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  1. maybe its not right topic to post this, but i wish that those Beyond streams were archived on some youtube channel. yesterday i was playing f13 and didnt have time to watch stream but today i wanted to look it up and couldnt find it. some guy recorded first one but this time i seems no one recorded new one.
  2. you voiced your opinion with enough clarity yesterday, reapeating over and over is only irritating. if you love figting jason so much, play mortal kombat, in one part jason is playable character. in f13 beating jason is last resort, like when there is need to replenish stamina. there is no need to fight him otherwise. new patch is very good.
  3. i cant remember last time this game recieved hotfix. very nice.
  4. he also can now defend himself better, so i would not say its easier in general. its balanced tradeoff.
  5. i hope its a bug, because not being able to kill jason during rage its too much. some players play mostly for killing jason and its almost impossible to demask and kill him before rage. its never my main focus but that being taken from teenagers is little sad. attemp to kill jason in rage mode is very risky on its own so it should be possible.
  6. im, from europe, poland. i couldnt use quick play since previous patch, now it works like a charm. i mean i started game, hit quick play and found match under 2 minutes, it worked very well. im stunned. stunned, get the joke? great job.
  7. thats a funny joke. no more treating jason like piniata after he gets rage, teenagers will wave to run, not troll jason. its the best thing in new patch and it hits troll players more than anybody else.
  8. i love jason buffs, in fact those changes exceeded my expectations. now jason with rage will evoke proper respect with his stun immunity. if this patch wont introduce new bugs and will fix matchmaking i will be playing f13 for months. cant wait to try it out.
  9. i think its 6 hours from now. better be something good like fixing matchmaking, fixing bugs and not introducing 12 new bugs like always. im afraid that this patch might kill the game. edit i mean info about patch, not patch itself.
  10. cant wait for news about new patch, i hope matchmaking is gonna be fixed.
  11. this was the problem right from the beginning of this game. for a short time after dedicated servers were started, the game worked just great and now its back to the stone age. i even got back to dead by daylight because i gotta have my fix o this gameplay style. but dbd is boring in comparison to f13. white noise 2 was a blast but that game playerbase is dead, which is a big shame. now my only hope is in last year the nightmare, but this one will not come to consoles sooner than six months. why devs cant take care of this f13 the game like bdb devs care for their boring game.
  12. thats funny because me and many of my buddies on ps4 cant play because matchmaking isnt working at all.
  13. what the hell is going on with this game. before last update it was working very good, maybe better than ever. and then what? update messed up matchmaking or the dedicated servers are already gone after few weeks because devs didnt want spend too much money on them? what the hell, this game is unplayable. its broken, matchmaking isnt working, shady shit as from the beginning. pathetic joke of a game.
  14. combat and collision detection. there is nothing worse than game not registering hits that obviously reached target.
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