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  1. Why not doing a Killer Clown skin for the Jason's on Halloween? Maybe for every Jason another skin or just one skin for one Jason, just like the Retro Jason. [A Jason with a Pennywise skin would be IT]
  2. Hello. Is there a problem (bug) with the trophy "The Final Chapter" where you have to play 1000 matches as Jason? I did 1000 matches( we counted them) with my friend and he still didn't get it(ps4).

  3. And did you get the trophy? My friend for did over 1000(we counted) and still didn't get the trophy.
  4. My friend and I did try to get the 1000 matches with Jason trophy. We definitifly did do over 1000 rounds but he still dosen't have the trophy. So does someone know if some have problems with it?
  5. I really got no idea why it is espacially this game but a friend told me just when it came out(for ps4) that he can't see my trophies. Also on the psn profiles site, I myself can't see the list nor the game. I am from Germany and live here and no other friend who has the game has that problem. It would be cool if someone can help me. Maybe someone else also expirienced this issue.
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