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  1. Nah, I bet he would be really impressed that there was another way to spell his name that he didn't know about.
  2. Not right now but I think there should be one simply for the fact that Jason can set multiple traps next to key objectives such as the phone box and the car's hood and gas tank. There's no way to disable a trap without a pocket knife. And as we all know there's a limited amount of pocket knives found in the game, so it is frustrating to have to walk in a trap just to complete an objective when you can clearly see the trap.
  3. Yeah Jason is like Rodney King now. He should be able to call the cops himself or take the boat or car to escape. Maybe even hid under a bed to survive the night.
  4. Game was working fine up until last patch now I'm losing connection a few minutes into every match. I get the "connection timed out!" error message. During the game, the network cable icon appears and then I freeze up or lose certain functionality like crouching or the ability to open a window. Then my player completely freezes and the game disconnects. I also noticed that once I'm back in the home screen my rank temporarily resets back to 0 but comes back within seconds. Anyone else having these issues?
  5. I think the game should have a hardcore mode that keeps the game basic such as: 1. Jason has no abilities whatsoever, even those rings he sees that represent player movements would be gone. But he could still hear players speak the closes he gets to them. 2. Counsellors also would not get any perks and no med-sprays, pocket knives, etc. They would have to use various weapons they come across, that's it. Also, Jason music would only kick in when Jason was very close to the counsellor, like as in 10 feet away to catch counsellors more off guard. 3. The only way to survive is to survive the whole night, in other words, there's no calling cops, or escaping in vehicles and boats.
  6. I had to leave my flare gun in a cabin so I could carry my boat propeller that's no bigger than the size of my hand. I just find that a bit odd. And for the issue with opening doors, windows, draws, etc, I think we would then obviously have to drop one of the items in our hand to do so.
  7. I don't like how you have to choose between holding a car part such as a gas tank (or battery) or a weapon. I can't see why we can't hold a bat or machete in one hand and the part in the other. Is there any reason for having to choose between one or the other?
  8. Yes I play on console
  9. Good point but I don't use headphones, I have a soundbar hooked up to my tv and I always hear Jason break down a door until today, lol.
  10. I would like it so that when the host leaves the match the game still goes on.
  11. It was a larger cabin so that makes sense. Although I haven't had it happen before until today.
  12. He wasn't, I was playing on Higgins Haven and spawned right next to the cabin by one of the cars. I immediately went into the nearby cabin and barricaded both doors. Then seconds later I hear Jason's music. As I'm searching through the cabin, he enters the room I'm in and caught me by surprise.
  13. I barricaded both doors of a cabin I was in and I heard Jason outside the cabin (the music that Jason makes when he's near). However, a minute went by and he just appears out of nowhere in the cabin. I didn't hear him break down the door like he has to when it's barricaded. My question is, how did he get into the cabin without me hearing him break down the door? The player was using part 4 Jason if that matters at all. Could it be that the music for part 4 Jason drowns out the sound of breaking down the door, or is it possible that his Stalk ability can somehow do this? Strange.
  14. I hope Jason gets some new perks to give him the same variety as counsellor perks. I think adding new perks for him will make more people want to be Jason again. I think new Jason perks can keep playing as him interesting and fun. Anyways, I'd like to see Pamela implemented some way into the perk system. For example, Jason could "call" his mother's voice, in which case he would hear some instructions or tips on where the closest counsellors are or tip him off when counsellors are getting close to escaping or fixing something on the map (i.e. phone box, etc.). Just a thought I had. Any one else have any ideas for Jason perks??