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  1. I recommend allowing Jason to grab a counselor through the window to kill them. I remember Jason in one of the F13 movies Jason busting through a window and killing the counselor. (I forget which movie it was). This can be something that Jason can do once or twice during the game in Rage mode when the counselor is close to the window.
  2. ztomas1

    Patch Notes - 02.06.18

    I`m not sure if you guys meant to do this but there's no sound when you're starting the car or the boat......FYI... I have Savini and I dont have any problems using him (p.s....youre not going to get Savini so stop asking for him)
  3. Any idea when the Savini Jason kill pack is coming out?? (fyi- sorry if you don't have Savini Jason but its NOT being released again so get over it)
  4. ztomas1

    Patch Notes - 12.18.2017

    Are you guys going to address the issue where the game glitches when the counselor driving the car tries to get away from Jason. The game will glitch and bring the counselor back to Jason while they are running away from him. It appears as if its lag but it happens all the time.
  5. Has anyone brought up the fact that counselors (definitely AJ) gets pulled back to the car when she tries to run away from the car. I have tried this several times and I keep getting pulled back to Jason (after Jason stops the car and I am the driver of the car)
  6. After Jason stops the car and I get out of the car (I'm the driver), I will run away but for some reason the game draws me back to Jason so he can slash me or grab me. This is not related to lag because its happened to me every time I get out of the car.
  7. I think you may need to work on the new Jason kick. I believe the purpose is for Jason to kick the counselor's head and it goes flying through the air, but half the time the head actually just rolls on the ground.
  8. May I suggest that you remove the sound of setting a bear trap while playing as Jason or a Counselor. I think it would be a huge advantage for the killer or counselor if the opposing party didn't know you were setting a trap at a particular location.
  9. ztomas1

    Patch Notes - 10.25.2017

    The patch notes show that Fox's Strength is 7 but in the game it shows 6. Which one is it?
  10. Thank you for using aspects of this suggestion in the recent update on 10/25....?
  11. I believe there needs to be a system implemented that asks the player do they want to return as Tommy. I can't count how many times players return as Tommy and they're AFK or they return as Tommy and have already left the game. This option would give the player 10 seconds to choose if they want to be Tommy and if they don't, it would move to another player.
  12. Have you guys thought about creating some kind of marker on the map to find where a counselor was killed. As you know, often a counselor will get killed with important items in their possession and the other counselors have to spend time looking for where they met their untimely demise. It would be great to have some kind of marker to go to that location and see if they had any important items to use
  13. Looks like you guys used some of my suggestion for the most recent update. The ability time to find dropped items....THANK YOU
  14. Have you guys thought about creating "gold perks"? These perks could be purchased with a high amount of CP or at no cost if you're lucky enough to get one through the Perk spin or perhaps make the Perk an item available in a drawer or some where on the map. These perks could be a high percentage for Thick Skin or multiple shots available for the rifle..
  15. ztomas1

    Patch Notes - 10.11.2017

    can we get a swimsuit option for Mitch?
  16. ztomas1

    Mitch Floyd's Voice

    Why doesn't Mitch have any swimsuit options?
  17. Just saw the Twitter post about the new counselor Mitch Floyd. What can you tell us about him? Stats? Is this the weed smoker guy from Part 3? I'm assuming this will be a free download on Friday the 13th?
  18. I almost missed the fact that it's also going to be a double XP weekend that weekend of the 13th... NICE!!! (not that it really matters to me, I've been a level 101 for over 2 months ?)
  19. I was also thinking that Tommy could get extra XP if he's the last one to survive and the remaining counselors escape or remain alive. Too often players that become Tommy will escape as soon as possible. Tommy should be the one that helps the counselors not escape in the car.
  20. ztomas1

    Item Respawns

    When counselors escape with items in their possession they definitely respawn at the water/beach side of that particular map.... that's a fact. I can tell you that I've always had luck finding the items in the biggest area of beach where there aren't a lot of rocks
  21. As a counselor you can see who's died, still alive, left the game. On the PS4, you press the black pad (brings you to the map) and the press R1 or L1.
  22. I've noticed that my Savini Jason is still having problems breaking down the doors to the larger cabins while in Combat mode... it's definitely improved with this patch but there are still issues. Also he has to press R2 to break down the walls inside the cabins, I used to be able to go into Combat mode and break them quickly
  23. ztomas1

    Patch Notes - 9.21.2017

    Actually counselors do still have the ability to see who's alive or dead. On the PS4, you press the black pad (for the map) and then press R1 or L1
  24. I'm not sure if anyone has already created a post for this but is there anything being done about the random knife throwing sound that randomly happens during game play. It sounds as if Jason just threw a knife at the wall but he's nowhere around.
  25. Yeah I accidentally triple posted the same post. I can't delete the other two