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  1. Also reduce the number of pocket knives. The Fuse doesn't spawn in or around the phone house. Adjust stun chance to take a counselor's strength into account, or lack thereof. Make Jason's chase music radius start at zero and have it gradually get louder as the game goes on, so by time his Rage mode activates it's loud and blaring with a huge radius. Make each hit counselors land on Jason fill up his Rage Meter. When Rage is active raise Jason's stun resistance by 30%. When Jason Rage walks through a door give him 1.5 seconds of invulnerability. Make counselors play a skill based mini game when attempting to disable Jason's traps with a pocket knife, and failing repeatedly will trap the counselor's hand and give Jason an audio notification as well as a mark on his map of which trap is being tampered with. Jason should be able to grab counselors through cabin windows and pull them out similar to how he pulls them out of the car. And there's so many destructable walls inside of cabins so if Jason is on one side and a counselor is on the other, Jason should be allowed to burst through the wall and grab the counselor on the other side, similar to how batman grabs enemies through walls in the Arkham games. And lasty, allow Jason to take cover when he's using Stalk and grab counselors from cover. So he'd be able to hide on the other side of windows or behind trees or just around the corner of a cabin, waiting to pop out and jumpscare a counselor. Which is what Stalk is made for anyway. Just imagine you're heading to the car with the gas.. you don't see or hear anything. You start filling it up and all of a sudden Jason stands up on the other side of the car!
  2. Reminds me of Janey Briggs from "Not Another Teen Movie" haha. But definitely the best concept!
  3. I love where your head's at. Though I feel like a lot of what you suggested for the counselors are already perks in the game. -30% faster car starting speed = Grease Monkey -30% increased stun duration = Heavy Hitter -30% chance to avoid Jason's sense ability while indoors = Homebody Instead of stat boosts we should add actual actions and abilities that no one else can just equip as a perk, to make them truly unique . Your suggestion of Vanessa being able to wrap an injured counselor's arm around her and use her speed to boost theirs is brilliant! Though I think you should only be able to use it on counselors that are in the critically injured "limping state". Giving them a helping hand would bring both of your speeds to a slightly faster jogging speed and gradually refill both of your stamina. Everything else, like taking damage cancelling it, would apply. Shelly faking his death for a 50% chance to avoid Jason's sense is also awesome and fits his character. I think the only counselor who would get stat boosts would be Jenny, being the Final Girl of the game. Everytime a counselor dies it should increase her stamina by +1 and whenever Jason's Rage Mode activates it would increase her strength by +5. I agree there should be a skill check mini game for disabling Jason's traps with a pocket knife. As well as a unique sound effect to notify Jason for any failed skill checks like ever other repair has. Marking someone who has stepped in Part 2 Jason's traps is also genius. Though Jason doesn't have a mini map. So I think the marking should be the counselor highlighted in red like when sense is used. And they'll stay be visible to Jason from anywhere on the map regardless of range for 30 seconds. Part 3 getting stealth is the right idea but his ability would only work if he was on one specific map and in a certain location. Which severely limits it's usefulness. I'd suggest that Part 3 Jason's chase music would be shortened to a radius of 15 feet and that he'll never never show up on the mini map unless he was stunned. This way he can surprise attack more counselors and go undetected as long as a counselor doesn't get the upper hand on him. Similar to how part 3 played out in the movie. Can't think of anything else, but great post and hopefully we can all come up with more unique abilities together!
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