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    Alternative Horror Forum ...

    Noticed this forum has died off lately, and sadly I can't see it reviving. Done a bit of digging and my favourite scary movie podcast (The Hysteria Continues) has relaunched its forum - http://tbc-productions.com/forum/index.php Its primarily for slasher films but they also discuss wider horror stuff. Might be a good place for folk to chat about their fave genre now this forum has gone quiet.
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    Any word on a further Blu-ray release? ...
  3. PurpleFloyd

    Best Halloween Movies

    I think there's a big difference between a good film for Halloween, and just a good scary movie. For example, Alien, Saw and Texas Chainsaw have both been mentioned; amazing scary movies but they don't invoke a Halloween atmosphere. The best Halloween movies capture the feeling of 31st Oct ... so as well as scares there's pumpkins, leaf covered sets, trees, a woodland campfire, rainy/dull weather, trick or treaters, a creepy atmosphere, traditional scare villains like Dracula or ghosts, etc. For me a good evening of Halloween films would include the likes of Halloween, Trick o' Treat, Tales of Halloween, Friday the 13th, Dracula (1958), The Haunting ...
  4. PurpleFloyd

    So, How About That New Halloween Movie?

    Not perfect, but probably the best sequel since Halloween II. I really enjoyed it and was pleased to see an old fashioned slasher film on the big screen again done properly. Also loved all the tributes to the original. I still think they could have kept Part II in the canon, kept the sister thing in, and had older Michael with burn marks to show him surviving the hospital explosion. His new doctor was also a rubbish story element that should have been dropped. Other than that, good stuff. My full write up is here for anyone interested - http://filmsfilmsfilms.co.uk/blog/the_night_he_came_home_again/2018-10-23-107
  5. PurpleFloyd

    Describe your greatest rage quit

    Haven't had one since I was about 14 ... Streetfighter II and Super Mario Kart on the SNES were the only ones that made me chuck my controller and stomp off in a rage, usually when the AI would start displaying suspect behaviour in the way they were coming back in a race or fight. This was before the days when I knew what rubber banding was; it just seemed like the game was coded to 'cheat' when you were beating it too badly on higher levels These days I find games to be a lot more forgiving, and I don't do online gaming, so there's zero risk of me flinging a controller now ... plus new controllers cost a lot now so no way I'm risking breaking one!
  6. PurpleFloyd

    Mythos - A Friday the 13th Fan Film

    I'd definitely back this financially if they did a go-fund option ... love to see more 'classic' style Friday films being made.
  7. PurpleFloyd

    What kind of beer do you drink?

    As a connoisseur of beer, ales, lagers, etc ... there's some fine suggestions on here I'll be looking out for. I'm in the UK and in the last few years there's been an explosion in micro-pubs ... basically very small establishments that cater just for ales and ciders, usually four of each available, changing every week or so. Great places to pop in to for fine conversation and different beers each time. I've been to the States three times in the last ten years but I haven't found anything equivalent ... plenty of fine bars, but nothing similar. Is there anything like this in the States?
  8. PurpleFloyd

    Rate/review the last horror movie you watched/saw

    Glad its not just me then! I guess I find films that do this sort of stuff well (ie. have integrity as you mentioned) a bit tougher than the trashy ones. The trashy stuff that's just shock for shock sake I can dismiss a lot easier because of their cheapness. Great point re. Human Centipede. I'd love to have been in the room when they first pitched the movie to, must have been some reaction! I haven't heard of Philosophy Of A Knife ... worth seeking out?
  9. PurpleFloyd

    Rate/review the last horror movie you watched/saw

    Didn't even know there was a book! ... thanks for the tip, I might look that up ... easier to put down a book than turn off a film I find.
  10. PurpleFloyd

    Rate/review the last horror movie you watched/saw

    I've got a pretty strong stomach so the gore / repulsion side of these films doesn't bother me ... but they do leave me sort of depressed. Never use to bother me in my younger days, but pushing late 30s now I wonder whether I want to use the little free time I have to be depressed by a film. On Salo, I've read the plot synopsis but never seen it. It sounds pretty rough, but how bad is it? The worst I've seen is probably Irreversible, Men Behind The Sun or The Human Centipede. Not sure I'd put myself through Salo or Serbian Film, but I'm still intrigued ...
  11. Here's my picks: 3. Jaws 3D - Not necessarily the story from the third film, but just a new third film. I thought Jaws 2 was a great sequel, not quite the measure of the first film, but a lot better than it had any right to be. The third film was such a drop off from this. I'd love for them to do a new sequel to do away with Jaws 3D and Jaws: The Revenge. 2. Resident Evil - Still don't think I'm over the disappointment of this film. The original game is my all time favourite, but the film is nothing like it. Where's the creepy old mansion? Where's the mystery? Where the limited ammo, tension, proper scares, Jill and Chris, etc? They need to reboot this franchise and go back to the original game and what made it so scary. 1. Alien 3 - The only thing more disappointing that Resident Evil to me was Alien 3. Aliens is my fave film of all time so I had huge expectations for this. What a downer it turned out to be! A lot wrong with it, but the biggest mistake was killing off Bishop, Newt and Hicks before the film even started. Totally negated the point of Aliens and us cheering for them all to escape. Neill Blomkamp should have been allowed to make his new part three as it sounded amazing and would have righted a lot of wrongs.
  12. PurpleFloyd

    Your First Video Game

    Caves Of Doom on the ZX Spectrum 128k Looked like it was going to be this awesome cave exploration platformer where each screen was a different "cave". I could only get four screens/caves in to the game though, where you'd reach this white figure who floated across the screen and kill you instantly. It was so impossible it had to be a bug in the game.
  13. PurpleFloyd

    Rate/review the last horror movie you watched/saw

    Fantastic film! One of the best of the last few years IMO ... need to see it again soon.
  14. PurpleFloyd

    Halloween 2007 Collector's Edition

    That explains it. I gave it a quick Google to and found out that a workprint leaked before it hit theatres ... must have been that version I got hold of. So there's three versions ... the workprint, the theatrical release, and the directors cut. Doesn't sound like the changes between the three version will save the movie from being a dud, least to me.
  15. PurpleFloyd

    Halloween 2007 Collector's Edition

    I remember seeing a copy of this when it came out that a mate got hold of ... he said they changed the ending for the full theatrical release as it was getting terrible ratings at the previews, so I guess it was a screener copy or something. Must admit, I've haven't put myself through it again ... I thought the whole thing was so horrendous even if they changed the ending it wouldn't have helped. But still, I'm slightly intrigued by the different versions out there ... maybe if I'm feeling masochistic I'll check it out
  16. PurpleFloyd

    Rate/review the last horror movie you watched/saw

    That's good interpretation, I'd go with that (still doesn't explain Laurie being a whiney prick, but still ) Dude, if TCM3 is the most pointless horror film you've seen, you've got many many levels of rubbish below that to "enjoy" ... wait until you sample the "delights" of Axe 'Em, Criminally Insane/Crazy Fat Ethel, Terror At Tenkiller, Nail Gun Massacre ... TCM3 is like The Godfather in comparison!
  17. PurpleFloyd

    Rate/review the last horror movie you watched/saw

    The bravura opening hospital scene is the only good thing about that film. Laurie in this has to be the most whiney, unlikeable, morose horror film character of all time ... I found there to be quite a bit wrong with H2, but the character writing for Laurie was the single biggest failing. Can't really blame Scout Taylor-Compton, but Zombie should hang his head in shame for this script writing ... utter waste of a budget and opportunity.
  18. PurpleFloyd

    Fire Pro Wrestling World

    Didn't even know there was gonna be another one, cheers for the tip off. Have really enjoyed some of the older ones so will give this a look for sure.
  19. PurpleFloyd

    The New Halloween 2018

    Wasn't blown away by the trailer ... it certainly looks more promising than the Zombie films and Resurrection, but I didn't see anything in the trailer that hasn't been done before. Be nice if the slasher genre started producing genuinely good films again, rather than living on "well, at least its better than the utter sh*te we had previously" ... that's a pretty low bar. I guess there isn't too much new ground to break in the slasher genre, so hoping that it'll live up to the 1978 original is probably a fool's errand ... but a solid, scary film with decent plot logic, and well written sympathetic characters shouldn't be too much to ask for.
  20. PurpleFloyd

    Old Horror Films Vs New Horror Films

    Totally (Halloween pun intended!) ... my fave era is 1978 to 1984 ... I've lost count of the amount of horror films from that period I've watched hoping they would be great but which turned out to be utter dog toffee
  21. PurpleFloyd

    Old Horror Films Vs New Horror Films

    Spot on there ... I guess its the cheap way to make a horror film. I love a good jump scare when its done well, but if that's all that's on offer it gets quite predictable and dull. I thought there would be a landslide of found-footage films after Blair Witch considering the money it made on a tiny budget, the same way Halloween launched the slasher explosion but I don't remember there being too many ... even the sequel ditched the format. But yeah, its gotten out of hand lately. Rec, Rec 2, and Paranormal Activity were all fantastic but the rest? M'eh ... A sort of mockumentary / found footage one that's absolutely worth a watch though is Lake Mungo, its amazing. Worth watching not knowing much about it.
  22. PurpleFloyd

    Old Horror Films Vs New Horror Films

    I don't remember that many jump scares in The Blair Witch Project .... I've not seen it in a while, so I'll have to go back and check it out, but I only recall a couple. I mostly remember the amazing atmosphere and the psychological terror of Heather having a mental breakdown. Jump scares were all over mainstream horror well before Blair Witch. Look at Scream from three years earlier, that was nearly all jump scares. Carrie is the one that got the ball rolling for me, a lot of horror films that followed copied the hand-shooting-out-the-dirt jump scare. The modern false panic thing you mentioned, I think that was probably more a misinterpretation of what made the Asian horror films of the 90s so good ... a lot of Hollywood output saw the "boo" scare of a lank haired woman in a cupboard or under the bedsheets and shoe-horned as much of it as possible in to their films, thinking that's all it took to make a great modern horror. That's not what made most of the Asian horrors great though (well, not just that).
  23. PurpleFloyd

    Best Friday the 13th Film OST?

    Hard to beat the original for atmosphere
  24. PurpleFloyd

    Any Children of the Corn fans here? (Bad News)

    That's freaky, I only just watched the original last week ... first time I'd seen it since I was a kid. Gotta say, apart from the opening scene it was really disappointing. Couldn't believe how much of the film they gave over with Linda Hamilton and her boyfriend just driving around then walking around the deserted town, it seemed like over half the run time.
  25. PurpleFloyd

    Favorite Jason Action Figure?

    I have the NECA 18" version of this, which is pretty awesome. Quite like the 12" Jason from Part II as well, that's a nice figure.