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  1. I'm curious.... What's a typical day in the office for you guys? What time do you get to work? Do you wear dress shirt and pants or just jeans and T-shirt? Have a coffee at the start of the day?
  2. Now that you're not introducing any new content.... I hope all your efforts are being put on fixing the game
  3. I appreciate you guys making an attempt to fix the issues but the rubber banding issue is still occurring and when I left the game in a car the game said I committed suicide. My party just got "kicked" from a game and it wasn't the host leaving the game. I also noticed issues with the look of the cabins on the inside. May I suggest you guys just take the game down until the game issues are corrected.
  4. Please tell me you also fixed the glitch that when the counselor exists the drivers door, they're stuck at the door when the counselor thinks that they're actually running away from the car
  5. I`m not sure if you guys meant to do this but there's no sound when you're starting the car or the boat......FYI... I have Savini and I dont have any problems using him (p.s....youre not going to get Savini so stop asking for him)
  6. Any idea when the Savini Jason kill pack is coming out?? (fyi- sorry if you don't have Savini Jason but its NOT being released again so get over it)
  7. Are you guys going to address the issue where the game glitches when the counselor driving the car tries to get away from Jason. The game will glitch and bring the counselor back to Jason while they are running away from him. It appears as if its lag but it happens all the time.
  8. Has anyone brought up the fact that counselors (definitely AJ) gets pulled back to the car when she tries to run away from the car. I have tried this several times and I keep getting pulled back to Jason (after Jason stops the car and I am the driver of the car)
  9. I recommend allowing Jason to grab a counselor through the window to kill them. I remember Jason in one of the F13 movies Jason busting through a window and killing the counselor. (I forget which movie it was). This can be something that Jason can do once or twice during the game in Rage mode when the counselor is close to the window.
  10. After Jason stops the car and I get out of the car (I'm the driver), I will run away but for some reason the game draws me back to Jason so he can slash me or grab me. This is not related to lag because its happened to me every time I get out of the car.
  11. I think you may need to work on the new Jason kick. I believe the purpose is for Jason to kick the counselor's head and it goes flying through the air, but half the time the head actually just rolls on the ground.
  12. May I suggest that you remove the sound of setting a bear trap while playing as Jason or a Counselor. I think it would be a huge advantage for the killer or counselor if the opposing party didn't know you were setting a trap at a particular location.
  13. The patch notes show that Fox's Strength is 7 but in the game it shows 6. Which one is it?
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