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  1. my last 3 horror movies jigsaw day of the dead bloodline insidious 4
  2. Jason Part 5

    my favorite is part 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
  3. i'm playing now and there is not patch yet
  4. How Many Times Have You Seen Friday the 13th?

    it depends if we are counting how many times was on t.v. , for me is more than you can count
  5. a don't play anymore too much because is so frustrating with t damn patches they have ruined fucking jason and they don' t fucking care so fuck i just dont" play like i use to do
  6. Where is everybody from...

  7. What kind of pets do you have?

    one boxer named manson
  8. Cpu counselors in level hard wayy too easyy
  9. all morning waiting to be jason and not even one FUCK YOU just FUCK YOU with your fucking game mode
  10. What is your favorite Friday the 13th?

    part 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,X,vs Freddy and 12
  11. i don' t think so man , i saw many people leaving because they are jason , they only wanna play as a councelour, a now that jason is turned into a pussy,even more thanks to the patch , so i think that is the better option just like DBD
  12. it will fucking sucks, why they do not listen, we need an option like DBD when you decide to be the survivor and te killer and the shit of host leaving
  13. Regarding the upcoming patch - 11.27.17

    what the fuck ,same shit, they turned jason into a pussy and now they never gonna change that preference shit that makes me wait like two hours to be jason and people leaving from sesions, for the horns of satan fix the game instead of others things like fucking cloth, who cares
  14. maybe in a couple of years they shared with everybody the savini jason , for all mistakes this game have , conection to host lost, too many glitches, random.shit (between jason and councelours), people leaving sessions(they ruined the round), new patches suck ( mostly for jason, too many fucking pocket knives ), wtf the purple jason (just a part3 in purple, not a unique NES jason)
  15. great idea what the problem that jason kill when jesus christ was born , a unique ally of krampus here comes jason to destroy christmas (without a costume)
  16. Add savini for everyone pls

  17. Add savini for everyone pls

    why people get mad if gun media decide to put it in a dlc i don' t understand the selfishness after all we all are F13 freaks
  18. DbD vs F13

    i'm the best jason and leatherface in DbD
  19. maybe in a couple of years they will share with everybody the savini jason