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  1. I love Horror and Friday the 13th .Most of all i love this forum. I cant belive that all the members dont want certain people here.As long as your not spamming why should a guy be banned for life.
  2. Cops with guns entering the game would overpower jason.The way jason is right now.I think ghoul Jason should be able to take 3 gun shots each time before falling.Camp forest green had sheriffs in the camp.
  3. vovst7 on PlayStation network .Add me im a very good Jason psn gamer tag vovst7
  4. Im not anyone thats been here before. ive never been here before untill a month ago. thats a cool photo of the final chapter jason in the hospital.
  5. the final chapter hospital would be freaking awesome. if the game had more of a campaign story mode.maybe years down the road.
  6. I Would like to see the 3 versions of Pamela in the game. 1. The Human version that we see in f13th part 1. 2. The Ghoulish Version that attacks chris in the boat at the end of f13th part 3,then the 3rd version id like to see a game mode where you must fight pamela voorhees severed head like in the nes version.
  7. ID like to see in the documentary of the game hidden secrets and game strategies.the entire gaming history of friday the 13th.
  8. id like to see the old 1970s police,ambulance cadilac vehichles that appear in the first 3 friday the 13th movies.
  9. I Think pamela has enough determination and anger to kill.she may even be as powerfull as jason. she should be as tall as jason with some of the same capabilities. i really want to see her in the game.
  10. i think this game should include pamela voorhees.both rotting ghoulish pamela and human pamela voorhees.without her this game is incomplete.
  11. Well id like to see both versions of pamela voorhees.just as there is a human jason and a ghoulish jason.there could be the human pamela voorhees and the ghoulish rotting zombie pamela voorhees that could also fit into the virtual cabin. id like to see the well human pamela voorhees the most.she can fit in the game because video games are not real life.also you cant argue that you want to make the game as realistic as possiable.because jason and the whole franchise story is unrealistic.i think a mode after you kill jason 7 times,then the game will suddenly bring you to jasons ahack where you must defeat pamela voorhees head to permantley gain the grey sweater and a unique weapon that does more damage that just stun jason.
  12. Well in the virtual cabin i could see it happening.fighting pamelas head with a machette.it also would be a nod to the nes style version. in the virtual cabin lots of displays to various friday the 13th stuff is saluted. if you beat pamelas head you get a badge. this last time i had to get her head out of the refrigerator outside of the virtual cabin and take it too jasons cabin.
  13. well the virtual cabin isnt multiplayer. its a first person perspective. the last virtual cabin update was very cool. you had to go dig up jason in a graveyard. you had pamela voorhees calling on a phone in a creepy basement with lots of jasons.one part after pamela voorhees calls and you pick up the phone.the house goes dark and part 3 jason escapes the tank display.fighting pamela voorhees head would be cool for the virtual cabin.
  14. well go ahead. if you seen the update for the virtual cabin youd see how something like this would fit.
  15. well since pamela is awnsering the phones and leaving creepy messages in the virtual cabin.why not create a part in the virtual cabin where you must fight pamelas severed head.and dont say this idea is stupid.im tired of the veterans waiting to pounce anytime a post sounds weird or to costly.
  16. yeah id like to see the action with kane hodder doing the movements for the game and interviews with everyone.
  17. I Think it would be cool to have a mode where you must fight pamela voorhees head inside the virtual cabin.
  18. SKULL themed clothing.leather spikes wrist bands,leather vest. black hooded robes would be great for hiding in the dark.
  19. I Agree that Freddy should have his own game. but i think Gunmedia and ILLfonic should choose to do Halloween next for sure.id say this game is wrapping up.i just cant wait to hear Gunmedia and Illfonics next big Horror title.
  20. well those are some deep ideas.im hoping the game eventually gets a full campaign story mode 10 years down the road.then deeper story ideas could be put into the game.
  21. I Have a question.will there ever be a documentary dvd Of The Making Of The Friday The 13th game.with a full walkthrough and interviews with all members of Gunmedia and Illfonic. I Wish the company would create a full movie documentary about The friday the 13th game production.
  22. NO a whole diffrent forum room inside this forum. where the diffrent ideas of the franchise are shared.ideas that dont fit the multiplayer platform would go to the other forum.it would cut down on spam and crazy out of control posts.
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