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  1. Why they didn't use the nanomachines to bring back the dead in Jason X? It worked for Broski and Jason
  2. Jason took out entire squad and was pretty unstoppable. Agree with careful planning early everyone can make it out alive. What would the chances of survival be though if it was just me and Adrienne? With the the Grendel falling apart and Jason looming large...
  3. I would rescue Adrienne from Jason X Adrienne would be working on Jason in the Lab on the Grendel and when Jason attacks her I would would go in and stun Jason long enough for her to escape. I would then try to warn the others that Jason is loose. I would get help from Rowan and Tsunaron since they were the only smart ones on the ship.
  4. Depends on what title I guess Certain horror titles do not sell that well on the market
  5. Since no movies were made after Jason X I think Jason did not survived
  6. Hopefully they will add the characters from the movie as well.
  7. When they do release the Jason X update I really hope they add the characters as well.
  8. Best TV Show I seen in a while!
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