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    Any writers on here?

    Writer here ... first book Fright Films came out in 2011 (see profile pic). Also have my own website www.filmsfilmsfilms.co.uk that's been going for five years or so. Be happy to contribute some bits if I can find the time ... what sort of stuff did you have in mind? For some pointers on how to get a horror movie podcast right, check out The Hysteria Continues. I'm really not a fan of podcasts, so this is the only one I listen to regularly. Its the only one I've found that has the perfect mix of humour, info, and opinion. Others I've found too shouty, obnoxious, uninteresting, etc.
  2. PurpleFloyd

    Halloween 2018 ignoring part 2?

    Ahhhh, that makes sense :-) I'm an 'after dark' person myself, so this sounds right up my street. Unfortunately in the UK the weather can be a bit rubbish so the number of evenings I could do this would be limited, but I might give it a try. I went camping a couple of years ago and took the original Friday the 13th with me ... we had a real good summer storm that night so me and the missus hid in our tent watching the film, with a backdrop of heavy rain, trees, a little lake ... it was fantastic!!
  3. Here's my picks: 3. Jaws 3D - Not necessarily the story from the third film, but just a new third film. I thought Jaws 2 was a great sequel, not quite the measure of the first film, but a lot better than it had any right to be. The third film was such a drop off from this. I'd love for them to do a new sequel to do away with Jaws 3D and Jaws: The Revenge. 2. Resident Evil - Still don't think I'm over the disappointment of this film. The original game is my all time favourite, but the film is nothing like it. Where's the creepy old mansion? Where's the mystery? Where the limited ammo, tension, proper scares, Jill and Chris, etc? They need to reboot this franchise and go back to the original game and what made it so scary. 1. Alien 3 - The only thing more disappointing that Resident Evil to me was Alien 3. Aliens is my fave film of all time so I had huge expectations for this. What a downer it turned out to be! A lot wrong with it, but the biggest mistake was killing off Bishop, Newt and Hicks before the film even started. Totally negated the point of Aliens and us cheering for them all to escape. Neill Blomkamp should have been allowed to make his new part three as it sounded amazing and would have righted a lot of wrongs.
  4. PurpleFloyd

    Halloween 2018 ignoring part 2?

    I'm disappointed that they are ignoring Part 2 as well (and H2O as the story set up was great in that ... though Michael's mask and the film's ending was pretty poor). ... but I don't think you can explain away the ignoring. Michael got blown up at the end of Part 2, so I don't know how this new film would be able to ignore that fact and still have that fact in existence. I'm assuming they are removing Part 2 onwards from canon because the Laurie is Michael's sister twist was pretty dire and having Michael survive all these deaths makes him unrealistic and, to some, less scary as a result. I'm ok with accepting this is a new Part 2 providing its a decent movie.
  5. PurpleFloyd

    List of Broken Games

    The first Star Wars: Battlefront on PS4 ... what a cluster f*ck they made of that game release. Don't know about broken, but it was a glorified demo such was the lack of content. The second one is actually a lot better, but EA still managed to mishandle the release of it with the pay-to-win mechanic they went with. Aliens: Colonial Marines on PS3. I still reckon you'd have a good shout at a false advertising claim against Sega for this mess. The final game had zero resemblance to the advertising that preceded it.
  6. PurpleFloyd

    The best live music you've seen?

    I know what you mean about being in the right mood. I find their stuff very melancholy, a little depressing even (apart from a very small number of songs like Coming Back To Life) ... so I have to be in the right head space for it. But when I'm in the right mood, wow!
  7. PurpleFloyd

    PS4 hard drive recovery?

    I feel your pain ... my original 'fat' PS3 died back in the day and I lost all of my Resident Evil 5 save data. I absolutely busted my chops unlocking all of the weapons and goodies on that game. As much as I enjoy the game, no way am I going back to repeat all that!
  8. PurpleFloyd

    The best live music you've seen?

    Sadly before my time, but I'm a huge Floyd fan ... would loved to have seen them live. Have seen the 'Pulse' dvd a good few times, and even though Waters wasn't in the line up it looked like a stunning show.
  9. PurpleFloyd

    The best live music you've seen?

    Prince ... hands down the best I've seen live and I was lucky to see him multiple times, including his last ever show in the UK. Madonna, great live performer, but its more of a show with her, like theatre ... but she gives everything and I've always had a great time at her shows. Foo Fighters, great energy, great songs, always leave everything on the stage. Ditto Coldplay, they always give everything and know how to construct a great show. Springsteen was superb, lived up to his reputation as a brilliant performer and knows how to mix his popular stuff with his rare stuff just right. New Order at Brixton couple of years ago will is still in my top five all time shows, blew me away, great remixes of their classics, new stuff sounded great, an unforgettable night.
  10. PurpleFloyd

    First look at the new Michael Myers mask!

    I never got a Scream vibe from H2O, other than the fact it was made at the same time so had the same fashions, hair, etc. I actually quite liked the film up until the end, when the climatic showdown failed to live up to the hype ... that and the awful Myers mask they used. The story set up was great though and its a bit disappointing the film won't be canon anymore ... but then I guess it would be tough to do another Jamie Lee sequel that follows on from H20.
  11. PurpleFloyd

    Mythos - A Friday the 13th Fan Film

    Daaaaayum, this looks good!! Blows my mind how awesome the fan made stuff is looking these days ... makes you wonder why a Hollywood film studio doesn't pull their lazy finger out to find a proper new Friday film ... its not like it would cost much. Or better still, fund one of the fan made projects. The talent and passion is there.
  12. PurpleFloyd

    What is your favorite Friday the 13th?

    Has to be the original for me ... love the characters in it, they felt real. Love the setting, the fashions and the era, that very early 80s look and vibe. Post '84 horror films started to take on a sheen that made them more Hollywood productions and less low budget, scratchy, atmospheric horror films. I'm not so keen on the latter entries after Part IV when it started becoming more comedic and tongue-in-cheek. Quite enjoyed the remake though, better than it gets credit for, apart from its ending which sucked.
  13. PurpleFloyd

    Mortal Kombat 11

    Rings a bell ... there must be a ton of licencing issues they'd have to over come to pull off a game like this I imagine.
  14. PurpleFloyd

    Mortal Kombat 11

    Assuming its a PC only game? PS4 gamer here ...
  15. PurpleFloyd

    Mortal Kombat 11

    Has this been officially announced now? I wish they'd retain the movie villains they've had in previous instalment ... Predator, Freddy, Jason etc. Make the game more like Capcom vs Marvel, but Mortal Kombat vs Horror Icons.
  16. PurpleFloyd

    Rate/review the last horror movie you watched/saw

    Lake Mungo (2008) ... 9/10 One of the best thrillers I've seen in years. Genuinely creepy but also very sad and a fantastic exploration of grief. Not overly long and best to watch knowing nothing about it.
  17. PurpleFloyd

    New Friday the 13th tv show

    In the past I've been sceptical that they could make it work. But looking at what they've done with TV shows recently I think there are talented writers out there that could pull it off. Look what they've done with Westworld, a stunning show. Whether a Friday the 13th show would pull in the talent in terms of writers, directors and actors though, I have my doubts. The biggest hurdle would be how to fill the long stretches of running time in between the stalking and killing. A chunk of that could be used to create sympathetic characters, but what would the detail be exactly? I think a modern day setting with someone exploring the killings around the Lake in the early 80s (covered in the first four films) that the town tried to cover up could be good ... you could get lots of Easter eggs in there, and even some cameos from the stars of those films.
  18. PurpleFloyd

    Your favorite horror movie deaths

    It was a great scene, but quite right about the pacing, it would have slowed things too much. The egg-morphing looked truly horrible, especially when Dallas croaked "Kill me" like he was in horrendous pain ... imagine having to watch your infected body slowly morph in to an alien egg. The stuff of nightmares! I'm not so sure it was clear in the theatrical cut that the alien took Dallas to fuck him though; I just assumed it took him to kill him. Without the egg scene I'd still have assumed that. Speaking of the xenomorph fucking them to death what did you think of the uncut Lambert death scene / crab walk scene? I never picked up on that until I saw the deleted scene ... I just assumed Lambert got chomped and that was it. I totally missed the clue where you see Lambert's bare legs hanging down with no trousers on. Looking back though, when you listen to the sounds of Lambert 'dying' that Ripley hears over the intercom, it does sound like there's more going on than just a quick death for her. Ridley should have spent more time getting the crab walk scene right, so that it was more implicit that Lambert was raped to death ... that would have made it even more horrific!
  19. PurpleFloyd

    Your favorite horror movie deaths

    Presume you've seen the deleted scene from Alien where Ripley finds Dallas and Brett during her escape? ... the answer of what happened to them (which wasn't really followed through in terms of biology with the people they showed captured in Aliens) is even more gross than the sequels showed.
  20. PurpleFloyd

    Your favorite horror movie deaths

    This one comes a close second for me ... another painfully brutal one that was amazingly well filmed. I always imagined what would be left of Tina when she fell backl to the bed, as it was only fleetingly shown on screen ... literally in pieces! A real stomach turner. Such a shame Freddy didn't remain this blunt and brutal.
  21. PurpleFloyd

    Your favorite horror movie deaths

    John Hurt in Alien. Shocking, brutal, beautifully shot by Ridley, amazingly well acted by everyone, great effects, and I imagine for Kane it must have been an absolutely horrific and painful death. It was the huge turning point in the film and you could argue it birthed the whole franchise. I can't imagine what it was like seeing that in cinemas at the time having no idea it was coming ... talk about a "hoooo-leeee SHIT" moment!
  22. I've got the book (upgraded to the deluxe version this year as it was cheap in Forbidden Planet) and the dvd. If you're a fan of the series both are a must have! Its probably the best making of documentary I've ever seen on a film series. The dvd is incredibly in-depth, and long ... its like 8 hours or something crazy. The deluxe book is lovely to, superb photos and a great read as well.
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    Thanks for the info ... I'll keep my eyes peeled
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    Anyone know if there's likely to be another Blu-ray run for the film?
  25. PurpleFloyd

    Let's talk about "Zombies"

    Resident Evil is my favourite game of all time ... I love the game series, even the wonky ones like Resi 6. Movie wise, the original Night of the Living Dead is my favourite, followed by the Dawn of the Dead remake. I actually think the original Dawn of the Dead is overrated ... it sags in the middle and the slapstick humour at the end ruins the mood.