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  1. Jesus Christ. The point is not that I like teamkilling, it is a necessary component of the game that I deal with.
  2. Half of this post is rambling gibberish, but I'll bite on a few of your points. I've answered others in other responses to users. 1- Yes. Go to movies, books, real life stories, etc. It comes down to 1 person too many, so one person either has to sacrifice themselves or make sure they get the last spot. Not hard to understand. 2- How do I know if someone is sitting on the gas etc.? Watching them? If I see someone run around with that equipment with no interest in putting it into the car, then yes they should be killed. Sorry, if you're that guy but learn to play the game and finish objectives, quickly. 3-You never finished your original point on Jason and a counselor working together. Like I said previously, we've all heard people give Jason call outs because they're friends or they're trying to save their own life. If they were caught doing this, another counselor could TK them to save the others You and others on here are falling into the trap of trying to make TK, or other responses to TKing, pass a purity test. Nothing will work perfectly, but TKing served a purpose while also being abused by few members
  3. I don't know what to tell you. It was rarely abused in the ways you're discussing. Maybe if one spot was left and the lobby was full of friends who wanted their teammate to join, sure they'd vote one person out. But it was incredibly rare, and it outweighs the TKing burden imo. Also, have you heard of Combat mode, block, and counter? I was never killed by a single TKer with a melee weapon. If ever, it was by a group of friends just screwing around and I'd leave.
  4. You can't be serious that you haven't seen Jason helpers since the patch? What post-patch variable would deter people from helping him? Once again, I disagree that TKing was ever a "massive problem".
  5. Essentially, your opposition to the vote system can be applied to all aspects of the game. X could be abused so let's take it out. And I agree that most random TKing was done by shotgun, which means 1 person at max was killed, MAYBE 2 if they ccame back as Tommy Jarvis. Also, if I'm in lobby controlled by a "group of trolls" why would I stay? That group of trolls will do whatever they want, so that isn't a good reason IMO
  6. Yes. People getting out of the map or into spots where Jason can't get to them is a much bigger problem. TKing solved so many problems when it came to trolling. I don't know where all these people were playing that saw constant teamkilling. Like you said, play with situational awareness.
  7. You reference one point that I made in a post with what, 3 different ones? TKing takes care of all of the other trolling types. Plus, the voting system would take care of ALL trolling
  8. You must not be playing then? I don't know what to tell you, if you haven't seen these examples. And if someone purposely teamkilled me? Yes, I'd TK them unless it's like the first 5 minutes of the game, then I'd just leave. My point is that TKing, while abused by some, negated all of these other forms of trolling. I didn't even mention the fact that when Jason grabs a counselor, the others have no fear of wildly swinging with no hopes of hurting their teammates. Making it harder to be Jason
  9. F13 has been one of the most fun games that I've played and that's a testament to you and your team's work, but that fun fell off with the latest patch. The removal of teamkilling in public matches has made over 50 percent of the games that I join almost unplayable. Was there a problem with people trolling by teamkilling, sure. But it was nothing compared to what we deal with now: helping Jason, holding the phone fuse, keys, battery, or gas, trapping people in rooms by blocking the doorway, and most importantly, the removal of team killing took away the realistic choice between killing or sacrificing someone else so that you get out alive. "Helping" Jason has become nearly unstoppable. Prior to the patch, the team could take the player out and continue the game without someone relaying positions to Jason. Now, as others on the forums have posted there is a recourse - report them. Sure, but I'm not taking the time to record someone, upload it, send it to you, and HOPE that they get banned. Even if they are banned, how long will it take? TKing them instantly solved the problem. Holding the phone fuse, keys, battery, or gas is now a "Fun" way for trolls to ruin me and my team's game. Sometimes, the person holding the item is doing so while helping Jason! Once again, helping Jason and holding the items were easily taken care of prior to the patch. Now? I have to play the entire game without one method or two methods (phone and car/boat). Trapping people by blocking the doorway is among the most aggravating consequences of the patch. Now, players will sit in a doorway, as a way of trolling. With TKing, they'd be killed and I'd be able to go about my way. Now I have to quit or try and wait them out and/or dodge Jason. Finally, the realistic aspect, whichthe Dev team discussed as a reason for TKing at launch, is gone. Everyone knows the situation that I'm describing; 4 seats and 5 counselors at the car, do I take one for the team or kill a fellow counselor out of selfishness and the need to survive. This was a great oversight by your team at the outset, now since people complained about one aspect of the game (TKing), we need to take it out? I vehemently disagree with this situation. So, what do we do? I think a full re-institution of team killing is needed for public matches. At this point, I won't be playing F13 until/if it is restored. The game is just a waste of time to play, because of the new forms of trolling that have arisen since TKing was removed. If your team is looking for a way to address TKing, then I'd suggest a system similar to that of SOCOM: US Navy Seals on PS2 and 3. This game offered a voting system that allowed members in the lobby to vote out members who weren't playing, teamkilling, or trolling (A majority needed to vote the person out, I believe). This is the PERFECT option to keep teamkilling, while also protecting against the abuses that it brings. Thanks for reading everyone.
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