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  1. Level Cap

    I think it's because there currently isn't anything to unlock past that point. It would be cool for it to be removed just to have the higher level.
  2. Useless Deborah

    Yeah people that play friday the 13th are super ignorant. I play on the xbox which probably has it the worst so i can't speak for pc or ps4. i'd imagine pc is a bit better. i've already fully fixed the car multiple times and had people get in and not let me in and continue to drive away by themselves.
  3. What's your favourite McDonald's or Burger King?

    Burger king has very good burgers and from my experience better quality food. as for the nuggets and fries i'd go with mcdonalds. If i had to choose between them i'b probably choose bruger king.
  4. White Noise 2

    I remember playing the online one with friends. good times