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  1. We're done with the game

    I actually check the game's official Discord every now and then. Although, I live in Asia and most of the devs there seem to be idle or offline during the times of day I can post there. I might try the Twitter method someday. I have to make sure that I don't look or sound annoying if I do.
  2. We're done with the game

    I think my stance is extremely similar to what @bewareofbears and @Splatterhouse posted here. Although, I'm not entirely sure how, when and where to give feedback and suggestions without sounding immature. Looking back at the stuff I posted on all the forums and sites I frequent, I actually looked immature and childish a lot of times.
  3. We're done with the game

    Being a counselor got easier thanks to objective items showing up on their map. One person finding an objective item and dropping it lets someone else go grab it and fix an objective while Jason is chasing someone and putting up with questionable hit detection. Being Jason is hard and puts a lot of pressure on non-expert players. Of course, getting 8/8 as Jason shouldn't be very easy and his grab and slash shouldn't work on people his hands and weapon aren't reaching but hit detection really needs to be fixed and there needs to be a new change that allows him to keep up with the counselors who now see dropped objective items on their maps. He also needs a change that lets him effectively (but not effortlessly) deal with counselors who stick together to gang up on him since most counselor players know they should just run when Jason uses combat stance to block their attacks.
  4. I'm not going to mention anyone's username here. Don't want to get accused of starting witch hunts. I managed to find a server only to get accused of being responsible for all the black screens by someone I randomly played with before. Then the black screen just had to happen. When I connected to another server, the guy who accused says See? and half the server believed him and left. Desperate to play the game, I left and started quick play, only to encounter the black screen again after joining a server. Anything I can do to prove them wrong? I don't want to become the most hated player overnight who gets blamed for all the problems with the game.
  5. Hi there

    Thank you!
  6. Hi there

    Thank you! I'll be sure to check the thread out.
  7. After remembering that Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 for the PS2 had a feature that let you race in a police car, I think a feature that lets players pick the Jasons as counselors would be perfect for an April Fools update/DLC. Part 3 would be the guy with good strength and speed, Part 6 the somewhat fast one with acceptable luck and stamina but poor repair, Part 7 the slow but stealthy dude with okay repair and composure, Part 2 the repair dude with acceptable stealth, low composure, speed and stamina, Part 8 the stealthy guy with admirable stamina, composure and poor repair and Part 9 the strength focused guy with low speed and repair but has acceptable composure.
  8. Hi there

    Thank you! My Steam username is fishedforgood777 and I'll most likely send a friend request soon. Edit: Request sent.
  9. Hi there

    I got this game on Steam a few months ago and I'm loving it! I play on a laptop with a video card that doesn't meet minimum requirements, forcing me to set video settings to low and render scale to 65% to get 25-30 fps but I still manage to enjoy the game. I'm planning to build a desktop soon, though. I hope to get along with everyone in this community.