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  1. I think i recognized one of your gamertags... Im almost postive my group killed one of you.
  2. TCU ZiG ZaG ... lol i will be on tonight
  3. I want to start a F13 youtube channel. My first video I am thinking about uploading would be a Jason killing strategy. Would this be something the community is interested in? If not, what other turtorials and game information would you like to be covered on the channel? I want to make more of a "how to f13 " channel so that people can have another option and perspective on how the game can be played. I play and love this game alot and I definitely would love to share some of my strategies and techniques with the community as well as learn from other people as well. In most games I play, I have a unique way of how I approach them that is usually different from the norm. (Not the best or worst way, just a UNIQUE way) Sorry if this is on the wrong section of the forums. I was not sure where to put it.
  4. Pick Part 2. Put 1 trap at phone, 2 traps on the blue car (battery and gas), and 1 trap at the 2 door (battery). This will leave you with 3 traps left. Start taking out power, do not tunnel vision, and morph to what ever trap pops first. Kill the person, retrap place, and repeat until all counslers are dead.
  5. This would be a great idea. Maybe make someone find just keys and gas for it but only 1 person can escape with the motorcycle.
  6. I agree with everything but the Insta-Kill thing. People seem to forget all the events that lead up to being grabbed. Strength characters are not useless if you play their role correctly. Usually you want to be with someone or have a pocket knife while fighting Jason. If one of my friends is with me, we can fight Jason and save each other out of grabs almost everytime. There is also bating Jason to grab or swing and the knocking him out. An experienced counsler should give Jason alot of trouble before being grabbed and "insta killed." By far the most annoying thing is players who do not communicate and players that do not want to work as a team.
  7. I like the idea. The only problem is if no on escapes and there are 5 people dead will Tommy spawn from the dead people instead of waiting for someone to escape? I know once 2 people die, Tommy will usually spawn one of those 2. What it makes the highest level if the dead and escaped counslers spawn as tommy? This way the most experienced player that dies or escapes will end up being Jarvis. Great idea though.
  8. lmao im dead ??? driving the car at 300 ping is definitely the biggest challenge in this game.
  9. I challenge anyone who thinks they are the best Jason to play a game in my lobby and try to get 5/8 or better.
  10. Honestly think it is easy to kill Jason. Surviving the night is definitely by far the hardest.
  11. People that quit games do not get punished enough if this is still a huge problem in the community.
  12. I disagree. I can report the person or I can respond. I do not need someone else sticking their nose where it does not belong. If i am insulted, let me take the proper action. We do not need others to do it for us. There is a report button and moderators for a reason. If i feel that insulted I can use it. That is there so other people can ignore these little petty debates. Instead we got social justice warriors all over the place that need to learn to mind their own business.
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