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  1. Least Favorite Character(s) in the Franchise?

    My reply was to FunMonster as I quoted him
  2. Least Favorite Character(s) in the Franchise?

    Admit it you want her in the game
  3. As much as I like Duke having Tommy there makes the game that much better
  4. Agree with having Janessa as a character Having Adrienne as well would be great since she seem to be one of the likeable characters in the movie. Shame she was axed so early.
  5. "Mean Girl" Trope.

    Most annoying character in the game...
  6. Discount on Steam

    Get a job please also this must be a kid
  7. Hopefully Adrienne Thomas gets added in the Jason X update Creighton Duke is another character I hope gets added as well
  8. I don't understand Jason x hate

    VR as in the map is computer generated by a computer and is part of the camp
  9. I don't understand Jason x hate

    Hope it has it own game mode because having it as a VR would be lame
  10. I don't understand Jason x hate

    Jason X had some interesting characters like KM-14 Adrienne takes the bunch because she is the hottest character in the entire series. Hopefully she is added to the game.
  11. All Content I Want

    Having the Grendel map would be epic
  12. This is a new thing now in gaming so I will not be surprise if it happens
  13. Hello

    Hi everyone Been a fan of Friday the 13th for a while and looking forward in posting. Looking forward to gaming with you guys in the near future!
  14. How would the movie studio make money if that would to happen?
  15. Well said hopefully the DLC is close though
  16. Halloween vs Friday vs Nightmare

    Seems like a game you can play on flash back in the day LOL
  17. Halloween vs Friday vs Nightmare

    No love for Scream?
  18. I would save Adrienne from Jason X. Had a crush on her when I was a kid. I mean come on she was just doing her job and had sympathy for Jason's monstrous appearance...
  19. Would be a nice if they add more characters