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  1. If GUN/Illfonic Make Another Horror Series Game, What Should It Be? Poll above. If your answer is "other", please list it here.
  2. Does anyone know of any online resources that gives updates on the case? I would very much like to keep up with the events.
  3. Many of we gamers tend to watch the calendar for the release of a game we're excited about. What's yours?
  4. Cokeyskunk

    Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay trailer

    Yep. Several of us are over there: @Truth, @Bropollocreed79, @NthnButAGoodTime . . . come join the party! ?
  5. Cokeyskunk

    Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay trailer

    They have a forum just like this one, but dedicated to RDR2. Come check it out. I'm a mod over there. ? https://www.rdr2.com/forums/
  6. Cokeyskunk

    Salt mines are broken

  7. It DOES look great, but I HATE FIRST PERSON GAMES!!!! Why can't they just make a toggle . . . ??
  8. Very nice. Someone who can should post a legend of specifically who they all are.
  9. I looked it up. Looks compelling, even though I hate first-person games.
  10. Cokeyskunk

    Well, this is Fun...

    All the host has to do is wait for the match to end, then kick both out of the lobby. Problem is solved with a little patience.
  11. I'm curious - how does one know when they're in the Salt Mines? Do they get a notification?
  12. Cokeyskunk

    Why Jason? Why did he endure?

    Perhaps it helps that I never saw any of those. ? Understand, though. This isn't about being "wronged" or "scorned." This is about an innocent child -- having been raised in 1950's America, which didn't like anything different or unusual in the first place -- tortured and abused throughout his life simply for being born the way he was. His mother -- an innocent herself -- loved him with all her heart. But society refused to let it alone, so it took him from her. To me, that's quite different from having a cheating spouse or somebody just being bullied. To be honest, it truly was the backstory that drew me to the series. I didn't care for it until I knew the depth of the story. Okay, I'll throw you a bone, here. Yes, I definitely think them trying to do 10+ films with a sack-head Jason wouldn't have worked nearly as well. The hockey mask definitely helped. NOW -- that being said, had Michael Myers worn that hockey mask rather than his painted Shatner mask -- would many of the loyal F13 fans instead be loyal Halloween fans? (I'm not saying they have to be one or another. I'm just wondering how many F13 fans would place their affections solely on Halloween, had the masks been different?
  13. Cokeyskunk

    Why Jason? Why did he endure?

    I'll go first. I can't speak for the world, but for me personally -- it was the root of the story. Most "killer" characters either didn't have much background development, or were just "evil" to begin with. They could still tell a good story, but they were always "the bad guy" and you were supposed to hope for their victims to survive. With Jason, though -- it was sort of the other way round, wasn't it? Both Jason and his mother started off as victims. They became statistics of a society who either didn't care enough about them to help, or turned an intentional blind eye to their sufferings. Society killed Jason -- the only thing that really mattered to Pamela. So, she snapped. In F13, often the victims are people we AREN'T supposed to like. Then we cheer when Jason RISES again and extracts vengeance for himself and his mother. If we know the whole story, we feel for JASON. As parents, we feel for PAMELA. They are not lashing out because they are evil. They are lashing out because they were forced there by society. Does that make Jason/Pamela sort of "anti-hero" characters? That's open to interpretation. But in these films, we often enjoy seeing Jason clean house, and THEN get to a point where we're ready for him to be stopped. And he is. At least for a while. The formula works, and it's an emotional payoff. That's why this story will always be my favorite.
  14. Two things: I think people would have largely been happier with the Grendel/uber-Jason release over the single player challenges. Please. Have mercy on a copywriter/proofreader. I beseech you to fix your instances of "would you OF rather," "rather OF," and "could OF" by replacing "of" with "have". It's making me want to claw my eyeballs out. Could've = Could have. Could've ≠ Could of. Bless you.
  15. Cokeyskunk

    Evil Dead Game

    I think the chances of us getting an Evil Dead game someday FAR outweigh any chance of it ever having been a DLC option for this game. I mean, what established horror franchise wants to be a DLC for ANOTHER established horror franchise's game?? No, they want their own sandbox in which to play.
  16. Thanks for sharing, Wes.
  17. Cokeyskunk

    Victor Miller Email

    I think we're arguing two separate points here, brother. I think what you're thinking I'm saying is that "Victor Miller says the game will continue, so it will." I'm certainly not. I doubt he has any more bead on what's going on with Gun than you or I do. What I AM saying is, "This email validates to me that Victor Miller is not out to kill the game and seems encouraged that it will continue." Is he correct? Probably not. But to me, he does not seem like an opponent of the game, or even disinterested in it as others have claimed. In fact, he appears to support it and believes it will continue. While that doesn't give me much comfort for THIS incarnation of the game, it does give me hope for the gaming future of F13. S'all.
  18. Cokeyskunk

    Victor Miller Email

    So, in essence, you don't actually believe Miller's email shows he has only very limited interest in this game. You're assuming this from other facts, yes? Because I would argue that Miller's email actually shows he has interest in the game going forward. Why? My first indication is the line, "When the judge makes his ruling, either way, the game will go forward." How anyone would interpret that as him actually meaning, "I don't really care or want the game to go forward" is beyond me. No offense. I'm just . . . gobsmacked.
  19. Cokeyskunk

    Victor Miller Email

    I'm confused. You make a statement in the first line: But then you follow it up only with sales numbers, conjecture and probability. Where does the email "show" Miller has only limited interest in the game?
  20. Cokeyskunk

    Victor Miller Email

    If Rockstar were to purchase this game from Gun (as they did the "Red Dead" franchise,) they'd likely rework the entire game in an entirely new engine. I don't know. If Gun wants to offer it up for sale, and Rockstar can secure the rights post-lawsuit, it doesn't seem like too big a stretch to me that they would be interested. EDIT: it appears someone's already used the GTA engine to do a take on F13.
  21. Why encourage others to post a comment with a single letter to express their support? Why not just ask them to "like" the original post? That seems to be more effective AND keeps the thread from simply becoming an endless line of one-letter responses.