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  1. PhD in Murder

    Im looking to get a group of people to get the PhD in murder achievement(perform every kill) in a private match, by taking turns being Jason. There is a lot of kills required to get this achievement. I play on PS4 and my in game name is Gearld-Eazy. Post you in game name below. List of Kills: Notes: * Not confirmed or unsure.** Same kill, but different.[Level] Map NameTom Savini's Jason DLC isn't needed for Achievement. Grappling Non Weapon KillsBack BreakerBear HugBody SlamHead RipChokeEye GougeHead CrushHead PunchHead SqueezeHead StompHeart PunchJaw RipKnee SnapNeck TwistTwo Handed ChokeKnown Weapon KillsJason Part 3Crotch ChopHead ChopStunnerJason Part 9How to Peel a CoconutChest Stab Head ChopDecapitateJason Part 8DoubletapChin StrikeFireaxe ThrowJason Part 6Knock DownSpear ImpaleShishkebabJason Part 2CanopenerThroat HackHeadbuttJason Part 7EviscerateDismemberMachete StabKnown Kills for EnvironmentsCorner Kill (Desk, Rock, Packanack Porch, Higgins Haven Porch and Tombstone, Shuffleboard Game(green table)ToiletTree Stump Big Tree (Impaling)Small Tree (Pruning)Window (Throw Outside) & (Throw Inside) (Throw Thru Broken)* (Throw Thru Open)* (2nd Floor Window Throw)*DrowningCabin Wall (Backbreaker)Cabin Wall (Head Slam)Cabin Wall (Head Punch)Outside Cabin (Backbreaker)*Repair Shop (Face Slam) [Crystal Lake]**Coat HooksBed OuthouseCupboard/ClosetFireplace (Inside Building)ChairGraveyard Fence [Higgins Haven]Door SlamCampfireWater PumpBarn Fence (Repeated Face Smash) [Higgins Haven]Bird BathTent (Sleeping Bag)Closet inside Higgins Haven Barn [Higgins Haven]Other KillsBear TrapWeapon of Choice (All Jason's, including Combat stance and Normal stance)Throwing KnivesUnconfirmed KillsKill Jason Voorhees*Betrayal Kill (Team Kill)*Boat Kill (Says to Tip Boat then Drown Counselor)
  2. Hello guys!

    Hello guys, Im glad to be here on the forums. A PhD in Murder achievement brought me here so I can get help from others to get it. I play on PS4 and am currently level 35. Glad to be here. PS4 name is the exact same.