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  1. What is the new customization going to be like?
  2. True tbh though instead of just clothing it would be better if we got them 2 new councillors instead.
  3. Mines is between, Paul Holt and Mark from part 2, and Ned from part 1, who is yours?
  4. My favourite is part 2, The reason is it had great characters like Paul Holt, Mark and so on, and i really loved the setting Packanack. Just a great film tbh.
  5. i agree, I'll definitely get it just to run about as chad in speedos haha.
  6. Has anyone else seen the trailer yet ahahahha never has a trailer made me laugh that much when chad walks in showing of his abs the Jason throws a spear through chads head, if you have not seen it check it out, also buggzy looks amazing as well with his lifeguard gear.
  7. Just sharing my opinion here on the two new councilors, a lot of people will disagree with me, but I think Paul Holt and mark from Friday the 13th part 2 should be added, here's just an idea Paul holt could have a new stat entirely, and he could be a good counter when going up against Jason, and I remember mark being quite smart in the movie and athletic, just an example you could remove the wheelchair and make mark able to walk, run etc. He could be like buggzy only with way better repair and stealth. Either way please add mark, by far one of the most memorable characters from the movies.
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