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    Same as ... just went on Indiegogo and searched Never Hike Alone and this is what I got back - https://www.indiegogo.com/explore/all?project_type=all&project_timing=all&sort=trending&q=never hike alone You try and support this stuff, but it ain't easy ... think I'll give up.

    Any word on whether the blu-rays will be shipped internationally or not? ...
  3. Finally took the shrink wrap off the game yesterday and played it for the first time. Started with online just to see how it all works. Didn't take too long to find a game. I was pretty useless though so moved on to the offline modes to get some practice ... ... I was a bit surprised to find that you can only play as Jason offline. Are offline counsellors going to be added at a later date or is this the extent of the offline mode? It would be really useful to be able to practice with the counsellors so we're not complete noobs when it comes to online.

    Can I just check ... will international shipping be an option (I'm in the UK)??

    Superb stuff ... can't wait for the 15th as I've yet to see this yet and the Blu-ray package looks great. Just hope I can snag one!
  6. If I lived in the USA I'd be all over this!
  7. My biography

    Huge X-Men fan here as well..!! Do you collect the comics? I did until recently when I ditched them because Marvel are forever rebooting and restarting the title, which annoys the hell out of me.
  8. I don't understand Jason x hate

    I think aesthetically its not a good fit .... the Jason most people love is an eighties set, woodland, lake side, camp and cabins setting. For me its the setting that makes Friday the 13th almost as much as anything else. I think you could stretch it a bit and have Jason in other similar settings ... but a shiny Jason in future outer space is too much of a departure. If you remove the Jason name is there anything truly Friday the 13th about the Jason X? The closest bit is the holographic representation of Camp Crystal Lake, which kind of proves the point.
  9. Best obscure slasher films?

    I second Cherry Falls, was a decent throwback to the slashers of old with a decent cast. I really wanted to like The Mutilator, but I just found it too dour ... just depressing really. I need to have more of a fun element, even if was just a smidge of black humour.
  10. What if, you wrote a friday the 13th movie?

    Like the idea but I hate films with subtitles like "Jason Dies" ... totally gives away the ending. Same with "Freddy's Dead", I didn't see the point in watching it as the outcome was already confirmed.
  11. Old Horror Films Vs New Horror Films

    I would agree ... most new horror films look and feel too slick and shiny, if that makes sense. Often times its the CGI, other times they're just too polished. Maybe its just because I have a soft spot for late 70s / early 80s horror when things looked a bit less polished and a bit 'scratchy'. Its not impossible for modern horror films to recapture that ... It Follows had the same feel as a classic from back in the day and was a great modern horror. And yeah, give me practical effects over CGI any day of the week. I guess CGI is the cheaper option for a lot of films these days though which is a shame.
  12. Best obscure slasher films?

    I think it was the acting in the Sleepaway Camp sequels ... I can take cheap effects, wonky sets, and hokey scripts, but when they've got useless actors reading the lines like its a school play, just ruins it for me ... it actually becomes painful to watch. Just some of the line readings, my god!! I could have done better!
  13. Best obscure slasher films?

    I actually picked up Chopping Mall a few months back after one of the characters in the Agents Of SHIELD Marvel TV show mentioned it in an episode surprisingly enough! ... ... I'm not sure I'd call it a slasher as the villains are these cheap looking security robots that go haywire and start killing a group of young staff members who've hidden in a shopping mall for the night to party ... kinda like the Daleks from Dr. Who blended with The Terminator. Its fun in a cheesy way though, not overly long, and has a couple of good death scenes (one in particular is surprisingly messy!). If you see it cheap I'd pick it up.
  14. Best obscure slasher films?

    Love Sleepaway Camp as well, a good companion piece to Friday the 13th ... and that ending, woah! I first saw the film about 8 years ago and had somehow managed to avoid any spoilers so I got to enjoy the ending as it was meant to be seen. I had to pick my chin up off the living room carpet! I had the Sleepaway boxset so was eager to see the sequels, but what a disappointment they were, utter garbage. I'd second The Town That Dread Sundown to. Has an unsettling edge to it because its based on the actual Moonlight Murders that happened in Texarkana in 1946. Only down side is the tone which is all over the place at times ... like the 'comedy' police chase when the cops are tracking down one of the suspects and he sticks his car in to a swamp. The 2014 "meta-sequel" was actually half decent to, worth checking out. For folks that like slasher films check out The Hysteria Continues podcast. Its the best podcast I've ever listened to, the guys doing it are very knowledgeable on slashers and make lots of great recommendations.
  15. New Friday Blu Ray Set

    ... is this US only or is it region free? In the UK so looking to get hold of this.
  16. Unpopular opinions on horror films

    I don't think Jaws could ever be called boring. Even when 'Bruce' isn't chomping on swimmers its totally absorbing because the acting and direction is so good ... I can't think of a single part of that film that drags. Its perfection in my book. If we want to talk about classics that don't live up to the hype though, I gotta throw The Exorcist in there. I finally saw it when the UK ban was lifted in the late 90s, and even though I knew it would never live up to expectations I still felt it was a let down. Its just not that scary ... where's the threat? Spoilt rich girl has to be tied to bed, oooooo, watch out! I still think its a good film as its well made, its just not that scary.
  17. How Many Times Have You Seen Friday the 13th?

    How do you guys keep count of this sort of thing? I lose track after 3 or 4 times. The original I've seen a ton of times ... definitely more than ten.
  18. Top 10 Horror Icons

    That's fair enough ... if its personal taste it would have to be: 10. Jack Torrance 9. Candyman 8. The Thing 7. Dracula 6. Pinhead 5. Hannibal Lecter 4. Ghostface 3. Xenomorph (Alien) 2. Michael Myers 1. Jason / Mrs Vorhees
  19. google earth view of crystal lake

    That's awesome! Thanks for sharing. Love to visit there one day but chances are slim ... lottery win please!
  20. Top 10 Horror Icons

    Great read, thanks for sharing. Are we talking the ten best, or our ten favourite? ... because those are two very different lists. If its the ten best no way Chucky takes the third spot above so many other legends.
  21. Fondest Memories of Gaming

    Much respect for that ... I always saw that as an impossible task back in the day!
  22. Where is everybody from...

    Kent, the Garden of England ... though less of a garden these days and more like a scuzzy backyard with an old mattress tossed in the corner, a rusty barbeque, weeds growing up through the cracks in the patio, and an old dog occasionally squatting and shaking to squeeze out a fresh log ...
  23. Horror Movie Podcasts

    Thanks mate, I'll have a look at Shock Waves
  24. Horror Movie Podcasts

    I'm a bit late to the party I know, but I finally got in to podcasts this week. I've signed up to a 100km charity bike ride so I needed something other than loud music to put in my ears during the training (my hearing isn't great as it is!). Friend of mine has been raving about podcasts for a while but I never thought they'd be my cup of tea. I took the plunge though and downloaded the Stitcher app. First one I tried was Horror 101 and an episode they did on Friday 13th Part III. Got about half hour in and gave up ... way too shouty, too many 'in jokes' I didn't get, too many people talking over one another ... Second one I found was fantastic though, The Hysteria Continues. They specialise in looking back over old slasher films, with some other horror films thrown in now and again. Two American guys, one Irish and one English guy, so you get their different take on things. All four guys really know their stuff, they aren't trying too hard to be funny, very insightful, and you can tell they put a lot of time in to their research and the horror genre in general. Any one else in to their film or horror podcasts, and can recommend some good ones?

    Great news!! Stick me down for a Blu-ray