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  1. I didn’t back as I didn’t know about it but I assumed that it would around the time of the physical copy release date (Friday The 13th of October) or that you’d at least get an email to check and confirm upon purchase?
  2. Looking to get a few players to get some trophies today and get a few games in. Gonna be on from now until late. It’s currently 3.50pm in the UK. (I’m in Scotland)
  3. Then I can confirm from my run of luck of finding two in three months that play as Chad and open drawers.
  4. Nah. Chad, changed my clothes, just looking for stuff for points in drawers. No fancy perks, no left only turns, no squatting before opening every door, just luck.
  5. I found two tapes back to back in games. #5 and #17. Was praying for the host not to quit.
  6. Ha ha ha! Yeah, I’ve had a few moments like that too. On my adventures I found Pam’s jumper, three pocket knifes, a flare gun, and took them all to one room with a trap outside it, inside it, two med sprays, two fireworks, and the shotgun. Once I had ran through them I jumped out the window with the medsprays (that I can use twice) and ran away.
  7. These are the same people who then rage quit I’ve found though. It’s only annoying.
  8. If they are all giggling, yeah. I get that. Can't say I've ever had that, personally, but for the sake of waiting up to three minutes I can be patient enough to start a game (which could be my upwards of fifth attempt).
  9. See when you say you're ready and the big tick comes up over the box? People untick then tick it in quick succession. That's annoying. People then leaving because of that is more annoying. Do you get me now? My bad if that was difficult to understand.
  10. To be honest mate, that really doesn't help the existing lobby issues of trying to get a game with a full group of people. Especially if you're host. Not just mute the TV for two minutes?
  11. Do people have a preference to what they see or would like? I would prefer to watch Jason and not see any of the other counsellors because I think this would also cut back on friends being able to help their friends out and I'm sure we've all been on the end of a troll helping their mate out, right? Or would you prefer full moving camera access?
  12. It would be nice to see your badges and perks while you wait and I wouldn't mind having them to play around with but un/ready constantly is just annoying.
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