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  1. Whats your job/what are you studying?

    I'm a writer and professional voice actor.
  2. Does ANYONE have a list of how many traps each version of Jason gets? I play with Retro, and I always start with five.
  3. I really don't think my opinion of you matters in the least to your choice to create a fake account. Dude, I really don't care what you say anymore. You stated your opinion, I disagreed with it, you attacked me for it. I come here for great discussion about a game I love. Not to read how angry you are. Best of luck in your awesome lawsuit.
  4. A Speculation

    Actually, what I saw long ago is that they said they did not have current plans to add Pamela. To my knowledge, they have not said it will never happen.
  5. A Speculation

    What makes you say that?
  6. He's referring to a post of his that got mod-deleted. Instead of reading my lengthy rebuttal, he wrote "TL;DR" and called me a douchebag. I quoted his response and said something to the effect of, "You proudly declare you didn't even read my response, and I'm the douchebag?" Apparently, he believes that response was "snarky and rude." *shrug* Anyway, they deleted my response too because it contained a quote of his deleted post.
  7. I wouldn't make these changes to the main game. However, I do like the idea of permanent stalk, and even proposed a new game mode that allows it. Have a look: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/14697-new-game-mode-idea-more-like-the-films/
  8. I like where you're going with this. It helps to add more balance. Not sure how easy it would be to set Jason's rage to automatically hasten when certain events occur, but if it is easy enough to do so, I'm in agreement that he should get angrier the more progress the counselors make. As for betrayals, I've always felt that anyone who "betrays" more than once in a session should ALWAYS glow red for Jason (like in Sense, but it doesn't shut off), and they're given a big speed penalty and stun chance penalty. Basically making it easy for Jason to off them.
  9. Same here. Either I am just a horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible grabber -- or he has some crazy good jukes. Or both. Or neither. . . . am I still talking?
  10. Dude, he's LuckIsForLosers!
  11. Really? What good does this contribute? It just seems like you're solely set on trying to destroy public opinion about this game. It's a sad thing when you have to create a fake account in order to have someone who will agree whole-heartedly with you. We all agree it needs work. We're simply divided into groups of those whom are willing to wait, and those who are not. I understand your frustration, but not your anger. MODS: apologies for the double post.
  12. If that's what you think of my contributions here, then I also have zero interest in discussing anything with you. I offer "nothing but snarky, rude comments"? I beg to differ. The great majority of my comments are well thought-out and intended not only to improve the game, but also to improve the user experience. Do I make snarky comments? Of course I do. Do I make emotional comments? Absolutely. Do I make lots of jokes? Indeed. Do I make rude, insulting comments? No, I do not. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If you passionately state your point that I disagree with, then I will post my just-as-passionate-yet-still-wildly-entertaining counterpoint. I will not insult you. I will not call you a name. I will not swear at you. I may tell you in my own way that something is not a good idea, but that's never meant as an insult. We all have bad ideas now and again, and we all get called on them. But if you think I contribute nothing but negativity, then you obviously have not read the majority of my posts. But thank you for slapping a label on me without doing your due diligence.
  13. End of Round Screen

    Blecch. Get a room, you two . . .
  14. End of Round Screen

    This sounds borderline inappropriate.
  15. End of Round Screen

    I had the same thought. To many, making the "Wall of Shame" would be a goal. No thank you.