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  1. Our regards to FunMedia Barbie.
  2. That's a good idea, and one the devs should consider. By the way, welcome to the forums! I see this is your first post. Mozy on over to the "Introduce Yourself" section and tell us a little about yourself. http://forum.f13game.com/forum/5-introduce-yourself/
  3. I just want to hear their take on it. S'all . . .
  4. Patch Notes 12.12.2017

    I know @kitcat. She's a great chick, even though she still hasn't watched CLUE!!!!!!
  5. Patch Notes 12.12.2017

    I very much doubt an appearance of an icon on a map indicates the END of something. How many world maps do you know of that place islands or continents somewhere with the intent of showing the viewer where the land ENDS, rather than where it is? Look at it this way: if you're looking at a timeline of American History, and they place "The Civil War" on the year 1861 -- are you going to think that was when the war ENDED?
  6. Nope! Why? Because obvious logic points to an icon saying "Here is an event." not "Here, an event ends." I've said this before -- if they wanted to release this at the end of winter, they should have used a representation of SPRING!!
  7. Sooooo . . . we're back to, either we get all five updates by 12/25, or we should get an updated roadmap. Yes?
  8. Animated signatures

    By the way, how does one change their "Advanced Member" status to something customized?
  9. Only problem with that is that we officially hit winter four days BEFORE we get to Christmas. I still think it's an enormous stretch to put several release icons BEFORE a representation of winter, then come back and say, "Oh, we meant SOMETIME in winter."
  10. Totally with you, here. In which case, it all stems back to my original question/request: if they ARE behind schedule (which is fine if they are), then should we get an updated Roadmap to better represent their more realistic release dates? So . . . the answer is either, "Yes, you should, and we'll be releasing one within the next day or so," or it should be SILENCE, because they actually ARE planning to release everything before the first day of winter/Christmas, and want us all to be shocked and delighted. I opt for the latter.
  11. You're really telling me that you don't think putting icons for releases BEFORE the strongest icon representation of winter ISN'T misleading if they're going to release it SOMETIME in winter? Please. A simple map update (which takes about 30 minutes to do) could easily make seasons all-encompassing for their intended releases, and if it looks like they're not going to hit them, another simple 30-minute map release would fix the problem. Thank you! I'm starting to feel my sanity begin to return . . .
  12. All I am asking is that we get a map that isn't misleading. That should help to placate everybody while they work on things.
  13. No, they didn't. But if those icons were not intended to represent those things, why even include them then? You must admit that doing so DOES lead the public at-large to think of those as date indicators. Of course they can. What I am asking is if they KNOW this map is no longer accurate, will they be updating it soon? I don't understand why that's an unreasonable question, or request, for that matter. How does it make logical sense for a snowflake to represent SPRING??! Am I really the only one here who associates SNOW with WINTERTIME?? I feel like I'm insane . . .