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  1. Ya i noticed that. Sorta sucks but hopefully they will fix that
  2. My girlfriend and I have been playing since 12. It is 3:03 now. A bit glitchy but not to bad
  3. i really am sick of all these jason posts. If you dont want to play a game where a crazy half dead killer is after trying to kill you dont play this game. I go tryhard every time i play you only get jason a little so i am gonna use him the way i want. Stop complain about jason if you dont like it go play my little pony. I see nothing to op or tryhard about jason. work with other people and i can promise you will get away more
  4. Its rough. If that happens when i am jason i will kill the snitch and then morph away to let the other person get away. But if they stay in that hiding spot then it is their fault. But it is cheap if they just give you away that easy
  5. Yes part 8 is my favorite Friday the 13th. If they did add those in i would love to see a rooftop part. sorta like where Jason and Julius fight. Would be cool if you could like throw someone off that building instead of the head punch (since it is already in the game)
  6. This was me a while ago. but i have always loved this photo.
  7. i only double trap when i put one where the counselor can still put the phone or battery in. But if i used jason part to i would just use the traps to trap the counselors in a cabin
  8. If you are bugsy combat stance is so easy to knock down jason. They cant get rid of that or so many people would complain jason is op. (more then already do) if i didnt have the combat stance i would miss on probably 90% of my swings. right now i only miss like 30%
  9. I have the perks i want. But i will still roll for fun. try to get all the highest lvl perks i can. But more perks are needed for sure
  10. Come on its a game about a killer. There is no spawn killing. Ya you might get spawn next to the phone or car i do all the time you just have to play it smart. jason isnt that hard to run from (unless its a really good jason) you just have to use your stamina the right way. I am so sick of people whining about jason being to op. Thats the point of the game to see how long you can stay alive with a raging killer after you. Dont like jasons op dont play a game where jason is the killer
  11. I watched this video on youtube the other day that said when a player dies or escapes their stuff will wash up on the shore where you would find the boat. My girlfriend and i where looking last night but i only found medsprays and fire crackers. Does anyone know if this works for the phone fuse or car keys if someone escapes with the extra set?
  12. I didnt even think about flipflops till you said. But yes that would have been awesome and really topped off the spring break dlc
  13. I was driving the blue car in crystal lake and had to go up in the hills to get rid of jason. Little did i know when i stopped 2 of the people got out to fight jason and i drove away. I finally figured iut i lost them. i went back to pick them up but they where dead and i got me and the other counselor killed when we could have been gone. He sent me an angry meassage. i was laughing to hard at myself. I shhould have checked the map before going back
  14. you just have to know how to use the hiding spots. If you make it look like you went out a window that gives you a little extra time. and odds are the hiding spot you are in is not gonna be the first one he hits so you just have to be ready and use the walking sounds to see if he is close. The hiding spaces have helped me out so much if you know how to use them. My girlfriend uses hiding spots every game and she escapes almost all the time
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