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  1. Hello All.

    @UprightChair Friendly fire was a big issue for me since I didn't have a lot of friends and I mainly played in Public matches. I don't understand why people used glitches and exploits because I agree with you about Friday the 13th being a highly casual game.
  2. Hello All.

    @NthnButAGoodTime If you decide to set up a private match, I definitely want to join. @UprightChair Yeah, before they patched Friendly fire, I was the victim of people killing me, shooting me, running me over, Jason helpers, and placing traps under me. I think the people that quit in the beginning of the match are usually the ones that die from Jason early on. Still not an excuse, but I've seen that happen a lot. And you have your rage quitters who are the lobby hosts.
  3. Hello All.

    @NthnButAGoodTime Sorry, that dude ran you over. @DamonD7 Thanks for linking that thread. It was really helpful.
  4. Gamer Tags for F13!

    PS4: leneration I have a mic and I do all the teamwork stuff.
  5. Hello All.

    Thanks for the invitation. I'll be sure to check out the group.
  6. Hello All.

    Heya, everyone. I'm new and decided to give the forums a shot since the PS4 communities weren't working out for me. My name is Len and I'm a big horror fan. I grew up on Friday the 13th. Looking to play with others on Friday the 13th. I prefer playing counselor more than Jason, mostly because I like messing with Jason players. My PSN user name is leneration if anybody wants to add me.