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  1. PurpleFloyd

    Old Horror Films Vs New Horror Films

    Totally (Halloween pun intended!) ... my fave era is 1978 to 1984 ... I've lost count of the amount of horror films from that period I've watched hoping they would be great but which turned out to be utter dog toffee
  2. PurpleFloyd

    Old Horror Films Vs New Horror Films

    Spot on there ... I guess its the cheap way to make a horror film. I love a good jump scare when its done well, but if that's all that's on offer it gets quite predictable and dull. I thought there would be a landslide of found-footage films after Blair Witch considering the money it made on a tiny budget, the same way Halloween launched the slasher explosion but I don't remember there being too many ... even the sequel ditched the format. But yeah, its gotten out of hand lately. Rec, Rec 2, and Paranormal Activity were all fantastic but the rest? M'eh ... A sort of mockumentary / found footage one that's absolutely worth a watch though is Lake Mungo, its amazing. Worth watching not knowing much about it.
  3. PurpleFloyd

    Old Horror Films Vs New Horror Films

    I don't remember that many jump scares in The Blair Witch Project .... I've not seen it in a while, so I'll have to go back and check it out, but I only recall a couple. I mostly remember the amazing atmosphere and the psychological terror of Heather having a mental breakdown. Jump scares were all over mainstream horror well before Blair Witch. Look at Scream from three years earlier, that was nearly all jump scares. Carrie is the one that got the ball rolling for me, a lot of horror films that followed copied the hand-shooting-out-the-dirt jump scare. The modern false panic thing you mentioned, I think that was probably more a misinterpretation of what made the Asian horror films of the 90s so good ... a lot of Hollywood output saw the "boo" scare of a lank haired woman in a cupboard or under the bedsheets and shoe-horned as much of it as possible in to their films, thinking that's all it took to make a great modern horror. That's not what made most of the Asian horrors great though (well, not just that).
  4. PurpleFloyd

    Best Friday the 13th Film OST?

    Hard to beat the original for atmosphere
  5. PurpleFloyd

    Any Children of the Corn fans here? (Bad News)

    That's freaky, I only just watched the original last week ... first time I'd seen it since I was a kid. Gotta say, apart from the opening scene it was really disappointing. Couldn't believe how much of the film they gave over with Linda Hamilton and her boyfriend just driving around then walking around the deserted town, it seemed like over half the run time.
  6. PurpleFloyd

    Favorite Jason Action Figure?

    I have the NECA 18" version of this, which is pretty awesome. Quite like the 12" Jason from Part II as well, that's a nice figure.
  7. PurpleFloyd

    Top 3 - Horror films you'd like to see remade ...

    Really? I hadn't heard that ... good news! And there's been some great remakes over the years ... Dawn of the Dead, The Thing, The Blob, Night of the Living Dead, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, The Fly, Cape Fear ...
  8. PurpleFloyd

    Halloween 2018 ignoring part 2?

    Maybe Loomis wasn't that great a shot after all and he only dinged him in the arm, shoulder, etc ... it wasn't that clear where the bullets landed
  9. PurpleFloyd

    Rate/review the last horror movie you watched/saw

    Jason Goes to Hell and Rob Zombie's Halloween ... I can't think of a more horrendous double bill. I doff my cap to you for at least sitting through that trash without kicking the sh*t out of your TV :-D
  10. PurpleFloyd

    Halloween 2018 ignoring part 2?

    I think they will be killing Laurie off for sure ... whether they 'kill' Michael as well depends on whether the studio are hoping this will launch new sequels, which I assume they will be ... money to be made and all that. Depends on how much input Carpenter has been allowed. I reckon if he had his way he'd kill Michael off for good. But then they might do it in a way where its possible that he could survive just to keep both parties happy ... shot in the chest, so if they do another film it could be argued he lived, but if they don't do another film it could be argued he died.
  11. PurpleFloyd

    Rate/review the last horror movie you watched/saw

    Hereditary (2018) - Don't believe the hype. Its not a bad movie, but nowhere near the masterpiece the reviewers have been claiming it is. Its too long ... 2hrs 7mins ... should have been trimmed by at least 20mins. Some scenes, such as Annie trying to convince Steve to throw the book in the fire, dragged needlessly. There's not a lot of sympathy for the main characters ... none of them come across as likeable so you're not invested in their fate. Some of the scares are old hat ... the standard 'something standing in the shadows' stuff used in a lot of Insidious style modern horrors ... a hangover from the J-horror stuff of the 90s. The 'twist' is fairly predictable. The main character involved drops a line about 45mins in that, for me at least, gave the twist away. Plot is a bit schizo ... is it grounded in reality a la Rosemary's Baby, or is it more supernatural/surreal, hence the floating headless bodies? It tries to be both but doesn't quite achieve either. Having said all that, there's some great set pieces in it. Charlie and Peter's drive to the hospital was great and I didn't see that scene/twist coming. Some awesome images to, such as the neck sawing at the end and the discovery of Charlie in the car. Overall 6/10
  12. PurpleFloyd

    Any writers on here?

    Writer here ... first book Fright Films came out in 2011 (see profile pic). Also have my own website www.filmsfilmsfilms.co.uk that's been going for five years or so. Be happy to contribute some bits if I can find the time ... what sort of stuff did you have in mind? For some pointers on how to get a horror movie podcast right, check out The Hysteria Continues. I'm really not a fan of podcasts, so this is the only one I listen to regularly. Its the only one I've found that has the perfect mix of humour, info, and opinion. Others I've found too shouty, obnoxious, uninteresting, etc.
  13. PurpleFloyd

    Halloween 2018 ignoring part 2?

    Ahhhh, that makes sense :-) I'm an 'after dark' person myself, so this sounds right up my street. Unfortunately in the UK the weather can be a bit rubbish so the number of evenings I could do this would be limited, but I might give it a try. I went camping a couple of years ago and took the original Friday the 13th with me ... we had a real good summer storm that night so me and the missus hid in our tent watching the film, with a backdrop of heavy rain, trees, a little lake ... it was fantastic!!
  14. PurpleFloyd

    Halloween 2018 ignoring part 2?

    I'm disappointed that they are ignoring Part 2 as well (and H2O as the story set up was great in that ... though Michael's mask and the film's ending was pretty poor). ... but I don't think you can explain away the ignoring. Michael got blown up at the end of Part 2, so I don't know how this new film would be able to ignore that fact and still have that fact in existence. I'm assuming they are removing Part 2 onwards from canon because the Laurie is Michael's sister twist was pretty dire and having Michael survive all these deaths makes him unrealistic and, to some, less scary as a result. I'm ok with accepting this is a new Part 2 providing its a decent movie.
  15. PurpleFloyd

    List of Broken Games

    The first Star Wars: Battlefront on PS4 ... what a cluster f*ck they made of that game release. Don't know about broken, but it was a glorified demo such was the lack of content. The second one is actually a lot better, but EA still managed to mishandle the release of it with the pay-to-win mechanic they went with. Aliens: Colonial Marines on PS3. I still reckon you'd have a good shout at a false advertising claim against Sega for this mess. The final game had zero resemblance to the advertising that preceded it.