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  1. The ability to select which region allowed players to choose U.S. servers in order to play with many people who can respond in English. With its removal, those players found themselves stuck with people who only speak in a language they don't understand on many occasions.
  2. At this point, I'm willing to overlook the unfinished aspects of Uber Jason. Since he seems playable without crashes and he doesn't seem to be inducing gamebreaking bugs, I think we can all agree that we prefer playing with the unfinished but playable Uber Jason in the game's files over not getting Uber Jason at all. I know Wes and Hobbs are officially against giving us unfinished content but we're at a point where many of us will appreciate being allowed to play with what is already in the game's files and understand that it's the best thing that the developers can do given their situation thanks to the case.
  3. I'm Bros and Pals in the Discord server. I think many of us agree that we really wanted to see more from this game instead of seeing it come to an abrupt end. We all have different thoughts and emotions about what's happening to the game but I think a positive attempt to discuss them and what we can do to show support can help. While the road for this game has been rocky for many reasons, I still hope that one day, we get to see more enjoyable content coming to the game again. S
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