot with anything in his toolkit. Got hit with an axe? You're dead. Duck faster next time. Got knife to the head? Same. Trap ripped of your leg? Wellm you should've disarmed it. Of course, even less people would want to playe like this, but at least we got, what the gave Illfonic are making. If it's not, what is intended, then thing, that gives you oneshot, should be much harder to use, OR be counterable. While many people, that also unpleasant with that, want to nerf grabs, i personally think, that it would be better to just make it countarable. Hard as f*, but at least counterable, with your own efforts. Knifes as they are now aren't really good counter, because it's actually RNG - you can't affect on your odds to find them. And besides, as i said, they gives too much to a councelor for no good reason. We have "impossible to escape" if you are unlucky, and get-out-of-jail-free card, if you are lucky. Of course, since it is limited, and it is rng, again, so it's not something you can rely on, and as a bonus it might be acceptable, but, as i said, i also would agree with anyone, who says that there shouldn't be free escape at all. See - that's why i needed this thread, because before i started to explain things, i didn't even realised, that the pocket knife is a just an another broken to balance other broken. I really want to find the best solution possible, because i love the game in generally, but i'm sick of not knowing, should i still hope the game will change, or it's not possible, and i'd better just drop it and get wasted in memory of the game, that i created in my imagination.
  10. Your arguments is fubar. Frist of all, how can you say it will be EASIER, if you clearly don't know what i'm talking about? Second - i didn't attack anyone. Just like i was told "this game is not for you", i'm telling, that this thread is not for you. Simple. It's not about "is there a problem", it's about "how it should be changed to satisfy more people" or "why it can't be changed". And if you don't want to think about it (for example, because you don't want changes at all) - then just pass by. I've added it to the OP to make it clear. Oh, i almost forgot - if not being able to escape is really the whole point - then what's the point to have hit points and first aid sprays anyway? If Jason should have ability to oneshot you anytime he got close to you - then let him kill everyone in one hit. No, seriously, why not?
  11. Excuse me, what exactly will it change (again, nobody even can say it doesn't work that way already)? The problem remains - people won't get position they want. I can only assume, you are suggesting, that player should know, what role will they get right in the lobby, so they can leave, before the game starts. If so - well, it's a little sloppy, but aslo can fix the thing. Also, about things, that's broken - what about "car barricades"? When you drive a car to a small cabin right to the only door there and then get inside, so Jason has no way to get to you? Is it fixed already? If it's not, how will you people see the solution to this? I didn't write it in OP just because i can't think of the way to fix it. But may be someon here has an idea or two?
  12. How exactly tapping one button like an idiot is better, than pressing one right buttion at the right moment? That's not even close. If councelor escaped from grab - he can be grabbed again. If he didn't escape - it is game over for him. So it's more like grab is "royal flush". And give me a reason, why it shouldn't be the way to escape? Is grab are the only thing, that Jason can use? No. They have a swing, traps, throwing knifes. And it fully capable to do the job, without cheap oneshoting (if anyone is going to tell me again, that killing with single attack isn't oneshoting - please hit yourself with herring). One more time - not a single person in a whole world can prove, that grab is fine the way it is. I told you, why. I told you, why me and some other people dislike it. So it would be better, if you just think, how make this thing is more appealing to both me and you guys. Or, in a worse case - explain, why it's not possible. Not just hard, but absolutely impossible to do. And if you don't want to think, then don't post in this topic ffs.
  13. System requirements of the game doesn't tell me, i need to have 8 more people. Majority of multiplayer game desighned the way, so they depends on even if they don't have premades. I don't see, why friday is should be different. Unless her dying state is really intented. Hope, that it's not. Also, if the game is not desighned to play as solo, that exactly means, that solo playes are screwed. I don't know if you even think, what you write, or just do that. So do me a favor, please. If you are going to post one more time, telling me that everything is OK - don't. Just don't. If you want to be a little more constructive, let's put it that way. You think everything is fine. I think, it isn't. And it's not just me - the current online stat says for itself. Of course, thats not the only two problems of the game, but other things is more like bugs, not the mechanical flaws, so it should be left for to jasonkillsbugs.com. Okay, the point is - how would you change those things, to solve said problems (even if you DON"T think they are), and not to break the game for people like you? That's what i really want to know.
  14. If the game is only comfortable to play with a party - this IS a problem. Solo players sholdn't be screwed just because they don't have 7 more people to play with him. I won't and i don't have to explain, why this is bad. It's almost as if i would try to prove, why Friday th 13th isn't a racing game. If you really even need proof to that - it won't help you at all.
  15. Well, that is other way to do this, yeah. I had that in mind too. Bot personally i don't think it's the right way. First of all, Jason shouldn't struggle for his grab, when he does it, it's already hard enought to catch. It's the councelor that should make a last resort to escape. Second, i don't want the struggle be too long, because it will make much easier for another to save his buddy. Ideally it should happen right in those 2 seconds, when animation of grabbing is going. You know, when Jason slowly pick councelor up, right before he can kill him. And i don't want to make it easy, i want to simply give councelors a chance. All councelors. I find it unfair, that someone can get up to 4 free escapes (a.k.a. pocket knife) and all others can go f* themselves. By the way, that's another reason to change escaping mechanic, that i didin't mention earlier.
  16. They won't be equal at all. This is not supposed to just make the life of a councelors easier. Priceless. Do you know that when you host a private match, you need somebody to play with you? And i still don't see the reason, why it should be random. What, people will mostly play as Jason? Well, that's just indicates, that the councelor gameplay sucks comparing to Jason gameplay. If that's not right - there is no point to believe, that there will be more "too much Jasons" at matchmaking. I don't have any reason to think that there will be problems with matchmaking due to "too many Jasons". Jason can kill you after grab instantly. Yeah, you may only need to press it once, but he needs to press only one button, once. And some Jasons has their grip power enhanced. You can't escape. Like, at all. Unless he allows you to. One more time: if you are grabbed, you can be saved only by: 1) Pocket knife (find it or not - it's a random) 2) Teammate (it has nothing to do with yourself) 3) Jason's wish to perform an env. kill that is too far away And only then your efforts matters. Then what's the point to have this struggles anyway? If you, people. are OK with that, then fine, let's just disable this mashing and stop pretending, that grab is not a free kill. At least game won't be teasing making players think, that they can do something, when they're really not. Okay, i think, you don't really understand, what i am suggesting. Of course, it's not your fault, text is not really explains all things. I'll try to put it this way - have you played dead by daylight? Imagine, when "decisive strike"-skillcheck pops out, you have to not just to press button at the short time, but you have to press THE RIGHT button. One of two or three, for example, "Lmb", "Rmb" and "e". Will it still be too easy to accomplish? And if you have to do it twice or even trice? Will that be easy? I don't think so. As i said, my point is not to make escaping actaually easier, what i really want - to feel like escaping depends on me, not anything, but me. And i want to grab being used WITH other things, like attacking. Oneshotting should NOT EVER be as easy and simple, as any other attack, in any game. If it is, it's just bad designing.
  17. So, this is some of the things, that i want to change. First things first, dear IllFonik, ramdomising of who will play as Jason is a complete and total bullshit. What does it give to the game? Counselors leave, because they want to be Jasons, Jasons leaves, because they wanted to be a counselors, ruined games, wasted time. There is absolutely no reason to make that random. This is a problem, this always was a problem since the very start, and this always will be a problem. I can't think of a single reason, why this shouldn't be reworked. Second, grabs and escaping from them. 1) escaping from grab is a matter of luck, Jason's wish, anything, but councelor's efforts. This makes no sense and feels like teasing. 2) this mash-button-to-escape prevents Jason players to use env. kills, because he doesn't know if he's gonna make it in time 3) grab is too powerfull tool. It's basically oneshot, which councelors can't counter without a spicefic item. It's as fast as attacking, it has no real restrictions. So the Jason's weapon practiacally is mostly used just for breaking in the houses. 3a) Shift+grab. Nothing really to say here, because there is many people complaining about this, but i personally thing, that the preoblem is in the grab itself. So, what am i going to suggest, you may ask? Make grab releasing a skillcheck minigame like the one for repairing, instead of button mashing. When Jason grabs you his equipped kills are disabled for a moment (enviremental kills still works though), and you can use a pocket knife OR start a minigame, where you have to press ight button for a right moment (which of course should be pretty short), once or a couple of times (depends of strength or composer stat). If you succeed, then Jason stunned shortly and you escaped. But if you failed - then you have no chance to escape without help and NOW Jason can kill you with his equiped grab kills now, ot walk to an env. kill point as long as he wants. This will make grab a more rewarding, but (a bit) risky alternative to main attack, not just a far better option almost in every situation, this will encourage Jason's player to use environment kills more often, and. most importantly, this will give a counselors feeling, that escaping from Jason's grasp depends on them, not their luck or Jason. Thank you for your game. I know you are working hard, and i have a hope, that someday, Friday will shine, like it should. But it really has to come through some fixes. NOTE for those, who are still defending current grab escape mechanics. Please, have a sheet of paper and a pen, you will probably need to write some things down, because this idea, this point, that i want you to get - it's a bit complex, and i understand that some people may have a problems understanding this. Are you ready? Okay. So... IT'S A PvP GAME, FFS! It's a PvP. The fact that it's a 1vs7 is secondary - it is still a PvP (besides, it's not actually even a team vs Jason, it's a 7 different players each against jason, because winning condition of any counc - is survive himself). And NO PvP should have ANY mechanic, that can't be countered. It's called "broken", and it IS bad. End of storie, i'm not going to ever again explain, why "broken" should be fixed. Besides, unlike you, devs are fully aware, that everything should be countered. That's exactly the reason, why pocket knifes even exists. But pocket knifes themselfes is almost as broken, as a grab. On one side we have a grab, that is game over. On the other side, we have a pocket knifes, that are free escape. Of course, they are limited, but it's still a free escape, that has nothing to do with player skill, teamplay, character stats, anything but pure luck. And this is not a right way - to balance broken with another broken. That's why i suggest the thing, i wrote in the OP. Of course it's not the one and only right way to do that, it's just an option, that i personally find the more adequate to the needed conditions. If you think, there is another way - well write about this, that's the whole point of this thread. If you think, that my option is fine, but needs some tweaks (for example - "if every should have a chance of escaping based on his character's stats and player's skill, then knifes should ONLY be used for disarming traps") - again, say it. If it's absolutely impossible to fix without breaking the shit out of something else - explain, why is that, what will it break and why there is no way to prevent that. If you have another broken thing to report (but NOT a bug or glitch, leave them for jasonkillsbugs) - well, the thread's title totally allows it. But if you just want to be screwing around about "everything is fine, nothing needs to be fixed" - create your own thread then and dont's spam it here, please. P.S. But, of course, i might be wrong, and this broken state is really how the devs wants their game to work, like some other people, they don't think it is bad. I am okay with that. If it's really the point - please, let me know and close this thread then, so i can abandon hopes and just drop the game like every single one of my friends that had it. Really - i need to know that.
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