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    Patch Notes - 07.03.18

    they seem to can't finger out party issues but they can sure fix useless bugs like big weapons which is just silly bugs.
  2. If everyone wants to really save the franchise then everyone should send a tweet to @CochranNational which is Johnnie Cochran, OJ Simpsons lawyer, and ask him to have a heart and help with his famous Chewbacca defense for a speedy trial.
  3. JuggaloIRCNet

    Save the f13 franchise

    Maybe Wes can study the Chewbacca defense and save the franchise lol
  4. JuggaloIRCNet

    Save the f13 franchise

    Maybe if it's speedy enough then they could finish the game. Or offer Wes a cheeseburger A cheeseburger made of goat burger and goat cheese Or we could just grill him a salad
  5. JuggaloIRCNet

    Save the f13 franchise

    I'm serious tweet him to save the franchise
  6. I think you should make having the mask in inventory be required before you can get the sweater because I'm constantly seeing someone grab the sweater and escape in the car rather than using the sweater for what it's meant to be used for.
  7. I was just in a match with 2 ppl alive and Jason afk but the match ended at 5 minutes
  8. JuggaloIRCNet

    How dare you . . .

    In the end it is a game, maybe you should LEARN to play. Just because you just switched from cod to f13 doesn't make you an expert at playing every game. As for Jason getting beat most of the time your dealing with actual veteran f13 players so deal with it and again LEARN to play the game.
  9. Let us sort perks from poor to legendary instead of by each perk so we don't accidentally sell wrong perks because right now there only sorted by perk and sometimes they swap around.
  10. Have twice the chance of being Jason in rounds but you have to start the match with the mask off.
  11. I think it would be a good idea to use a high amount of CP to upgrade to next level of a selected perk
  12. JuggaloIRCNet

    Use CP to upgrade perks

    Or how about if we have multiple of an epic perk make a way to combine them into a legendary perk
  13. JuggaloIRCNet

    +130% XP/CP & Tape Drops - April 13th Weekend

    I was just saying new content would be nice wasn't saying I need it or expect it today, if it happens then it happens. I work full time and go to school, we have just been playing since the beginning of August.
  14. JuggaloIRCNet

    +130% XP/CP & Tape Drops - April 13th Weekend

    I'm level 150 with over 300k almost 400k cp and have all jarvis and pamela tapes. My wife has over 800k cp close to 900k and is level 150 with all tapes too on her account. Just saying new content would be nice to see.
  15. I think you should include a rare purple sausage in a drawer maybe one on each map and when Jason tries to get you you shove it down his throat and he chokes on it giving twice the stun time as a pocket knife.
  16. JuggaloIRCNet

    Patch Notes - 01.30.2018

    All I hear is PineWurst ringing in my ears.
  17. Actually they are cousins and they met at a family reunion. They have been dating for a few months now and are planning to be wed on June 6th, 1986 if they survive relationship counselling at Camp Crystal Lake.
  18. Lol you shoulda said she is is cousin and they are related. Chad and Victoria like to keep it all in the family and met at a family reunion.
  19. I've found that moving your body to the side of the door and setting the trap works best at getting it placed dead center
  20. JuggaloIRCNet

    Patch Notes - 02.06.18

    it's been that way on all platforms not just xbox, it happens on PS4 too
  21. 8.2% on ps4, I was going to share my trophy and badge progress, I got 3 stars on all counselor badges and only need drowns and torpedos to have all 3 stars on Jason badges. I got 92% trophy progress.
  22. On PS4 you only get the achievement when your actually Tommy Jarvis and perform the kill. It does take skill and coordination in order to kill a Jason. Me and my team go around killing Jason's all night long cause well were all level 150 and there isn't much left to do on the game once you've escaped hundreds of times. All I can say is to those that are complaining about dying as Jason constantly, get better at the game because that's what I did. In the words of Ohmwrecker "Learn to play the game".