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  1. Cokeyskunk

    After every patch . . .

    This is from the old format. @ShiftySamurai, could you please help with the formatting to help the OP to be more visible? Thankya, sir. NOTE: @pilospc, I think I was able to fix it. Sorry for the unnecessary tag, Shifty.
  2. Cokeyskunk

    After every patch . . .

    And, thusly -- here we go again. Admittedly, I'm with @BrokenFattHardy on most points, here: download the patch, play the game, then let the devs (and us) know what you like and don't like. Don't be a jerk about it. (alternatively, don't be a suck-up about it, either) If others agree with you, perhaps something will change. That's the long-and-short of it.
  3. Cokeyskunk

    Some people.......

    A few points, my good man: I don't demand anything. I request it. Honey and vinegar, and all that loveliness . . . I guarantee you "proper fixes" are on the forefront of their minds, without our demands. Hence the reason things like Paranoia have been shelved for now. I feel confident the next patch will focus almost entirely on "proper fixes." I am not begging for Reggie. What do you take me for, sir?!?! I -- well, okay, yeah, I'm begging for Muffin.
  4. Cokeyskunk

    New Chad Face... WTF???

    . . . and eyebrows?
  5. Cokeyskunk

    Starting to look like.....

    I'm sorry. I'm sitting here at my desk laughing because I'm picturing you staring at your screen with the expression in your avatar.
  6. Cokeyskunk

    5/24 Update: First Impressions

    Something tells me mine is going to be the better part of an hour. 😣 If that's the case, then we're going to have to start IMMEDIATELY morphing to the phone house to destroy the fuse box. Screw the shack knives.
  7. Cokeyskunk

    5/24 Update: First Impressions

    How long did the update take to download and install, all told? I'm going to start mine as soon as I get home today (even though I won't be able to play today. )
  8. Cokeyskunk


    Well, for another record, the difficulty of being on a phone doesn't negate the rules. It just makes it more challenging. "For the record, officer -- I *was* late. So take that into consideration before you write me a ticket for driving down the sidewalk."
  9. Cokeyskunk


    Dude!! YOU DID IT AGAIN!! Again, just edit your last post. Don't post bag-to-back. Can you dig it?
  10. Cokeyskunk


    Are you an idiot? No. Are you the only one who read it that way? Yes. 😊 NOTE: And also, don't post back-to-back. Just edit your most recent response. #KThanksBuhBye
  11. Cokeyskunk


    Excellent. I'll expect your report in one week, Rear Admiral.
  12. Cokeyskunk


    Negative. Simply one who admires rears. Now, back to mustard . . .
  13. Cokeyskunk


    That is a less-than-satisfactory answer. I hereby assign you to try it again. Report back with your findings, Rear Admiral.
  14. Cokeyskunk


    So? Has it happened EVERY time you've eaten mustard? If not, give it another chance. You'll thank me. 😁