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  1. Is this bannable

    You obviously didn’t get the memo. The people who make this game just ignore trolls and cheaters. No banning here. The player base is too small already for that.
  2. Poll about doors.

    Being lvl 101 doesn’t mean you automatically know the best way to play the game.
  3. Maybe they should change it so that if the timer runs out, JASON wins. Any counselors who haven’t escaped in the 20 minutes are considered to be murdered.
  4. Were you born in a Barn???

    Being lvl 101 and thinking cabin doors should be left open proves that being max level doesn’t automatically mean you know what you’re doing in the game.
  5. Halloween Costumes - PS4

    Lol. Weird how every other game company manages to get it right.
  6. Halloween Costumes - PS4

    Yeah, the delay doesn’t make sense. Every other ps4 game I own gets dlc in the UK at the same time as the US. In fact, a few hours earlier due to time difference. So why is this one game different?
  7. Don't call Tommy Jarvis

    I’ve been Tommy twice since the patch and both times, I got two different scoreboards. The Tommy one first, then the counselor one after I pressed “X” (on PS4) I’ll be calling Tommy in every game I play (if no one else does it first)
  8. Vent out your frustrations

    -host quitting -other counselors who announce to their friends on the mic that you’re crap even though you’re actually playing the game correctly. Ex. I (Debs) climbed into a cabin where an Adam was standing right next to the propellor and ignoring it. I grab it and go out the window to get to the boat. Adam announces, “Hey, everyone, <my username> is just running around like a blue-arsed fly.” ummm, no, I’m actually going to go and take the propellor (the propellor YOU missed) to fix the boat. (The boat you will later escape in)
  9. There’s definitely a new trend of not calling Tommy. I had to do it myself in four different matches where the cabin with the radio had been looted but the radio hadn’t been used. Maybe it’s new players who don’t know about the radio. And leaving cabin doors open seems to be a new trend too.
  10. As someone already said, he can repair and fight.
  11. PS4 downloading!

    Huh? What's out?
  12. Jason not being Mentally Slow?

    Jason has Down Syndrome, according to Tom Savini.
  13. Yup, same problem for me. I played for an hour today and got zero xp and zero enjoyment thanks to quitting hosts. This game is ruined by allowing random strangers to act as servers.