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  1. I think the devs should add new kills to the game. Especially new environmental ones. I had few a ideas that I wanted to share and I wanted opinions. First of all I wanted environmental kills for the car. Some of my ideas were: A driver's seat kill. For whomever is driving the car I think Jason should repeatedly slam their head on the wheel and it comedically honks the horn in doing so. A comedic effect kinda like how he punches someone through the heart and looks through the hole in their chest. I would also love to see where he slams someone's head in between the trunk of the car. I can be one swift powerful slam like the head stomp or it can be repeatedly like the door kill. It can happen between the hood of the car too. Another unlikely one could be an engine kill where he puts their head in the engine. I don't know how that would work though. Here are the non car kill ideas. Jason can do a corkscrew kill like in Friday the 13th Part 4 where he stabs Jimmy in the hand with a corkscrew and kills them. However I think it could play out differently. For example, he could proceed to crush the victim's head so hard where his eyes pop out and the overview screen can say that person was "Popped". (Kinda like how you "pop" open a bottle of wine or champagne. Also, this would obviously happen in the kitchen part of a cabin. There can also be a kill where Jason puts somebody on the hands and knees and chop off their head. Kinda medieval style in a sense and it could say they were "Beheaded". This one is comedic but, it would be funny to see Jason rip someone's arm off and beat them with it. Or perhaps he can just choke them with it. This kill might be a bit over the top though. Lastly, I think this would do well with a Part 7 Jason. He can throw somebody on the ground and as they try to crawl away he can chop off their legs and they start to slowly drag themselves away leaving Jason to finally end them with a machete to the back. The overview screen could say that that person was "Crippled" or "Impaired" or "Disabled". I hope people can see my ideas and hopefully use one of them or just see what they think of them. Especially one of the developers of this amazing game. It has so much potential and I wanna see more great things come out of it.