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  1. in the end you said it yourself that you and others aren't completely happy with the game and want change...in my own words that's what I stated i wanted in the post..so yeah sorry to burst your bubble bud but i indirectly spoke for you in parts of that post....you would just go about the entire thing differently and more politely... which is why you shunned me...so you lecturing me was pointless...like I said I don't need your lecture... you just like many others disagree with my approach...but for the longest I haven't cared....have a nice day
  2. Dude I don't need a lecture. Actually I can speak on behalf of everyone , yall can just disagree with me. That's the beauty of freedom of speech. Just like you mentioned rules, and things that aren't bannable there's no rule that states I can't speak on behalf of everyone. So far more people agree with this than dont, considering I typed this while playing and read it back to the lobby in which they responded "yeah post that someone needs to say something". The game was backed and funded by way more fans than developers, and a lot of us don't like where our money went. There are bugs present that have been present since level 100 was the max level. To ask for donations from people like me to make a game, and then less than 3 years later the game is still as buggy as it is? Where did my money go, as well as everyone elses? I'll tell you where. Gun probably pocketed the majority of our donations while using the minimal amount to develop and keep up with the game. What other possible explanation can there be as to why the game is still this fucked this far into it? The lawsuit isn't an excuse, they had a lot of time before that to fix bugs that are still present back when content was still being released. The game blew up more than they expected then.
  3. well this thread is a culmination of points from a lobby I was playing in that had different people come in and out of it just yesterday. So actually I am speaking for at least 10 people who I seriously doubt are the only ones who feel this way. So sorry to burst your bubble but not everyone feels like your and Dragon. Also sorry Dragon is wrong the glitch he mentioned has been a problem for almost a year and the non environmental kills regarding grab attacks has been a problem since the game came out um no I donated towards the games development before it was out, gun used my money and others to develop the game, and gave you rewards according to the amount you gave. Then I downloaded the game which was funded by my and others donations. um no I like many others donated towards the games development before it was out, gun used my money and others to develop the game, and gave you rewards according to the amount you gave. Then I downloaded the game which was funded by my and others donations. Now this So youre right I dont speak for the fans. I speak for most of the backers that put money into this game that still see the same bug problems they did a year ago. Where's our money going? Its infuriating watching something you put money into go to shit. Been dreaming of a 3-D Friday the 13th since 96' and this is it?
  4. Just because y'all are caught in the middle of an ugly lawsuit ending future content, doesn't give you dev's an excuse to run your game in the ground when you still have a following. The bugs in the game are at an all time high. The two common ones involve calling Tommy, and counselors that glitch out of Jason's grabs. I see those almost every game. At this point, it's apparent yall aren't doing anything, or just don't care to do so. I'm aware of the Predator game you devs are going to be working on with Sony, but that's still no excuse to ignore this game. WE funded this game, and yall are throwing us the finger, because it didnt turn out the way you wanted. The game was for us fans that still log on, not yall. We want our game back. Also we are tired of you devs allowing people to work with Jason, crack down on that harder if people are going through the proper steps to contact you. I speak for everyone that still loves and plays this game. Sincerely, -Your most loyal fans
  5. Um this map came first buddy if anything they based the current map slightly off this one The ORIGINAL of anything always deserves a spot in something that imitates it
  6. This is honestly the best suggestion I've seen on this forum hopefully the devs listen
  7. Didn't know how it would work at first thought it sounded like a bad idea but this is better
  8. I gave him credit in the thread twice and he watermarked his creation himself best promote it here where its the main topic of discussion his original comment regarding this map is buried within comments he did it as a courtesy for someone who wondered what it would be like
  9. People on the fb fan page are eating this up i directed them to here where their voice will count
  10. Glad i found his work on the FB fan page and resurfaced it here it looked lost amongst comments on the OP
  11. Things can be subtle I've been attacked on this forum for my ideas and even banned for retaliating back at rude users this is my first time back since then so im on the defensive currently so i apologize
  12. I didn't make this nor am i claiming ownership the ownership has been claimed by "madmike" so i felt no need to specify
  13. If you're implying that i stole this i never claimed ownership in the first place bud so kindly move along
  14. This cannot possibly be a bad idea in any way and if yall are gonna go as far as bringing retro Jason in and giving these new Jasons their own map then retro Jason is long overdue for his own hes not just a skin on part 3 hes the original video game Jason which makes him his own Jason in his own respect so like the others give him his map
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