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  1. Horror, and what it means to you?

    Thanks for your service dude! ... and on Gerald's Game I watched that couple of weeks back on a friends recommendation. Great film but I think I know the scene you mean ... the broken glass, hand "escape" bit at the end? That was really rough! I think it was so effective because the film had been quite soft to that point on the gore front.
  2. Fondest Memories of Gaming

    And NHL Hitz on the Xbox, playing with my little bro. One of the most playable games ever! And the commentary was hilarious ... "Somebody open a window, these guys are stinking up the joint" ... either that or you could play with the music on your hard drive. Bone rattling ice hockey soundtracked by Billy Idol's 'Rebel Yell'
  3. Fondest Memories of Gaming

    So many to mention! A Christmas Eve tradition for me is playing Donkey Kong Country on the SNES. My Mum gave us an early Xmas present one year which was this game so I have great memories of sitting with my little bro and sis under our tree playing DKC. Good times! Pushing for all 96 levels on Super Mario World and trying to beat my lap times on Super Mario Kart, great memories there. Playing Resident Evil on PS1 (my favourite game) and getting killed by the zombie dog the comes crashing through the window in the mansion's first corridor. My big sis and Mum were in the room at the time and all three of us jumped out of our chairs. Knew then RE was gonna be one of the greatest games of all time. Remember playing Halo and for the first time feeling like I was playing through an actual movie. Cruising the streets of Liberty City in Gran Theft Auto IV on PS3 just listening to the amazing radio stations. Getting together with my bro and best mate on day of release for Star Wars: Battlefront and Star Wars: Battlefront 2 ... two PS4s, two TVs, beer and pizza. Heaven!
  4. What is your favorite Friday the 13th?

    The original ... has the best atmosphere by a long chalk.
  5. If we ever get single player mode ... I've almost given up waiting
  6. I was sooooo disappointed with The Fog remake (though not at all surprised) ... the original is one of my all time faves but the remake was an absolute turd!
  7. Picked up my hard copy of the game when it came out ... and its still in the shrink wrap! Been following the posts here and its not looking good on PS4, certainly doesn't like its worth me clearing the install room on my PS4 for it. At the moment the game is gonna stay in the shrink wrap as a Friday the 13th collectible until the single player content comes out.
  8. Summer's been over

    I only picked up the disc version of the game as it was anticipated the first tranche of single player content would be out around the same time if not shortly after (looking at the 'roadmap'). Disappointing that we're halfway through November and there's been nothing. Always amazes me how, living in an era of such ease in communication, companies don't communicate with their customers more ... blogs, Twitter, Facebook, forums, it really is so easy and accessible. Little excuse for radio silence these days.
  9. That's all I kept thinking watching Blair Witch, how good The Blair Witch Project was and how long its been since I watched it.
  10. The Witch was awful, came close to walking out of the cinema for that one. The Babadook was interesting, trying to work out if Amelia was losing her mind or whether Mister Babadook was real ... still can't tell by the end. It Follows I thought was fantastic, very creepy, great central idea, well shot, well acted. good soundtrack. ... finally got round to watching Blair Witch, last night, absolute trash!! It tried to replicate the cinema verite feel of the original by being shot all on handheld cameras, but unlike the original it was clear the cast were acting and reading lines, and the plot was scripted like a cliché horror film ... thunder storm on cue, convenient jump scares, etc. One to avoid.
  11. Any autograph collectors?

    Definitely a touch of the Helen Mirrens about her these days, which is no bad thing ... they both looked great though considering Friday was nearly forty years ago now! I did complement her on her t-shirt and the Jason hockey mask pendant she had on. Oddly, I was the only one in the shoot who wore a Friday t-shirt ... there were a lot of other guests at LFCC so I'm guessing people didn't want to wear a particular franchise t-shirt that would look odd in their other shoots. When it was my turn she looked at me and said "Finally, someone came dressed right!" which was funny
  12. Any autograph collectors?

    Definitely agree with you there, though I'm not shy in coming forward to its not too much of a problem for me At LFCC 2017 there were only 15 or so at her photo shoot and I was last in line, so when it came to my turn I had time to stand and chat which was great. I then went to find Robbi Morgan's stand and as there was no queue there I got to have a long chat and photo with her as well. As we were chatting Adrienne came over to say hi to her and stopped for another natter! I remembered she went in to wine making and as I like a drop of vino myself we had a talk about that which she seemed to enjoy. They were both very down to earth and easy to talk to which was great as there's always slight trepidation that someone you admire might not be as nice as you're expecting them to be.
  13. Any autograph collectors?

    I get what you say ... I have a friend who hates having his photo taken; I only found this out after I brought him a photo op with Hayley Atwell at London Comic Con couple of years back! He said it was cool to meet her but he didn't enjoy posing for the pic. I'm ok having my photo done, but I'm still picky with the "meeting celeb for photo" thing at the Cons, hence I've only done a couple. Happy to report those I've met though have been super cool though (Neve Campbell, Adrienne King, and Robbi Morgan) and the photos came out great. Ms King and Ms Morgan even had time for a bit of chatter as their lines weren't long and they were super nice.
  14. Any autograph collectors?

    Must admit, I've never seen the appeal of autographs. The names look like they could have been signed by anyone ... bit different if you were there when your item got signed I guess. I'm much more of a fan of having a photo with a celeb at a convention. Less value if you were to sell it on obviously but a nicer memento I find.
  15. Finally completed my custom Alice and Ginny 1/6 scale figures :-)
  16. Custom Alice and Ginny 1/6 scale figues

    Thanks mate! These are actually my first. Just started getting in to the 1/6 scale figures. Love the Hot Toys ones but don't have the cash for them ... but I discovered you can actually get the parts to do your own relatively cheaply so thought I'd give it a go. Got a beheaded Pamela Vorhees that I'm close to finishing and a Part 4 Jason ... will post when they're done.
  17. JC Halloween vs RZ Halloween

    JC's Halloween is in a different league. I like that RZ tried to do something a bit different, but Michael's 'white trash' back story was cliché. It also took up half the running time and didn't leave enough time to build up sympathy for Laurie and her friends; by the time we get to Haddonfield I didn't really care what happened to her or anyone else. They were all bland supermodel looking types to, rather than everyday looking girls like they were in JCs ... no thanks. McDowell's Loomis was also very uneven, expert psychologist one minute, silver-tongued shyster the next.
  18. Horror, and what it means to you?

    Just having a nose through old threads and came across this ... what a good read. Great to hear other people's experiences with the genre and how they came to it. I was born in 1980 in UK and first came to horror in the late 80s/early 90s. I think it was the taboo nature of it and the fact my friends and I would chat about Freddy and Jason on the playground that drew me in. It all seemed very cool and off limits. Fortunately I had trusting parents who allowed me to start getting in to horror on the promise that I "not have nightmares". I found more realistic scares, such as the death by fire in The Towering Inferno (which actually gave me nightmares) much more terrifying, so while horror stuff gave me a thrill it was a 'safe' scare. Books were my entry point; for educational purposes my Mum was just happy I was reading something! I use to trawl secondhand book shops for cheap horror novels, usually drawn in by a lurid cover with a half naked lady on it ... stuff by Guy N Smith and the like. I then graduated on to Stephen King as my Dad read a lot of his stuff. We weren't a very well-off family so films were harder to come by. So unless I was at a mates house or they lent me a VHS I didn't get to see that much. All that seemed to be on TV were Hammer Horror films, but occasionally the schedules chucked up something good like Friday the 13th or Alien, albeit censored versions so they could be shown on BBC or ITV without sensitive souls losing their minds. Adulthood and my own income stream changed all that and I nabbed everything horror related. Now my preference is for anything with a good atmosphere. I also have a big soft spot for anything 1975 to 1985 as its an era that transports me back to my childhood, or the childhood I wished I'd had; I would have loved to have grown up in small town America in the early 80s, a summer camp to visit, a high school prom to attend, etc. I guess its slightly odd that I find horror films so comforting given the subject matter but give me a slasher classic from the early 80s and I'm in heaven. I also love watching stuff for the craft, the practical effects that they utilised back in the day; the CGI stuff that replaced it leaves me cold, and is probably why I don't have many favourite horror films from the 90s (Scream being the only exception I can think of).
  19. What if, you wrote a friday the 13th movie?

    Really like this idea ... Friday the 13th meets The Thing ... that would be very creepy!
  20. Been looking to sort out some decent custom covers for my Friday the 13th and Part 2 blu-rays as they covers they have are awful. Anyone got any they might be happy to share?
  21. Noobs, noobs everywhere!

    Mic is an essential piece of kit for this game then? I've not got one, so I may have to invest.
  22. Noobs, noobs everywhere!

    I've been following this game for ages but chose to wait for the disc release before picking up, so when I eventually get some time to play it this week I'm gonna be a newbie to. Judging by some of the comments I've read on here from some of the more 'seasoned' F13 players I'm not exactly looking forward to getting in to it. Surely any increase in the player base for this game is a good thing ... and none of us are going to be experts right out the gate.
  23. Got mine from Game UK on PS4 ... love the artwork on the box. They only got three copies in though! Even the guy behind the counter was surprised at the lack of numbers
  24. Friday the 13th Part 2 & 3 (2-CD set) soundtrack

    Great find, thanks for sharing. Wished they'd just release the 1 to 6 boxset again. I guess it'll drop the value for those that already have it but its a big hole in my Friday the 13th collection
  25. That's a real shame as I thought Halloween 2 was a good sequel. I guess they maybe want to avoid any tricky "how did he survive the hospital explosion" questions.