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  1. Depends on what title I guess Certain horror titles do not sell that well on the market
  2. Dragonborn

    Did Uber-Jason survive?

    Since no movies were made after Jason X I think Jason did not survived
  3. Hopefully they will add the characters from the movie as well.
  4. GTA Online had something similar
  5. When they do release the Jason X update I really hope they add the characters as well.
  6. Dragonborn

    Cobra Kai TV Show

    Best TV Show I seen in a while!
  7. Dragonborn

    Least Favorite Genre of Music?

    EDM music is garbage
  8. Dragonborn

    Let's talk about Jason and kids.

    Jason has no morals
  9. Would never hurt to pay homage to the characters in the movie though
  10. Dragonborn

    How about other horror games?

    Does Alien vs Predator count?
  11. Dragonborn

    Welcome to the Salt Mines

    This is pretty similar to what GTA V Online is using
  12. Sweet the more counselors the better! Wonder will they do anything for the Jason X update?
  13. Dragonborn

    Least Favorite Character(s) in the Franchise?

    My reply was to FunMonster as I quoted him
  14. Dragonborn

    Least Favorite Character(s) in the Franchise?

    Admit it you want her in the game
  15. As much as I like Duke having Tommy there makes the game that much better
  16. Agree with having Janessa as a character Having Adrienne as well would be great since she seem to be one of the likeable characters in the movie. Shame she was axed so early.
  17. Dragonborn

    "Mean Girl" Trope.

    Most annoying character in the game...
  18. Dragonborn

    Discount on Steam

    Get a job please also this must be a kid
  19. Hopefully Adrienne Thomas gets added in the Jason X update Creighton Duke is another character I hope gets added as well
  20. Dragonborn

    I don't understand Jason x hate

    VR as in the map is computer generated by a computer and is part of the camp