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  1. combat and collision detection. there is nothing worse than game not registering hits that obviously reached target.
  2. because they make it difficult for illfonic and gun to keep ilussion of being good guys. truth is they are very shady.
  3. thats sums up situation pretty good.
  4. its us being negaitive or you being naive. or perhaps not negative but realistic. no support from me. in any form.
  5. making such threats is one thing and pointing them in the wrong direction is another.
  6. vicotr miller is innocent of state the game is. thats for sure. only illfonic is responsible for lack of dedicated servers and tons of bugs and glitches. i will say more, devs pulled millers name in all this fuss just to blame anyone but the devs. miller is scapegoat.
  7. Vigorowicz

    Patch Notes - 06.08.18

    ps4 ive seen one more person with the same problem in this thread. im sure more people have this problem.its clearly related with latest patch. and it is very strange because this problem only affects me if im picked as jason. as i said, man, that ruins half of the game for me.
  8. Vigorowicz

    Patch Notes - 06.08.18

    it started last friday with the patch that was supposed to fix what engine upgrade broke. before that this problem didnt existed. i play only quick play.
  9. Vigorowicz

    Patch Notes - 06.08.18

    in quick play when i get jason it disconnects me always under 5 minutes. tried couple times. when im teenager i dont get disconnected. its very frustrating because playing jason is my favourite part of the game.
  10. Vigorowicz

    Patch Notes - 06.08.18

    i still cant play jason. is there any fix in the work?
  11. i will never buy anything made by illfonic. im not too fond of gun media either. however what illfonic will do now will be important. if they want to stay in business of making games, they must repair f13 and only then move on to next project. like hello games with no mans sky. they disappointed everyone at launch but then they started to work very hard. they didnt pushed paid dlc, they were giving massive updates for free for people who bought the game. it was titanic effort and hello games is still at work with no mans sky. they are professionals. if illfonic will not fix f13 then thats will be end for them. and it probably will be, because in the last year illfonic showed that they are unable to repair their own game. ive seen online games that i like dying. i loved drawn to death, but it playerbase was small and died fast. f13 has big playerbase, especially on consoles. here playerbase is not the issue. in case of f13 its the devs are problem. they want to wash their hands and forget about broken game they cant fix. and the legal problems with franchise license? its blessing for illfonic and it makes evacuation process easier.
  12. Vigorowicz

    We're Still Here

    no, thanks.
  13. Vigorowicz

    We're Still Here

    because they should act like proffesionals. they sure dont work like proffesionals, because if they did, this game would be in much better state and there would be much less dissapointed and angry fans. they are in bussines of making games, its not about surfing on game forum and having nice and friendly conversations with fans. its about working on game and completing the game. then they sell it and if its good people will say nice things. then i would ask when will we get dedicated servers.
  14. Vigorowicz

    We're Still Here

    i wish i could put aside fact that i cant play as jason because game gives me an error. no support from me.
  15. give me f13 clone and ill buy it on the spot. just not from illfonic.